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Brett Kimberlin — sue me, please.

Posted by mesablue on May 24, 2012

Mr. Kimberlin,

There will be an incredible amount of truth written about you today that you are not going to be happy about.

Sue me first.

Go for it.

I have not posted in a very long time. This blog used to pull some weight back in the early days of the blogosphere. Friends were made, new blogs were created — a couple got pretty big. I was honored to guest post on a couple of the really big blogs. No matter.

What I did do was create an online persona back in the days of blogging anonymously that garnered at the very least — a modicum of respect for my thoughts and methods.

I started to miss the days of hardcore “discussion” as blogging became more mainstream, so I bowed out. Still following but not involved. Until earlier this week I learned of your terror attacks on some of my fellow brethren.

Mr. Kimberlin (and noxious friends), I call you out to try to find me and do to me what you have done in recent months to others that I would call friends. I hate to make this about me, but I would truly enjoy personally embarassing you in this venue. Or, in court.

So, who are you, Brett Kimberlin?

The young perjuror, or the guy who got caught trying to fly a bunch of drugs into a hastily made Texas airstrip?

Or, are you the guy who once paroled tried to weasel his way out of paying anything towards the civil suit that you lost for blowing someone up and were then re-jailed?

Or, are you just the person that I saw on my local news stations as responsible for creating a weekend of terror by planting eight bombs that exploded in Speedway, Indiana?

Never mind a poor woman that was murdered — supposedly to cover up your relationship with a minor.

All of this from one citation — all based on your convictions of record. Doesn’t even begin to sum up your path of delusional destruction.

This is where it gets fun.

Federal tax forms filed by convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin’s tax-exempt non-profit Justice Through Music Project (JTMP) show that the 501(c)3 group collected $1.8 million in gifts, grants and other contributions during its first six years of operation. An analysis using database research indicates that more than $300,000 of that sum came in the form of grants from tax-exempt foundations, including the George Soros-connected Tides Foundation, the Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund, the Barbara Streisand Foundation, and the Heinz Family Foundation, connected to Democrat Sen. John Kerry’s wife.

Quite the new life — huh?

Kind of helps when you threaten Wikipedia into scrubbing all mention of your past.

What have you been up to lately?

Here’s the list of Brett Kimberlin’s current actions. Not all are conservatives; Seth Allen is a liberal. When he comes to covering up his misdeeds, Kimberlin’s ego trumps politics.

Seth Allen

Kimberlin reopened civil defamation and stalking case
Appealing contempt order against Seth Allen that was denied

Aaron Walker aka Aaron Worthing

Ex Parte Peace order issued on Tuesday
Appealing Peace Order that was denied on 4/11
Filed Bar complaint against Aaron 5/1

Pat Frey aka Patterico

Named as third party in Seth Allen suit
Subject of suit by Nadia Naffe that appears to have possible affiliation with Brett Kimberlin

Robert Stacy McCain

Harassment of wife’s employer by Brett Kimberlin that was considered enough of a potentional threat that McCain and his family were forced to move

James O’Keefe

Kimberlin trying to get copies of Jame’s emails supposedly in the possession of Nadia Naffe

Liberty Chick

Named as third party in Seth Allen lawsuit

Your suit against Seth Allen ended in a joke.

You accused Aaron Walker of physically attacking you outside of a court room after you filed a frivolous complaint against him after he provided free legal advice to Seth Allen.


Stacey McCain has temporarily moved his family out of state to avoid your harassment.

But, now it’s your day. I’m one day early but…

It’s only the beginning:

These are the folks that were on board yesterday afternoon, before the word truly got out.


i Own The World.

American Thinker.


Blazing Cat Fur.

American Power.

The American Catholic.

The Lonely Conservative.

Five Feet of Fury.

Nice Deb.

The Sundries Shack.

PJ Tatler.

Riehl World View.

Film Ladd.

The Coalition of the Swilling.


Belmont Club.

Legal Insurrection.


The Daley Gator.

The Camp of the Saints.

Wake Up America.

Darth Chipmunk.

Zilla of the Resistance.

Lady Liberty 1885.

Goldfish and Clowns.

Small Dead Animals (blast from the past).


