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Acepalooza 2007

Welcome to the official (lauraw said I could do it) Acepalooza 2007 Information Center.

Acepalooza is scheduled for September 15, 2007 in Boston. Please use this page to ask questions, share information or just act like complete morons.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

Ooh an update: Just in case you are the one and only moron that comes here first to get info on Acepalooza 2007 — the latest location discussion is here on the master’s blog.

Update: The location has been decided upon. Information is in this thread at AoS. Email Lauraw at laurawtips at gmail.com if you are attending and need the name of the bar.

189 Responses to “Acepalooza 2007”

  1. Tushar D said

    That skull looks very white. It is discriminatory to us brown folks. Will you include a brown skull on the logo?

  2. Drew said

    Great idea to set up a site.

    I have to say I don’t like the eyeballs in the skull. Without them they are more lifeless, like a doll’s eyes.

  3. lauraw said

    Your skull is white, Tushar, I’m pretty sure. We can find out at the shindig.

  4. I have to say I don’t like the eyeballs in the skull.

    If only a skull could express the facial concept of “durr!”

  5. S. Weasel said

    I’m still trying to decide what’s more frightening, missing the last train, driving into Boston, or meeting the morons.

  6. lauraw said

    Butch up. Aren’t you in Rhode Island? Maybe you and Jackstraw can come in together.

  7. S. Weasel said

    Good lord, no. What if he smells funny?

  8. lauraw said


  9. Farmer Joe said

    Where can we find a bar that serves ValuRite?

  10. Don’t be hatin on my eyeballs.

  11. Your skull is white, Tushar, I’m pretty sure. We can find out at the shindig.

    Now, that was damn funny.

    Do you think Tushar knows his blood is red like ours too?

    (just joshing you Tushar, you know I luv ya)

  12. krakatoa said

    Wish I could make it.

    My company’s HQ is in Westford. I’m stuck in Omaha for another 7 weeks though.

  13. someone said

    So, will WP be in attendance?

  14. So, will WP be in attendance?

    Someone asks nervously.

  15. I’m having a vision……

  16. JimBimbo said

    I know I will.
    “So, will WP be in attendance?”

    I know I will


    This is just my way of trying to bury the hatchet, so to speak with you guys…

    I know we got off on the wrong foot, but the strength of our disagreements just shows how much we both really care.

    Afterall, when you get down to it, we really are the same.

    We both love freedom and human rights for all oppressed minority groups, and really, is it so far of a leap of faith to assume that you guys are open to the theory that trans-national progressiveism, which breaks free of the shackels of nationalism and the blind faith in flags, patriotism, troop-worship, patriarchial deism worship, and Amerikkka, is the best way to achieve this?

    Really, don’t we have more in common than not?

  17. geoff said

    Ah Boston in fall. Almost the only decent time to be there. Were I going, I would lobby heavily for Legal Sea Foods for dinner, and Cambridge Brewing Company for drinks on the patio. They are both in or near Kendall Square (Red Line T Stop), Since this is a Saturday night, though, both are likely to be packed unless you go early.

    [Note to Boston neophytes – there is a Kenmore Square in Boston next to Fenway Park. It is a subway stop on the Green Line. Don’t mistake it for Kendall Square in Cambridge]

    Never bring a car into Boston if you can avoid it. Even if you avoid accidents, navigate successfully, and park reasonably legally within a mile of your destination, your car is likely to have dings by the time you return to it. Tushar would be far better off taking a commuter flight in and then taking the T (the subway, again) to wherever the party is.

    People driving up should park at an outlying T stop, or plan on spending a little quality time looking for parking. It is a scarce and treasured commodity.

  18. Legal has the very best chowda, no lie.

  19. I climbed all the stairs in the Bunker Hill monument once.


  20. Bunker Hill? So that’s where the white eyes came from…

  21. Bart said

    That skull looks like a retarded skull.

  22. No I will not, for 3 reasons, though one is the most telling, the other two are reasonable.

    1. Money, I’m running on my last bit of savings
    2. My brothers birthday is soon after, though it might be a chill day between the two of us.
    3. My birthday is soon after, though it will likely be a chill day between the entire family.

  23. mesablue said

    It’s a moron skull. Geez.

  24. Rightwingsparkle said

    You’d have to be a moron not to see it’s a moron skull…;-)

  25. Rightwingsparkle said

    I wish I could be there, I wouldn’t even mind traveling so far, but it’s football 24/7 in Sept. Both boys playing.

  26. I imagine in the coming months we might be able to arrange a sattelite meeting between the comments, absent our blog overlord in chicago.

    Mus and I and entropy talked about it a couple of times, but it was just a “hey! thats an idea” sorta thing, since so many of the common commenters are from the midwest, and only a few hours from Chi.

  27. geoff said

    Another option is to take a pleasant stroll in the early afternoon down Commonwealth Avenue, starting at either Kenmore Square or Massachusetts Avenue and working your way down toward the Boston Commons. There are a ton of boutiques and little restaurants ‘n such along the way. The cross streets are labeled alphabetically, going from Hereford down to whatever street starts with an “A.”

