Absolute Moral Authority

Because plain old moral authority just wasn’t good enough — a mesablue production

President Petulent

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 15, 2012

Was the reporter discourteous?  Yes, but didn’t that same person just deal with 20 minutes of hectoring about how he thinks the rule of law is . . well, the rule of law.  Also, isn’t the point of an inspirational policy speech to the people, be that it be to the people?  Isn’t the reporter, whatever his views is a person, and unlike the people The President is hectoring him and us about, is a Citizen?  But President Petulent can’t take questions, either while he’s speaking, or when he’s not speaking.   A Bold and Leaderly move Mr. President, I think my 2 year old nephews have more aplomb.

messed it up, here’s the video link for now.  might fix it later.

Not likely.


2 Responses to “President Petulent”

  1. Good response re our Petulent Prez, Wickedpinto. Yes, indeed. I think it ingenious of this lad to slip his question in during the nanosecond between breaths of our illustrious leader’s run-on sentences (run-on paragraphs, run-on pages, run-off the pages into infinity..etc) Haughty Lecturer’s harangue, don’t you? heh heh

  2. Douglas Knight said

    Where did that joker learn to speak English?

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