The Lid.


Israel Matzav.

Catholic Bandita.

Bob Owens. Say no more.

And of course, a couple of the big boys:

Ed Morrisey @ Hotair, worth a read in it’s own right.

The Blogfather.

Thank you to Michelle Malkin for most of the list.

Thousands have already rallied to the cause. Friday is going to be an amazing day for free speech.

Mr. Kimberlin, I hope you truly appreciate the shit storm you just stirred up.

It only gets worse from here.

*A fairly long but good read on one part of this story.

UPDATE: WickedPinto Fully Supports this. I don’t hide who I am, but I don’t broadcast, and I argue, not litigate, must be nice to have tax free money to fund your fights you MIDGET PUSSY!

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Boston is under attack!

Posted by mesablue on October 11, 2011

From the land of Romney:

This is too much fun.

617-635-4500. That is the Mayor of Boston. Call him and tell him to stop at once!

Hundreds Of Riot Police have showed up


Local Boston Newscaster Tweeting as it happens

Occupy St. Louis is the only stream currently Reporting Live realtime updates. They are in contact with most occupy movements around the country


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Easy Answer

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 21, 2011

Since Congress has failed in their oversight role, when they should have immediately removed the juggling act of funding for this stupid act of war. Just do nothing like they did before.

And by the way, note that in O’s letter he never says that he needs Congress’s support, just that it’s always better to have it. He’s still a skeptic of the War Powers Act, in other words; he simply doesn’t want a legal battle over it if he can help it, since that would mean bad press for months.

Since “The President” is clearly violating the law, in it’s writing and in it’s intent, congress can just look at him sternly, waiting for him to finally let the curtain be drawn and show his willingness to violate the law of the land.

Before I get the mataconis and joyner argument on me not being a lawyer (which I am not, I’m lucky if I spell it correctly) or “history” and referencing the barbary war being waged without authorization (though notification once the truth was learned) American Citizens were in peril, routinely being taken slave, punished, and executied, and the weeks long travel before authorization was inconvenient to say the least, that is why we have ROE, because the Barbary wars were a war against PIRACY, which is already a part of common law, and requires no authorization. So Shut your hole.

This was a deliberate act, one that required 10 days of deliberation, just long enough to become muddled and confused because we chose to follow THE FRENCH!, because our president is stupid, and chose to “Oh, my bad, forgot for the last 2 months” bullcrap. no, he’s an idiot, and he really thinks he has a right to do whatever he wants. Congress SHOULD have defunded all action within a few days of the initiation, but they didn’t, they failed, fair enough, but the law is still the law and it’s still on the books, and if “The President” ignores it for the next 28 days, without specific authorization, he IS a criminal, and likely (only in the technical sense) knowingly so. Lack of enforcement of a law, makes breaking that law no less a lawless act.

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In That Case. .

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 14, 2011

WTF are we doing in there?

via hotair headlines

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This is made public, Why?

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 7, 2011

Apparently the Intel captured at Bin Ladens “compound” give a hint as to where the badguys are. Isn’t that something you would want to keep quiet, until we capture or kill, most preferably kill, the badguys?

Via Hot Air

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That’s my concern

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 2, 2011

Afghans fear West May See Death as End.

Yeahp, I honestly always thought we might be better off if we were able to keep Osama as a bogeyman, that way we stay focused on the real goal which is the MILLIONS of lunatics who want to kill me, my mother, my father, my brother my sissy, ny nephews my cousins and my friends.

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Sunday musical interlude

Posted by mesablue on March 27, 2011

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The President will “Spare No Effort.”

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 2, 2011

Nice words, I guess, but there is a lot of effort that he has not been using  while still finding a lot of effort that previously couldn’t be spared.

Thoughts for the families of the victims and thoughts for the perp and the other scum that support him from this horrible situation which is an act in continuing war. The thoughts for the families are good and condolences. For the scum I have nothing but spittle and hatred.

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The Raven

Posted by Wickedpinto on February 26, 2011

Was watching, “Son of Svengooli,” tonight and, “The Raven,” was the movie they were featuring.  Here’s a brief clip.