    Then you can walk across the Commons over to the Cheers bar or to the Shopping District (home of the world famous Filene’s bargain basement)or to Faneuil Hall (pronounced “fan-yul”) or to the Theater District or to Chinatown, or wherever.

    The Commonwealth trek parallels Boylston street, which has a lot of your more mainstream stores. If it’s hot, you can enter the Hynes Convention Center at Mass. Ave. and Boylston, and enjoy air conditioned comfort for about 5 blocks. The Prudential Building along the way is the 2nd tallest building in Boston, and has an observation deck on the 50th floor.

    The city is lousy with restaurants and bars, so finding a place to hang out is more a matter of deciding what food you want (seafood? italian? chinese? bar food?) and finding a venue large enough for the group.

  28. geoff said

    Here’s the link to the Faneuil Hall parking garage.

  29. someone said



  30. dri said

    “Legal has the very best chowda, no lie.”

    Cuffy, that should read “Legal has wickid good chowda, no lie.”

  31. someone2 said

    Maybe we could take up a collection for Wicked Pinto?

  32. someone2 said

    #29. Like you should talk? 😉

  33. skinbad said

    Nobody’s called Mesa a linkwhore yet?


    Keep the eyeballs. They add to the moronosity.

  34. someone2,

    I would never accept it, so never float that concept again.

  35. someone2 said

    Yes, I suspected as much, but I didn’t say as to how we’d raise the cash.

    (I really hope that link works. I do really badly with links)

  36. Jeff C said

    Shouldn’t the eyes be bloodshot from too much ValuRite?

  37. Tushar D said


    Lauraw wants to rip my skull out, and RWS wants to see what color my blood is.
    I feel so …. loved.

  38. Tushar D said

    I feel terribly vulnerable without a car. I guess I will have to drive up in the old beatup car rather than the new one. Or I could ride the Motorcycle. Or I will walk to Boston. But no way am I going to rely on public transport.

  39. Just give them your copy of HP aTDH, when they attack. throw it into the air, and run Tushar, just fucking run.

  40. eman said

    I can offer transport starting in the Springfield area.

    Legal Seafoods then Cambridge sounds fine to me.

  41. whatever street starts with an “A.”

    “Ahhhhh-lington” as the T-driver says into the mike.

  42. geoff said

    Oh yeah, Arlington.

    I used to live on Beacon Street between Mass. Ave. and Hereford.

  43. my favorite cabbie line, yelled out of the window:


  44. Beth said

    So, who’s buying my plane ticket?

    (Hey, I’m almost a hobo, fer Chrissakes!)


  45. You know what beth, I’ll see about getting a loan, cuz seeing you sad makes me MAD!!


  46. ARGH! thats my favorite emoticon! and it doesn’t animate!!

  47. I used to live on Beacon Street between Mass. Ave. and Hereford

    I was in a shoebox apt. (236 Newbury St.) @ Fairfield–coupla doors down from that Herrell’s Ice Cream, a block from the Pru.

  48. Torquemada said

    I forget why I used this name the other night, but it’s cool so I’m leaving it again

  49. Andrew said

    I may have to check this shit out, assuming I can get over my crippling social awkwardness around people I don’t know. I’ll probably end up getting drunk alone at the bar and not have the balls to come over and say hi to anyone.

  50. Christopher said

    Legal and Cambridge Brewing sound good to me, too (BTW, there’s a parking garage right behind CBC, though it’s expensive).

    September 15 is also the Sam Adams Brewfest at the Park Plaza Castle, so that area off the Common will be a madhouse.

    I’m coming from Haverhill, so if any of you morons want a lift from the Merrimack Valley area, let me know.

  51. Tushar D said

    >>so if any of you morons want a lift from the Merrimack Valley area..

    Lift? This is the first time I heard anyone in US use that word. Are you a Brit, Christopher?

  52. JPT said

    Re #49 — Andrew, I’ll be the one sitting next to you drinking away my social fears and watching the morons. And checking out Lauraw’s hump.

    Re #50 — Christopher, I’m right over the border from you in Hampstead NH — I might be willing to chip in gas/parking money, if I decide to go.

  53. It’s a pretty common usage Tushar.

    Andrew, there’s gonna be a lot of us social retards cowering at the bar. Me and ‘someone2’ both came up with the same plan. Not a good place to escape to.

  54. lauraw said

    Uh, that was me. D’OH

  55. Christopher said

    Tushar – No, not a Brit, just the WASPiest wop you’ll ever meet. In any event, “lift” for “ride” is pretty common usage in my neck of the woods; in any event, I never heard anyone say anything about it.

    JPT – If you decide to go, shoot me an e-mail, and maybe we can meet in Salem or Windham if you can get a lift (ha, ha) there.

