Absolute Moral Authority

Because plain old moral authority just wasn’t good enough — a mesablue production


A Chicagoan currently exiled in Detroit with a conservative bent. Not your typical Republican, though.

This blog will contain my views on all things related to — food, music, Chicago sports, politics and of course — Moral Authority.

Contact me at: mesablue@gmail.com

74 Responses to “About”

  1. Bullwinkle said

    I don’t know what bandwidth limits they have on your host but if you want to host your own videos let me know and I’ll host them for you. I’ll host your blog for free too if you supply the domain name.

  2. Putt said

    nice blog! really.

  3. Daniel Kovach said

    The Daniel Kovach Scholarship Foundation is giving away $2000 to a political blogger this year.

    I would greatly appreciate your help in letting your readers know about this opportunity in order for us to find the best applicants.

    The application and additional information are located here:


    Last year, the winner of our general Blogging Scholarship was Stephen Yellin, a blogger for The Daily Kos. We now have a separate competition just for political bloggers.

    If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me by replying to this email, or calling me at (919) 630-4895.

    Thank you very much for your time.

  4. Daniel Kovach said

    oops..I thought this was an email form.

  5. Joe said

    Is that Northbeach, the fake palm tree is priceless!

  6. mesablue said

    Yup, I’ve been waiting for someone to catch that.

    For the rest of you, North Beach is in Chicago at the end of North Ave. and adjacent to Lincoln Park.

  7. Joe said

    Mesa, you should photoshop a picture of Wkdpto under your arm so we can check her out.

  8. Joe said

    Ok, I just read the “lock up your daughters” intro.

    Mesa only puts his arm around Men when he’s drunk.

  9. mesablue said

    You should know.

  10. Jenny said

    Watch out Mesa…..
    I hear Joe’s girlfriend (AKA Annie Oakley)doesn’t like to share her man.


  11. Lisa said


    Is that a reflection of a girl in a bikini that I see in your sunglasses?

  12. Joe said

    It could be a Transvestite in a bikini,

    wait, we are talking about Mesa not Wickedpinto!

  13. Lisa said

    Hey Joe,
    The reflection appears to have the look of a whiney pinto…I mean wicked pinto.(just kidding)

  14. That is SO MEAN! *pout*

  15. Lisa said

    I’m sorry.

  16. any chance of crying on your breast?

  17. Lisa said


    Unfortunately, for you the answer is no.

  18. Jenny said

    Do you have an “about” page here w/photo’s 😉

  19. mesablue said

    Check out his blog: http://thewickedpinto.wordpress.com/2007/05/20/im-foil-man-bitch/

  20. Jenny said

    I like the way he inserted a pickle in his diaper. Just how I pictured him.

  21. Pickle!?

    Thats a friggen CUCCUMBER baby! and yes, I did make a sald with it later. Boy, was my girlfriend PISSED! and by girlfriend, I mean imaginary, and by anything else, I mean I’m lying.

  22. Lisa said

    Who are you kidding? That’s not Pinto…I took that picture of you last year on your birthday.

  23. mesablue said

    Everyone who’s ever seen me knows that I don’t have man boobies.

    Besides, you weren’t supposed to let Joe know about the birthday thing.

  24. between the comments here at times, and at the other blog that wiser is currently managing I can’t help but come to this response.

    WHO THE HELL ARE WE?! this isn’t right, but it’s WAY TOO FUN!

  25. Lisa said

    You are right, since your bariatric surgery your man boobs have disappeared.

  26. mesablue said

    You don’t want to get me started.

    I’ve been nice so far.

  27. Lisa said

    Nice…remember, “what’s her face” that wasn’t nice.

  28. paxil said

    in Germany and then in the United States

  29. Some Guy said

    Hey, Mesa– that Moronblogger link on the front page- who made that? Was there an official Moronblogger list ever?

    Tell us a story, please.

  30. mesablue said

    SG, I don’t know who made it. I just stole it from somebody else and then put the link in the widget. Feel free to take this one.

    We need a Moronblogger list — have at it. Guaranteed front page AoS linkage.

  31. Some Guy said

    Sweet. I’ll send him a tip Mondayish (unless he note sit sooner). I’ve got several now, but I want it to be more complete when I present it.

    (And maybe I’ll feel less like a cat giving his owner a dead bird.)

