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That weird spamming wasn’t me

Posted by Wickedpinto on August 26, 2012

Or rather, not EXACTLY me.  I put up the first test, and the other 2 were drafts that I never intended to post.     Sorry for the spamming, it must be something on my end.

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FUCK! Your Magnanimity.

Posted by Wickedpinto on August 17, 2012

I never arbitrarily called the left murderers.  I never called the left “Haters,”  I never called the left “Racists.”  But you know what?   FUCK this kindness of not attributing bad traits to honorable opponents, because these fuckers ARE NOT HONORABLE OPPONENTS!

They are lowlife scumbags who will hide any action be it the slovenly pieces of shit at OWS and the other Occupy children, or the deaths through OD or neglect within the same Occupy punk movements, or the outright murders associated with the Occupy groups.   They protest an entire business and harass an honest young person trying to earn a wage for simply having the owner state an opinion that does not directly effect his business practice, and definitely not the young womans motives to try and earn a wage.  They HAVE! protested funerals of heroes, they have protested an isolated nation that only wishes to exist, they have allied themselves with EVIL.

And because I don’t like this PUNK! who is residing in the oval office, I get called a racist, a luddite, a murderer, a hick, and a hater of gays.

No, I WILL Blame FUCKSTICKS like the SPLC for being LYING PARTISAN EVIL AND MURDEROUS FUCKS! for their fucking incitement.

I doubt anyone would be so kind to Goebels, and I won’t be so kind to these people who have tried to turn ME! ME! and people like me into enemies of America with their ridiculous accusations while ignoring the wrongs of people they are supposedly representing.

You know why the military is some of the best behaved people on the planet, well, the US military that is.   It’s because when you get out of line, you don’t need bouncers, you don’t need cops, you don’t need shit.  Your fellow Marine, Soldier, Sailor, or Zoomie will FUCK YOU UP! if you misrepresent the service, and the situation will be resolved a lot faster than anything the civilian courts can deliver.

So NO! Charlie Cooke, I will NOT ignore the deliberate act of HATE! that the SPLC and the LGBT and ACLU and every other liberal entity that thinks that this shit is just hunky dory as long as it’s THEIR side.

FUCK YOU! and I hope you rot in hell sharing a cell in satans fires next to John J. Haley.

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