  56. Tushar D said

    Lift is common usage in UK and India. When I first used it after coming here, someone laughed at me and told me that the word is ‘ride’. Even an Elevator is called a Lift in UK.

    I have resigned to the fact that I will get laughed at for my pronounciation/choice of words no matter what.

    Why are loose and lose pronounced almost the same? Why are lose and rose not pronounced the same?

  57. spongeworthy said

    Tush, when I’m about to nod off in my cushy AMTRAK recliner, I’ll think of you leaning out the window of your minvan yelling,”You are to be using the turning signals, you miscreant! Not to be taking that parking space, as I had seen it!”

    And I’ll just fall asleep chuckling.

  58. Tushar D said

    after the party finishes at 2.00 AM, you will be begging me for a ride, because the ‘T’ would not be running anymore.

  59. spongeworthy said

    Yes, of course I want to ride around a strange city with a drunken Hindu in a minivan. No way do I want to miss the opportunity to careen through Beacon Hill plowing over college students. Maybe after, we can take the new tunnel and have some concrete slabs crush us to death slowly!

    Oh fuck yes!

  60. Tushar D said

    Au Contraire, Spongeworthy,
    My powerful karma will rub off on you, giving you protection. We Hindus operate in mystical and mysterious ways.

  61. geoff said

    Hindus operate in mystical and mysterious ways.

    …in their pants.

  62. geoff said

    When I first used it after coming here, someone laughed at me and told me that the word is ‘ride’.

    “Lift” is actually a little archaic, though it was really common through the 70’s.

  63. someone2 said

    the ones you want to run over are in Harvard Square (or at least the ones *I* want to run over, anyway). There’s probably a few we could hit on Commonwealth Ave, too if we run out.

    So is there like an icebreaker password to watch out for?

  64. Tushar D said

    >>So is there like an icebreaker password to watch out for?


  65. Drew said

    I have some friends in Boston and started to call some of them to arrange a get together. I didn’t think it all the way through. I called my first friend and he said, “Great, how come you are coming to Boston?” I honestly hadn’t thought this through and haw no idea how to explain it to him.

    I went with the ‘work’ excuse because I’ll be damned if I try to explain the real reason. It really is a bit inexplicable.

  66. spongeworthy said

    Tush, we’ll see how your karma recovers from our visit to The Hungry Heifer.

  67. Tushar D said

    from the name ‘hungry heifer’, I surmise it is a steak joint. I have no problem with other people eating beef in my company. My Karma is secure as long as I don’t eat it myself.

  68. spongeworthy said

    The Hungry Heifer was the (fictional) restaurant Norm and Cliff from “Cheers” frequented. They offer the Carnivore Platter, which is steak topped with pork chops. Thursday is Tribute to Swine night. I think Norm’s favorite dish was the Feeding Frenzy.

    Maybe you can order a house salad!

  69. Tushar D said

    I am ok with pork, turkey, chicken, fish etc.
    If I feel adventurous, I might even try buffalo, venison and duck.

    My only ‘beef’ is with eating a cow.

  70. PattyAnn said

    I was afraid the secret word was so going to be “Pinto”

  71. PattyAnn said

    Palomino. Gold, not white or brown. Now I get it.

  72. someone2 said

    at least it’ not “tan” or “beige”

  73. […] well, maybe next year. I can’t go to Acepalooza, […]

  74. lauraw said

    Interesting, Tushar. As a result of your list, I had to go find out that bison (buffalo) is not beef.

    I always thought they were just another kind of cow. Huh.

    Learn something new every day.

  75. S. Weasel said

    Understandable. They can interbreed. Hence beefalo.

  76. mesablue said

    I love canned beefaloni. Preferably, with pork faggots.


    Where’s your search thingy, Weasel? Had to find that on my own.

    Though, I’m sitting on a balcony looking at the ocean right now — so It wasn’t too much of an ordeal.

  77. S. Weasel said

    Oooo. Oceans are nice.

    I had a search thingie when I was on WordPress, but I couldn’t figure out how to move it over. I miss it. Though it’s easy to do site:sweasel.com on Google, there’s no such thing as too easy.

    Perseids meteor shower hits its peak tonight. This one is my favorite, because it’s in August. Nice warm night to watch for shooting stars. More than one a minute, this one.

  78. mesablue said

    Watching it right now.

    Have seen some pretty, sparkly one’s so far.

    I went down to Michoacan, Mexico for the Leonids one year at the place where all of the Monarch butterflies go, during dio des Muertes (sp?) at a huge mountain top cemetary

    Surreal beyond belief.

  79. IreneFingIrene said

    Tush, when I’m about to nod off in my cushy AMTRAK recliner, I’ll think of you leaning out the window of your minvan yelling,”You are to be using the turning signals, you miscreant! Not to be taking that parking space, as I had seen it!”

    And I’ll just fall asleep chuckling.


    We used to scream crazy shit like that at each other and the taxi drivers near work even though they looked Arab. They were always standing in the street talking to their co-workers who were parked on the side.