  32. vermin said

    Wicked Pinto,

    Several days ago, at AoShq, I had a confrontation with you and another poster regarding Star Wars, of all things. To be completely honest, my participation in the thread was do more than anything to the fact that I was pissed off at a coworker, at least two and a half sheets to the wind, looking to pick an argument, and picked a stupid one. Regardless of my motivation, I began my argument with a personal attack on the other poster. I should not have done that, and I apologize. I still maintain that I had a point, (regarding the logic of your and his position, rather than the facts) though for the above mentioned reasons I did a poor job of articulating it. Nonetheless, and for what it’s worth, I apologize. This looks like an interesting blog, and I’ll probably spend some time here.


    Vermin McCann

  33. Vermin,

    Don’t worry about it hoss. The character of the pinto is fundamentaly abrasive, and as long as stuff works it’s way out I don’t care. Though it speaks greatly to your dignity that you would make that comment, and I thank you very much for it. Sometimes, that willingness to accept a judgement is the only way that nobility can be one.

    I don’t recall the exact discussion, and I likely wasn’t offended to begin with because I don’t recall it directly, but your ability to “man up” or whatever, and make that comment, actualy sorta makes me . . . I would almost say proud, but that doesn’t seem the right word. How about “grateful?”

  34. vermin said


  35. Not necessary Vermin, actually, Thank you, for making that effort, and I know that I will remember and recognize your moniker in the future because of it.

  36. […] Sep On drums… Spotter: Absolute MA Share This Opinions? : Add your view now! | In: Anorak Twitterings | By: Anorak | Most Popular […]

  37. Hey, I love the attitude and views you have going here – even sitting way out on the other side of the world!

    A small point humbly suggested… you might want to separate the placement of your “Fred08” banner and the “Spam Blocked” widget. Seen together it’s kind of funny you know… and is just asking to appear on Jay Leno (or is that intentional?!)

  38. TRM said

    I added you to my roll, see ya around…

  39. in2thefray said

    I’m playing catchup w/ some of the WPBA sites. Was wondering if you’d like to get involved in this

  40. TRM said

    OK now my feelings are hurt,,, why no blog roll love???

  41. mesablue said

    So you’ll beg.

    Heh, I’ll get it on there today. I used to have a ten thousand hits threshold (blogs disappearing after their first month)and it seems you just made it.

  42. 🙂

  43. MJ "revoltingpawn" said


    Most blogs have a standard of conduct when people make comments. Not sure why you would allow comments that that offer nothing but personal attacks, name calling and irrelevant remarks. I guess you did not start a blog so people could discuss what you post. The assholes increase your comment count I guess. It does speak of the worthlessness of your blog and what kind of guy you are.

  44. mesablue said

    I left your goofy rants and even despammed one of your comments.

    What does that say about me?

  45. Rosetta said

    Sorry if I ruined your blog reputation by calling a douche bag a douche bag, mesa.

    I tried to engage it by asking some simple serious questions so that we could have a real discussion but those questions were ignored.

    Not sure why you would allow comments that that offer nothing but personal attacks, name calling and irrelevant remarks.

    MJ, why is it okay for HuffPo commenters to engage in that exact behavior but not AMA commenters?

    I look forward to your lame refusal to address that question because you say I’m changing the subject again.


  46. MJ "revoltingpawn" said


    I was leaving comments of opinion with valid points based on facts relating to the post. They were “goofy” compared to what? Surly not to the other nonsense comments. Come on be honest… If you need to allow comments of personal attacks and irrelevance just because they agree with your opinion it just shows how weak your arguments really are.

    Not to mention said comments go against the spirit of the WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance, I am sure you don’t care about.

    Rosetta, trolling here to? Did your Momma ignore you when a child? When you get a clue to what a serious and relevant question is maybe I will answer it.

    I tell you what will throw you a bone…

    “why is it okay for HuffPo commenters to engage in that exact behavior but not AMA commenters?”

    Who said that it was okay? Most blogs do allow those type of comments but far right wackos invented that type of discourse and seems others are copying it. You can’t even refer to them by their right name, Huffington Post. That sums it up right there for you. I won’t allow those type of comments on my blog but that’s just me.

  47. mesablue said

    Yeah MJ,

    You came in all innocent and full of happy thoughts.