Throughout the movie he’s wearing that outfit. look like it is made out of USACU Universal Camouflage patterned material.

Is it just me?  Or Is Vincent Price about to attack a small north african urban area?

[update] I included a link to the wiki page for ,”Son of Svengoolie,” because not everyone might be familiar with it. It was a horror based, saturday evening broadcast, like elvira, only with smaller breasts and a bigger mustache, hosted by Rich Koz, a local radio personality, and now a sports broadcaster on ABC. In the Early Eighties, he joined with a few other market based broadcasters of genre films to broadcast old movies that were changed to 3d. (I think Elvira was a part of that also.) and you could only get the glasses at 7/11 or clark gas stations with a purchase of x amount or more. I’m fairly sure most people in this area remember that particular event.


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That is Not a National Security Policy.

Posted by Wickedpinto on October 27, 2010

I never thought these people were very smart, they might have taken the time to learn how to ape a few motions you can likely learn playing some flight sims, or rig out an existing explosive, or rocket, maybe fabricate a couple of “field expedient” weapons of death, or be given weapons by nations with no problem interfering with US interests, or steal a weapon here and there, but that doesn’t mean they have the ability to doctor evil their ass out of a paper bag.

That said, little kids aren’t very smart, that’s why they don’t have jobs, or write books.  They spend most of their time waking up at inconvenient times, shitting their pants and eating so that they can generate more shit and piss to put in their pants.  That doesn’t change the fact, that if you aren’t paying attention a child can find something and hit you in the balls with it.  Think you have nothing to worry about in the presence of a child at your own risk, for some reason they all go for the balls, totally not cool, that is why this article, while capable of attacking the superiority of the scumbag islamic extremists, also makes it possible for some to think that the stupidity of our enemy is a national security policy.

It’s not an attack on the article, it’s a good article, but I can see some of those on the other side, I mean “peace activists,” no I mean on the other side, to promote a laissez faire attitude to national security.  Fortune does not equal vigilance, and we cannot count on good fortune again to protect our nation.  We did that for almost 9 years, It cost us 3K human lives, a pretty significant portion of our most iconic city, and two of our most iconic buildings.  It’s important to always remember that we have enemies, and REAL enemies, not like our President defines it, but enemies who want to kill us.

Proactive.  Identify and attack, amazing how quickly someone will open their hand after facing the closed fist.

via the goober.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on October 23, 2010


I’m all for science, but the casual disregard for this marvel of modern medicine and it’s immediate applications, is JUST PLAIN WRONG!

Experimenting with non-vital organs is safer and subject to a much more limited set of regulations, since the stakes in experimenting on a human heart are much higher than on less-crucial appendages.

I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping that the first beneficiary of this miracle has a lot of pudding and a webcam.

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Juan is PISSED!

Posted by Wickedpinto on October 21, 2010

Juan sometimes gets passionate, but not overtly pissed.  He is a lib, and way too partisan during election years.  The way he responds at this is kinda startling, because. . .


He lights into everyone involved, he isn’t just yessing and noing to O’Reilly, he’s sincerely and obviously pissed!

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Am I missing something?

Posted by Viv on October 5, 2010

How is it that we can try and convict a man for a botched attempt at terrorism on Time Square back in May of this year, yet we cannot even bring to trial the mastermind of the USS Cole bombing that happened ten years ago this month?

WTF?! Where is the justice? al-Nashiri is al-Qaeda, FFS! Why does it take 10 years to gather enough evidence to produce a case against that bastard who strategically planned to kill our US military? Why can’t they even decide on the appropriate venue for this trial? TEN YEARS?!! Seriously?!

I’m no legal mastermind, admittedly, so maybe I don’t understand the complexities of criminal trials and/or military tribunals. However, I’m impatient (ten years impatient) when it comes to justice for the victims’ families of the USS Cole, a ship that I played a small role in preparing for military readiness.

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Amazingly huge announcement…

Posted by mesablue on September 26, 2010


Yeah, hope not.

This used to be a great place to find and trade information — much love to Wicked for keeping things going — but, I’m pretty fired up about the really awesome  friends that are thinking about joining us here.

Tis the season.

Let’s make some noise!