  80. Chung said

    Best bars by town, T accessibility, and beer:


    Tavern on the Square (Central), John Harvard’s/Cambridge Common (Harvard), Cambridge Brewing Company (Kendall/MIT), Hong Kong (Harvard, better than one in Faneuil Hall)


    Boston Beerworks/Cask ‘n Flagon/Game On! (unfortunately near Fenway), Hill Tavern (Charles/MGH), Rattlesnake (Arlington stop, has roof deck), Black Rose/Bell in Hand (Faneuil, touristy, college-y), Pour House (Copley), Boston Beerworks (North Station)


    Sunset Grill (500 beers on tap and in bottles)

    Some guy named Geoff said I should post here. I don’t really know you folks, but I read AoS every day, and I’ve been living in Boston and surrounding for the last 7 years.

  81. geoff said

    Some guy named Geoff said I should post here.

    OK, Chung, first of all it’s THE GUY named geoff. Second of all, I’ve been an AoSHQ regular commenter for a couple of years, now. Third of all, yes, you did the right thing by posting on the semi-permanent Aceapoolaza thread here.

  82. mesablue said

    Who the hell is this Geoff guy?

  83. Chung said

    No insult intended, Geoff. I don’t read the comments, so I don’t know anyone at all, regulars or no.

    Wow, way for me to get off on the wrong foot.

  84. SarahW said

    Can you google-map the approximate hub or center of Ace-a-palooza activities?

    Any tips for comfortable lodging would be appreciated.

    What are smoking rules in Boston? I mean, if there is no smoking then all I have to worry about is vomit on my Blahniks, and don’t have to pick out an outfit I can throw away the next day.

  85. Chung said

    No smoking in Boston, Cambridge, and Brookline, at least.

  86. S. Weasel said

    Naw, Chung, he’s just woofin’ you. Don’t sweat it.

    If you don’t read the comments, you’re missing half of Ace’s site, though. It’s one of the few blogs where the commentariat is pretty much as good as the blog. (And I’m not a big commenter there, so this isn’t me plugging me).

  87. Paulitics said

    Can you guys pick someplace near a hotel that doesn’t scream “YMCA”? When I stagger back to my room I want to get there safely so I can watch Spankyvision while fantasizing about Laura’s hump.

  88. Christopher said

    Well, Sarah and Paulitiks, if we’re drinking at Cambridge Brewing, there’s the Kendall Hotel (www.kendallhotel.com), and a Boston Marriott Cambridge(www.marriott.com). Trust me, they ain’t YMCA.

    And Sarah, if those are black T-strap stilletto Blahniks, please warn me. I’ll need an extra pint of Val-U-Rite vodka before I show up just to keep my libido anesthetized.

  89. geoff said

    Naw, Chung, he’s just woofin’ you. Don’t sweat it.

    True dat.

    I’m not a big commenter there, so this isn’t me plugging me

    You used to be. Ah, those were the days.

  90. geoff said

    Oh, and Chung, you can see some of the folk who comment regularly at Ace’s here, including several people on this very thread.

    I hope that doesn’t scare you off.

  91. lauraw said

    Crap. I was worried about this.

    If Sarah is going to get dizzled up, then I’m going to have to, too.

    I’m drawing the line at dressy-casual though. I ain’s springin for no Manolos. I don’t care what Sarah says.

    Sarah, you gonna wear your little black cocktail dress too? Gonna get your hair and makeup done by pros? Gonna get all tarty and make the rest of us look like frumped out old fishwives?

    Is that your game, Missy?

  92. Paulitics said

    “little black cocktail dress … hair and makeup … all tarty …”

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  93. Paulitics said


  94. hutch1200 said

    Taurus Titanium 7 shot.357 relvolver in right boot. CHECK. Swithchblade in left boot. Check. Speedloaders in right vest pocket. CHECK . Ten one hundred dollar bills, 12 Trojans, and nothing else, in wallet. CHECK. Fake Canadian Passport. CHECK. 27 Grams of “Crysteline Powdery Substance” , and 3 straws in Stash Tube on Harley. CHECK. Bail Bond pre-approval to $100,000.00. CHECK. Goatee dyed green and purple. CHECK. “Skull Fuckers M.C.” (colors) waiting on seat of Harley. CHECK. Quit job on September 14th. CHECK. Licquor store hold-up hoodie. CHECK. Blow up doll with pump. CHECK. I know I’m forgetting something. Lets compare preparation notes. Is there anything else I should bring??

  95. Basicaly, Hutch is saying that you should stab the guy with a right leg limp with the fairbairn you carry on your fore-arm.

  96. hutch1200 said

    Good thinking W.P. Revolvers in both boots, switchblade in hip poccket. Of course being careful not to puncture thr Trojans.

  97. hutch1200 said

    I’m working up a dump for John “did I tell you I was in Vietnam” Kerrys’ front yard. Nothing but sausage, sour Kraut and hardboiled eggs from now on. I hope I don’t bust a bowel between now and 15, September.