    In your first comment here:

    Looking around you seem to be a typical conservative living in a black and white world with the 100% Israel support and anti-Muslim stuff I see.

    Whats with the banned in red China banner? I believe all the outside internet is pretty much banned there. Don’t like China? I assume you support the war in Iraq but guess no problem that it is financed by the Chinese?

    What’s with the “I support Michelle Malkin even though she is, in fact, a woman and a minority” button? Is this site some type of political parody or you some kind of racist?

    Since you have the same layout and theme as my blog think may have to change mine since feel dirty now.

    By the way, anyone who claims he has “Absolute Moral Authority” in reality has none.

    I’ve pretty much ignored you because you sound just like a million other preprogrammed, talking point moonbots without an original thought. So typical of the gen x-ers of today who refuse to accept that anything of consequence could have happened before their self absorbed time on this planet began. You drop hugely opinionated bombs all over the place and then hyperventilate when you are disagreed with. Grow up, buddy. We’re not here to support your disfunction.

    If the commenters here (who I don’t control, btw) take issue with what you say — deal with it.

    Stop whining, it’s boring.

  48. Rosetta said

    Ok, finally something concrete we can focus on.

    Most blogs do allow those type of comments but far right wackos invented that type of discourse and seems others are copying it.

    I like to learn stuff, MJ.

    Please show me where “far right wackos invented that type of discourse”. If you are claiming that as fact, I’m sure you have specific examples and a timeline.

    Or is that claim just another unsupported opinion like your ridiulous assertion that Bush continues to booze it up?

    If you want to debate politics and policies, you’ll find a receptive audience here and an engaged debate. If all you’re prepared to do is present the same ridiculous unsupportable liberal bilge that we can all recite by memory then you bring nothing to the table.

    We’ve all heard chapter and verse from The Protocols of the Elders of Bush from your Kool-Aid drinking clones and those tired lines and self-delusions will get the mocking they deserve.

    Your move.

  49. MJ "revoltingpawn" said


    That is the best you can do? Ignore my points and go back to name calling? All the quotes you pulled were valid points and observations that I wanted answered about your blog made after viewing that idiotic video you posted.

    Now lets pull quotes from the other comments…

    “Lastly I would like for you to try and refute this well-established fact: Democrats commit suicide at a higher rate than Republicans because of the post-goat-fucking remorse.”

    “How long have you been a reader? I’ve been reading for almost 36 years.”

    “Let me guess, that was how long it took you to figure out how to start the video, right?”

    “So you and the rest of your 5th grade class should continue to debate whether Bush drinks Miller Light or Bud Light and let us growups concern ourselves with more serious matters.”

    “You know what’s funny? Accusing someone else of having a weak mind when you’re recycling way-past-their-prime SNL laugh lines.”

    “Wow, he actually tries to use Wiki and HuffPo as sources? This is the same HuffPo that shuts down comments whenever a bomb or shooting happens in Israel, right?”

    “gawrsh, it must hurt when you pull almost-facts like this out of your ass. Oh, wait, since you seem to have your head stuffed up there pretty well, I guess you’re used to huge things going in and out of there.”

    “So, yeah, in my opinion, Clinton lying about his blow-job (as well as the many other items than brought that to light, by the way) are directly responsible for the nearly 3000 people who were murdered on 9/11 by those who should have been brought to justice years before.”

    “Since speculation and supposition are all the rage with assholes like you,”

    “Really? Everyone? Really?? Ya know, had he concentrated on his job and actually done that, instead of worrying about how he was going to hide Monica from his wife, the World Trade Center might still be standing. But I guess we’ll never really know now, will we?”

    “Yes, it is to laugh. Thank you for reminding us all just how deeply the cognitive dissonance runs in those of the moonbat, leftist persuasion.”

    “Also, you lose 150 HuffPoints for not using the phrase “chickenhawk” or “ChimpyMcBushitlerHalliburtonDieblod”. Amateur.”

    I could cut and paste Wiserbud’s whole last nonsense rant but this comment is already to big.

    Seriously, you have a problem with my comments? The real problem is the reason that all you attract is assholes is because you are a asshole.

    Here is a example of a real discussion on a controversial post for your reference from my blog so you know what one looks like…


    My last comment for this tread and so done with your blog. One last question wear did you find the matching asshole sunglasses?