If you know that song, you are as old as me — so sorry.

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Your beautiful music moment…

Posted by mesablue on September 22, 2010

Garbage cans full of golf balls?

Do I get that in Obama Care?

Dude. Stop trying to appear presidential by doing things you just can’t do.

Oh right.

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Guess what?

Posted by mesablue on September 17, 2010

Yeah, I’m back.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on September 11, 2010

I have a Memory.

Too much of it is about my own recognition so I won’t share it, I have done so 9 times before in other places.

September 11th is about ALL of us, and OUR stories matter, but we have those stories because we are Americans, because we would never burn a flag, and because we would never blame ourselves for the acts of those days.

A horrible day for those who died, and a horibble day for those who defend America.

For some reason, Calling out those who hate America and oppose America that day are considered “Un-American” because I think those who are. . .well UNAMERICAN should be hung.

My Blood was in that fight, and it was a fight.

On 9’11 I SHOULD have protected those almost 3K people, I SHOULD have been there, That is who I am, It is one of the things that makes find value.

To Crap on it?  Well, I have words for you, if ever I find myself into value again.

Those who mock people like me, who understand the defined target, BY THEIR OWN WORDS! I say this.

You aren’t americans, You are targets.  Rhetorical for the liars who use ammendments to define yourselves, and noones for those of you who call us unamerican, and for those of you in foreign nations?

You are called, TARGETS!

Almost three thousand innocents died this day, thanks to your action, You and your ideology.

I would think NOTHING of cutting you down.

[ed: just to make sure, I would cut you down, RIGHT NOW!]

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Best golfer president — ever

Posted by mesablue on August 11, 2010

Thanks to PJmomma.

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Hey libs

Posted by mesablue on August 10, 2010

What’s funny is, the place I found this wanted to prove the opposite point of what is actually the “real” point.

So, once again — Hey libs!

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John Ausonius

Posted by mesablue on August 6, 2010

Worst. Serial Killer. Ever.

* On August 3, 1991, the Laser Man shot his first person. The victim was a 21 year old immigrant to Sweden from Eritrea, whom Ausonius shot in the back. The victim, however, survived.[3] Two of the victim’s friends said they saw a circle of red light on his body before they heard the shot.

* On the evening of October 21, 1991, outside the Stockholm University, Shahram Khosravi, a 25-year-old student of Iranian origin, was shot in the face but survived.

* On the night of October 27, 1991, a homeless man of Greek origin was shot twice in the stomach. The victim saw a bright red light, heard the shots but managed to run away. Although wounded, he survived.

* In the middle of the day of November 1, 1991, Ausonius walked into a restaurant kitchen in Stockholm where he had seen an immigrant and shot him once in the head and several times in the stomach. The victim, Heberson Vieira Da Costa, a musician from Brazil, saw a red light before he was shot, and got a good look at his assailant. The victim survived, seriously wounded, but was able to give a description of the Laser Man to the police.

* Ausonius continued his shootings and, on November 8, 1991, he mortally wounded Jimmy Ranjbar, another Iranian student, who died the next day.

Ausonius then went to Las Vegas to gamble and visit the Grand Canyon. The Laser Man disappeared for a few months, but he would return.

* On January 22, 1992, Ausonius went to Uppsala, where he walked up to a couple, and shot the man in the head. The victim, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff, was a Ph.D. student in medical sciences. He survived and is now a scientist representing Sweden in several international scientific networks.

* January 23, 1992, back in Stockholm, Ausonius shot a black bus driver, originally from Zimbabwe, in the middle of the day. The victim was shot in the chest but survived.[3] That evening, Ausonius walked into a Somali club in central Stockholm and shot two men, both of whom also survived.

* On the night of January 28, 1992, Ausonius walked up to a kiosk where Isa Aybar, an immigrant of Turkish origin, was working. Ausonius shot him four times in the head and arm, and walked away. Aybar was seriously wounded but managed to call the police and survived.

* On January 30, 1992 Ausonius shot his last victim, from Lebanon, in the head, a store owner in Hägerstensåsen, paralyzing but not killing him.

I’m feeling more than a little sorry for Jimmy Ranjbar.

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