  98. I’m a blade guy.

  99. Paulitics said

    I like the idea someone had over at Ace’s — road trip to Chappaquidick for a reenactment.

  100. Chung said

    My eyes! The goggles do nothing!


  101. lauraw said

    And Sarah, if those are black T-strap stilletto Blahniks, please warn me. I’ll need an extra pint of Val-U-Rite vodka before I show up just to keep my libido anesthetized.

    Just a clarifying note here, Sarah: Christopher will only be wanting to screw the shoes.

    So, you know. You’ll be safe at the gathering. Just throw him a knock-off as a decoy and scamper over to where the main party is.

    Bouncers will take care of the rest.

  102. Paulitics said

    Christopher will only be wanting to screw the shoes


  103. SarahW said

    No worries, gals. I’m just praying for dim light.

  104. Paulitics said

    I’m praying for dim memory.

  105. Rocketeer said

    I’m drawing the line at dressy-casual though. I ain’s springin for no Manolos. I don’t care what Sarah says.

    Am I the only guy here that owns an original “Ace of Spades” t-shirt? And just so you know, as a married, bald 40-year-old, with no intention of trying to impress any of you morons, a t-shirt is dressy casual.

  106. hutch1200 said

    I suggested the fully insured, Rental Car, Chappiqidick re-enactments. We could just as easily, and cheaper, steal a few cars. We could all ask some liberal in a Prius to give us a ride because we, and now they also, are invited to the Kennaqidick compound. Then yank the wheel on the prick as we get near the bridge.

  107. lauraw said

    Rocketeer, it’s a gender thing.

    I was going to go the blouse-jeans-cute shoes route, but I’m a chick and hate to appear underdressed among other women.

    Men don’t care about this.

    One caution however; it would be wise to make sure you’re easily distinguishable from hobo kind.

  108. Rocketeer said

    There’s a fine line between hobo and Billy Gibbons.

  109. Rocketeer said

    Altough I suppose here’s the distinguishing feature –

    Hobo: Shows up tied up to CSX boxcar with own belt.

    Billy Gibbons: Shows up in $50,000 ’29 T-Bucket with a custom Ford 460.

  110. Rocketeer, it’s a gender thing.

    Hey, you know me. I’m always willing to take a fashion risk.

  111. lauraw said

    You gonna wear your cowboy hat & boots & buckle in Beantown, Dave?

  112. mesablue said

    I hope he wears more than that.

  113. BrewFan said

    Has anybody contacted the Guiness Book of World Records people yet? There has to be some kind of ‘morons per square foot’ record that is going to be shattered.

  114. hutch1200 said

    A group photo of this will have more Zeros than this weeks powerball.

  115. It will also have more redacted material by request than kerry’s service record Hutch.

  116. hutch1200 said

    I was for this shindig, before I was against it. By that I mean, had the event been held by only the ordinary Morons, as we were all lead to believe, my support would not have been more tepid. But when these fuckers used kerosene to melt the steel frame of my Ducati, just to prove it could be done, I called for these hearings into banning the 1st ammendment rights of right wing bloggers. If we recognize the KosKidz as policy makers we will have a better democracy. J. “did I tell you the one about us burning whole villages” kery

  117. lauraw said

    I hope he wears more than that.

    Oh, that cracked me up.

  118. Drew said

    Has there been any actual news on the location front?

  119. hutch1200 said

    Location, loation, location. Fine, don’t tell me. Like you bastards will be hard to find! I’ll just get a scanner. Or better yet, hang out at a donut shop, and eavesdrop on the cops scanner. Eventually somebody will call the cops. ” Calling all cars, reports of hobos being strangled by drunken geek mob at the rail-yard”.

  120. I think Ace said it wasn’t far from fenway.

  121. Final location hasn’t been decided upon, so I think that ace will post a final location and this place will be updated, with contact info (for the host location, not for the individuals)

  122. spongeworthy said

    I do not intend to sleep down by the freightyards that weekend no matter what, so yes, a location will be needed somewhat in advance.

    Unless we’re having a sleepover! Note: I require bacon on my S’mores.

  123. hutch1200 said

    Doesn’t grilled hobo feet taste like bacon?

  124. hutch1200 said

    Lauraw, count me as a definite. I’ll pre-pay for a room if it helps us get the conference room,hookers, etc…Ace is right on with his out of the way comments on AoS today.

  125. lauraw said

    A little tipsy right now so please give latitude.

    You know what’s frustrating?
    I tell you.

    These FANCY FUCKS who want to tell us what part of Boston-town they deign to be seen in or not.

    If it’s not upscale or hoppin’ enough, they ain’ coming.
    Fr fuck’s sake.
    What is this, a goddamn fuzzy poodle fashion show?

    They can’t be seen in the same room as a non-ironic trucker hat? OH THE HUMANITY.

    Fucking pansy ass cocksucker metrosexuals will be the death of us all.