  50. Rosetta said

    I knew I smelled pussy!

    Come back soon, MJ!!!11!

  51. MJ "revoltingpawn" said

    Sorry had to respond to idiot boy (name calling is all he understands)Rosetta…

    Why is that you never have to backup any of the comments you make but keep saying I don’t?

    “Or is that claim just another unsupported opinion like your ridiulous assertion that Bush continues to booze it up?”

    It is not ridiculous since there are many other people asking the same thing about Bush. Once again just in his actions that sometimes he speaks fine and other times he can’t put a sentence together tells us something.

    If you go back to the tread and click on the smoking gun link their is a video showing a obliviously drunk Bush at a event some six years after his sober date. That would make it a SUPPORTED opinion asshole.

    Funny, you keep trying to paint me as liberal clone even after you commented I was not using the expected name calling from my “like”. The fact is you are a right wing sheep with no original thoughts using name calling heard from Rush that can find anywhere on the internet. Take a look at yourself fucking moron…

    Work all most over and really will not even check back for your lame responses when at home or ever.

  52. Rosetta said

    HAHAHAHA!! MJ, how can we miss you if you never leave??

    Let’s say that Bush is drunk RIGHT NOW:

    1) Why do you care?

    2) Shouldn’t he be pitied because of his disease instead of excoriated and mocked by the likes of you? Do you make a habit of attacking people suffering from an illness?

    3) What does him being drunk RIGHT NOW have to do with the fact that the party in control of Congress for the last 14 months has not moved to impeach a President that obviously lied us into a war? I sure do think that would be an easy thing to impeach a President for.

    4) Were the sundry of Democrats that stated as a matter of fact that Saddam had WMD all lying as well?

    Your turn GO!

  53. wiserbud said

    It is not ridiculous since there are many other people asking the same thing about Bush. Once again just in his actions that sometimes he speaks fine and other times he can’t put a sentence together tells us something.

    Proof? Any at all? That’s all we have asked for and you, yet again, cannot provide anything other than you opinion. (Here, I’ll use small words for you) That is not proof. Understand yet?

    And are you saying that my opinion that Clinton’s lack of action towards the threat this country faced from terrorists in lieu of receiving a blowjob is a personal attack? On you? Honestly, are you Bill Clinton?

    Wow, I would call you stupid, but that is an insult to all those stupid people who are incredibly smarter than you.

  54. mesablue said

    Work all most over

    I’m sure the good people of Buffalo would “all most” be proud, since you’re doing your ranting on their dime.

    This is the third time that you’ve promised to take your ball and run home.

  55. wiserbud said

    a SUPPORTED opinion

    But still an opinion. Perhaps you might want to check a dictionary onthe difference between an opinion and a fact.


    Eh, eh, eh!!! Watch it with those personal attacks. You’re violating the rules of the internet with that stuff, ya know.

  56. wiserbud said

    The real problem is the reason that all you attract is assholes is because you are a asshole.

    BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! It seems to have drawn you in pretty well, hasn’t it?

  57. wiserbud said

    are a asshole

    Ya just don’t find this kind of sweet, sweet irony everywhere, ya know…

  58. Rosetta said

    Hey! I want to be an asshole too!

  59. mesablue said


    Don’t go check out his picture on his blog.

    Just don’t.

  60. wiserbud said

    From the moron’s about page: very independent minded here.

    Which explains why he does nothing but spout the same old ideas that MoveOn and Kos have been pushing for years. Because he’s “independent minded.”

    And looking at his picture has given me even more reason to pee myself, as I double over in laughter…. ooops. Sorry, rosetta.

  61. Rosetta said

    I didn’t even click on the link. I figure if he’s an idiot here, he’ll be an idiot there.

    I can’t wait until he comes back again. He’s starting to get fun.

  62. mesablue said

    Yeah, that picture has a “certain quality” to it.

  63. wiserbud said

    He’s starting to get fun.

    Starting? I loves smacking around retards like him. My favorite part is his pathetic attempts to prove himself to be soooooo much more smart-like than we are.

    His intellismarts are certainly quite obvious from his super-wondrous writinessness

  64. American said

    You seem to be a disrespectful piece of shit.

    Typical liberals. No values and no morals.

  65. YEAH!!!!


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  71. Karen said

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