    I can see if they’re Cripps and they’re afraid we’re gonna hold this on the Bloods side of town, but AFAIK Ace of Spades is not a big gangbang hangout.

    Get the hell over yourselves and jump in the dive bar with us, you goddamn poser Melvins.

    And that’s the name of THAT tune.

  126. She’s so cute when she’s picking a fight. 🙂

  127. mesablue said

    Hey, I’m all over going to a dive bar, but the whole hotel bar out in the burbs thing kind of scares me with this crowd.

    If I’m going to go all the way to Boston, I want to have some fun. When the rest of the morons pass out after only six beers because they’re not used to being allowed out of the basement – I don’t want to be stuck trying to carry Tushar’s fat brown ass up fhe stairs,

    A real dive bar within an easy cab ride from downtown – or the nearest flopjoint would make all of this much easier.


    It would be fun during the game as well.

  128. hutch1200 said

    I’m with lauraw here. Mesablue has a good point also. Let’s be honest though. No place is gonna satisfy everyone. Having said that, I’d rather be stuck in a ‘burb bar than trotting among the trendy for three hours looking for a place under 115 deciibels.

  129. ONLY reason (I’m not gonna participate) I would think that a higher end burb bar, is the allowance for people to mingle with outher then their fellow morons, so that they can recharge their disgust and irritation prior to engaging in co-moronic analysis.

  130. And I love dive bars.

    I like the nice piano places, if I’m alone and sipping a scotch before a commute, but for socializing, give me a dirty hole in the wall anyday.

  131. lauraw said

    It wasn’t aimed at you, mesa. I got a couple of non-confirmation-confirmation emails that were puzzling.

    I shouldn’t have ranted. If we hold it in the ‘wrong’ place, some people just won’t show.


    Hutch is right. Can’t make everybody happy.

  132. Drew said

    lauraw Says:
    August 25th, 2007 at 11:59 pm

    That rant right there? That’s just HOT.

  133. hutch1200 said

    The only reason I suggested the suburbs, was that I was going to parachute in. I just bought a new ‘chute with the AoS(TM) logo on it. If Ace doesn’t want the free advertising, that’s cool. It would be nice to land on a few Kos kids in Cambridge square though!

  134. hutch1200 said

    (AP) Boston….. I have it on good authority, from un-named sources that can’t be confirmed, that ACE will be checking out local airport mens rooms this weekend looking for a place for Aceapalooza(tm). Although his indentity remains cloaked in total darkness, his left shoe has been seen, from ajoining stalls, tapping in several New England airports. All 32 Democrat candidates resonded with a carefully scripted talking point. Their quotes were all identical, ie..”we always knew that prick was a fag”. More on this “bugger fest” will be reported before it happens. We just know these things.

  135. hutch1200 said

    Has Lauraw sobered up enough to go venue shopping. Or is she still Valu-Rite Vodka shopping? Has this thing been called off or am I just “dis-invited”? Kinda qiet here is all…..

  136. Probably waiting for ace to realize that time’s’a’ticking and needs to offer up an update.

  137. lauraw said

    A couple of people offered some reconnaissance work. So far only one has responded.

    Ace told me that he was gonna check out a couple places, but no updates yet.

    We still have a couple weeks.

  138. hutch1200 said

    Ok Lauraw, let me get this straight. You’re asking people, too afraid to leave their parents basements, to do recon? They never get further than their mailbox, and that’s only on the 17th of the month when their copy of JUGGS arrives. Just guessing at the 17th. I wouldn’t really know, of course.

  139. You gonna wear your cowboy hat & boots & buckle in Beantown, Dave?

    I was gonna add “and the assless chaps” but mesa beat me to the punchline.

    I been outta town this week – forgive the absence.

    I don’t have any strong feelings about the venue… since I’m gettin in on Friday night I thought I’d goof around town a while, see some things. I’ve been to Boston before so it’s not like I need to see Plymouth rock one more time, but if some of you want to get together in the am and see stuff like the USS Constitution, have some lunch, get some coke and some hookers and get crazy, let me know.

  140. Drew said

    Dave In Texas…

    I am definitely up for the USS Constitution (and of course the coke and hookers, that goes without saying).

  141. Ok dude, we’ll work something out next week. I still haven’t figured out where to stay yet, but we could probably make that a meeting point like late morning, tour it, and then grab some lunch or something and go from there.

  142. lauraw said

    Ace said he’s going to be doing his final recon work on the venue in the next few days.

  143. lauraw said

    So far today I’ve received three cancellations.

    *checks breath*

    Oh crap.

    *pops a couple Altoids*

  144. Well, I cleared the final hurdle, I have a no-restrictions kitchen pass for next weekend, so this op is a go.

  145. Tushar D said

    It looks increasingly difficult for me. The missus can barely walk now.

  146. PattyAnn said

    “The missus can barely walk now.”

    I thought you were driving 🙂

    You do know, Tushar, that most first-time mothers, especially with twins, seem to deliver before the due date?

    Mesa, if you read this, someone over at Ace’s asked about the meet and I sent him here with a linky. Might be time for Ace to direct people over here again.

  147. pajama momma said

    I can’t go LauraW. Hopefully next time. wah!

  148. spongeworthy said

    Tushar, you gotta run to WalMart and rent one of those Rascals for your wife to scoot around on while you’re gone. Really fat people get them free from the government–I can’t see any reason why a very pregnant woman shouldn’t be able to get a good deal on one for a weekend.

    That and the In-Law Hot Line and you’re good to go!

  149. Tushar D said

    PattyAnn, Spongy

    Due date is a bit away, but chances of early delivery is exactly the thing holding me back. And the in-laws are already here. No good Indian girl goes through childbirth without her mom being around. They don’t have US driving licenses, so they are no use for running about town doing chores.

  150. lauraw said

    Tushar & PJM, it will be sad to miss meeting you.
    Next time.

  151. Rocketeer said

    Look, Tushar, I’ve got this all figured out. See, since Mrs. DaveinTexas is not going to be having to fetch beers and make sammiches for DiT, she can fly in and fetch beers and make sammiches for Mrs. TusharD.

    Better yet, DiT can fly to NJ. I think I speak for all of us when I say we’d much rather meet the lovely Mrs. DiT. We already know she has low standards; she’ll surely hang out with us at a bar for a few hours.

  152. lauraw said

    Oh, BTW, my compliments to your growing family, Tush. Enjoy your sleep while you can!

  153. Blah! Laura, he’s a double EE working in programing. Most jobs he’s qualified for, let him write his hours.

    Good for him, EVERY MINUTE tush? Spend with her, I can guarantee you that there are a great many people who would shoulder you out of the way in their hopes of procreation, so, maybe you should push them aside.

    It’s a beautiful thing, even though it’s completely disgusting.

    Be there, as I trust you will, specially twins!!

    Criminay, you didn’t just hit the bullseye, but you hit it more than once.

  154. we’d much rather meet the lovely Mrs. DiT.

    darn right you would.

    Tushar, it’s hard to say “bad timing” cause what’s about to happen in the Two-fer home is a good thing, and we all eagerly await the good news about the babies. I learned a long time ago when it comes to childbirth, I got my schedule, and they got theirs, and it always trumped mine.

    I’ll be disappointed not seeing you, but I can’t think of a better reason to miss it than you taking care of the missus. All the best to you pal.

  155. spongeworthy said

    Well, being there for the birth is certainly a priority, but your as good as useless once they come home. I tell this to virtually every new dad and none of them believe me but they all come back later and say, “I could have gone to Vegas and played golf for a week!”

    New babies just sleep. In-laws creep around the house washing up and eating your samosas. You’re better off cheeering for an early delivery this week so you can run off to Boston guilt-free, because believe me, you can.

    And I’m not just saying that because I need a ride back to NJ, either.

  156. spongeworthy said

    Should read “you’re as good as useless”.

    Incidentally, I know we don’t have a venue yet, but has a neighborhood been decided? I stay in Marriots for nothing and I’d like to make a reservation but they have a few up there and I’d hate to book one and then find out we’re staggering out of a club next door to another.

    Dave, you know where you’re cribbing?

  157. Rocketeer said


    Man, that was not my experience…but then my wife banned grandparents from the house from 7PM to 8AM. And I have to tell you, not ONE minute’s sleep for the first five days. If it wasn’t the baby, it was my wife – and I certainly wasn’t gonna begrudge her a little pampering after what she’s just been through and what she’d just given me.

    Sad you can’t be with us Tushar – maybe I’ll give you my cell so you can text us at the shindig if they come early…

  158. Sponge, email me at gooberintexas -at- gmail -dot- com, the location has been nailed down. I’ll look for a place tonight, I didn’t really start until we figured out where we’re gonna be.

  159. spongeworthy said

    I got it. It’s the Back Bay Marriott for me if there’s rooms still. Probably arrive Friday night late.

    I’ll check next week if you’re around then.

  160. S. Weasel said

    Thanks for the note, DiT. For those Google Mapping, it’s “street” not “ave.”

    Now…what time?

  161. I booked the Holiday Inn Express Govt. Center.. it’s about 2.5 miles from the gig. I’m in Friday evenin.

  162. Which reminds me, which of you morons is in Friday, and who’s in Sat? Let me know and I’ll try to come up with a meetin place and time to go do a little sightseeing. I was thinking a mid-morning-ish start at the Constitution (if we’re all scattered to the four corners, that might make a reasonable meeting point), and then lunch, and whatever the hell else anybody’s interested in.

  163. oh… and email me at gooberintexas -at- gmail -dot- com

  164. lauraw said

    I’m thinking of closing the shop an hour early that day and seeing if I can get into town a little sooner.

    The last hour on Saturday is the busiest, but I might not give a crap.

  165. Ok, checked my itinerary.. on the ground at 3:15 pm EDT. Take me an hour to get to the hotel, check in. Another hour to shower, shave off all my body hair, and freshen up.

    Anyone who’s coming in Friday, interested in dinner and adult beverages?

  166. Tushar D said

    Thanks for the warm wishes and advice, everybody!

    Rocketeer, and anybody else, I have a puzzle for you to solve.
    (20*12) – (61*12 – 1) – (1143 * 8)

    Hint: I was in Maryland when I got the phone. Maryland area code is 240.

  167. Tushar D said

    That last part was supposed to be (1143 * 8 )

  168. I just checked my own schedule Tushar.

    I have . . . . well, nothing scheduled all week, month, most of the year, now all I have to do is check my finance’s, and so far I am coming up with AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

    HOLY SHIT!!!!

    Not gonna make it, but I am able to still intrude here every once in a while to remind others that Ace-a-palooza still exists. I asked mesa, I don’t know if he has made a decision, but last I heard, he is working at it.

  169. JackStraw said

    >>Butch up. Aren’t you in Rhode Island? Maybe you and Jackstraw can come in together.

    >>Good lord, no. What if he smells funny?

    Oh it’s on now. I was gonna tell you about my secret Back Bay parking place. But I guess it’s too smelly for you guys.

  170. It’s on?

    But . . .but you haven’t been served yet? thats like a tripple dog dare, pre-emption.

  171. someone2 said

    So, who else from RI is going?

    And dare I ask how? Am I going to be the only one wandering around back bay station at god knows when?

  172. S. Weasel said

    I just printed out the Google Map directions, plus wifi and parking (looks to be plenty of both).

    I’m coming up from RI, Someone2, but I’m driving. I want to be able to make a quick getaway, in case the lot of you smell.

  173. SarahW said

    Shout out for lodging advice – the Sheraton is booked up. Any place with rooms left in the vicinity, without bedbugs, that isn’t the Four Seasons? (Which is down the road too far for super-easy walking)

  174. mesablue said

    Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, just across the river has rooms for $198.00/night this weekend according to Travelocity. Probably a short cab ride.

    Nothing cheaper that I can find unless you go out into the burbs.

  175. mesablue said

    It’s right on the Red Line at Kendall Square, so getting in would be easy. Cab back.

  176. spongeworthy, in case your email is still goobered, I got your email and your number. I’ll give you a shout Friday night.

  177. spongeworthy said


  178. SarahW said

    Thanks! Close, over cheap is my priority, though….that is, no cabs, just walk to room.

    I can book at FS but it’s too far away.

  179. 200 bucks is REASONABLE!!! Better be a suite, or equipped with two hooker robots who live in the linen closet!!

  180. hutch1200 said

    Can anybody suggest a place. I don’t care so much about dropping $200, so much as I do about having a guarranteed bed/floor. Flop houses suit me fine if needed. Anybody want to split a room? I’m not being cheap, but I hate trying to book shit, and have never had luck at it. I usually leave it to chance and grab a room when I get tired. Of course that may work in the sticks, at the Bates Motel. This won’t fly in a Metro area? I’ll provide round-trip transportation from the gig to the crib. I don’t drink/snore and won’t smoke in the room if needed. I put a new muffler on the chainsaw too. Seriously, any help wil be appreciated. I’m hitting town mid afternoon, and bolting mid-morning Sunday. Thanx, Hutch.

  181. From the checking I did last week, I think everything within 1-2 miles is $350+, Cambridge area around $250+, airport around $190.

  182. someone2 said


    The least expensive hotels that I can find are in the Framingham area off the Mass Pike (90) at exit 13. We’re still talking about $70-$90 a night though. From the Pike it’s a straight shot into and out of the city (it’s a toll road though), but it takes about 30-45(?) minutes or so. A lot of the hotels I looked at did not have availability for the entire weekend.

    If you’re not particular, there may be a couple of hostels in the area.

  183. lauraw said

    Ace emailed me a bunch of parking info. that will go out in a mass email this evening.

  184. hutch1200 said

    I just found out that public drunkeness is $45 fine and 7-10 hours in the cooler. I’m gonna scream F-you at a cop after dumping a beer on myself. Seriously, I just got a room @ B.W in Woburn for $109. 11 miles from “Ground Moron”.

  185. lauraw said

    That actually sounds pretty good, Hutch.

    Usually costs me more than that to get publicly drunk, especially if there’s a meal involved.

  186. I keep forgetting to post this – for anyone who’s interested in goofing around Saturday, I plan to be at the USS Constitution on Saturday morning at 10am. Anyone wants to join, we can look that over (and the destroyer USS Cassin Young, berthed beside her), grab some lunch, and go check out any other sights people feel like seeing. If you’ve never been there, the Old North Church and the Paul Revere house are pretty interesting, Fanueil Hall (I never spell that right), Bunker Hill monument.

    Email me if you want my cell #, and you’re not under a restraining order.

  187. I don’t understand why so many women go crazy for Manolos.

  188. Me either.

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