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Boston is under attack!

Posted by mesablue on October 11, 2011

From the land of Romney:

This is too much fun.

617-635-4500. That is the Mayor of Boston. Call him and tell him to stop at once!

Hundreds Of Riot Police have showed up


Local Boston Newscaster Tweeting as it happens

Occupy St. Louis is the only stream currently Reporting Live realtime updates. They are in contact with most occupy movements around the country


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Chicago — take a lesson

Posted by mesablue on October 20, 2010

Or any city that outlaws handguns and concealed carry.

Detroit gets at least one thing right — Detroit Police: Man kills carjacker in shootout

The carjacker shot the victim, who fell to the ground, pulled out his own handgun and opened fire as the suspect entered the Escalade, witnesses said.

More than 20 shots were exchanged and the suspect was killed, said Detroit Police Cmdr. Steve Dolunt. The carjacking victim was hit multiple times, including in the face and body, police said.

The carjacking victim had a valid permit to carry a concealed weapon, according to police.

Video at the link.

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Amazingly huge announcement…

Posted by mesablue on September 26, 2010


Yeah, hope not.

This used to be a great place to find and trade information — much love to Wicked for keeping things going — but, I’m pretty fired up about the really awesome  friends that are thinking about joining us here.

Tis the season.

Let’s make some noise!

If you know that song, you are as old as me — so sorry.

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All quiet on the Western-Baghdad front

Posted by mesablue on September 22, 2010

UPDATE — Since we’re contemplating getting back to “serious” blogging here, thought I’d bring up an old post from the past that actually had some feet on the ground fun.  Not the norm for the tubes in the old days. It was semi pertinent to what was happening at the time. Not my usual style, but —-

In the post Welcome to Baghdad West, I posted an article from the Detroit News that covered sectarian violence in Detroit between Sunni and Shia muslims.

I also mentioned that I would try to get to the area and take some pictures.

Vandals hit Shi’a stores

DETROIT — Muslim leaders say a spate of vandalism over the weekend involving stores owned by local Iraqis could stem from brewing sectarian Islamic tension over the execution of Saddam Hussein.
While Shi’a and Sunni Muslims are fighting in Iraq, the two groups generally get along in Metro Detroit and the United States. But Muslim and Arab leaders say the hanging of Saddam, and especially the timing of the execution, spurred hard feelings.
They say the vandalized property was owned or operated by people of Iraqi descent who are Shi’a.
“People are scared to come here. It’s very dangerous, this place,” said Inaam Alkhafaji, referring to her Detroit business, Dana Media, whose windows were broken.
“It’s a war with the Iraqi people. Maybe next time they kill us.”

I first went to the Seven Mile and Woodward area to try to find some of the vandalism described in the article since it is not too far from my house. This area is on the far North side of Detroit, quite a way from Dearborn. As I drove down Seven Mile I realised that finding a particular store or building with a broken or boarded up window in Detroit is kind of like trying to find a particular grain of sand on a beach. One third of all houses and buildings in Detroit are either abandoned or falling down. This part of Seven Mile is in a very sketchy neighborhood, but during the daytime it’s pretty safe, so I walked around and took a few pictures.

No obvious signs of damage in the first few pictures:

But, the rest of the neighborhood looked like this:

So, things didn’t look too out of order along the Iraqi stretch of Seven Mile.

To give you an idea of what a bizarre city Detroit is, on the way to my next stop I took a picture of a typical house in the Palmer Woods neighborhood. This house is only half a mile from the house pictured above.

You can pick this house up for a song, but the property taxes in Detroit are among the highest in the nation — not worth it. You’ll pay more in taxes than for your mortgage.

Ok, so on to the West side. Warren Ave. cuts through the Northern edge of Dearborn before continuing on to the Western border of Detroit. The stores and restaurant mentioned in the article are here:

Not much to see other than the one door still boarded up, the restaurant’s windows had been smashed and were already repaired.

On we go, I figured I’d take a few more pictures to give everyone a feel for the area. Pictures really can’t do justice to how arabic this area really is, almost every store’s sign is in arabic lettering and several have no english at all. I couldn’t tell what a few of them were.

I took a few more that didn’t turn out, I really wanted to show the picture of the halal pizza place. I just thought it was funny.

One thing that I’ve always thought a bit weird is the prevalence of strip clubs and liquor stores in Dearborn. One is right next door to LaShish, a very popular restaurant.

Gigi’s strip club (oops, gay bar), with badly placed light pole:

So, all in all, there was not much to see. Especially by Detroit standards, this was much ado about not much. The Sunni and Shia could declare war on each other and it might take a few days for Detroit to notice.

It’s much more exciting when the arab groups take to the streets to demonstrate, downright chilling. They turn out by the thousand on just a moments notice. I’ll make sure to get pictures of that in the future.

Oh, and if you read this post Dean Esmay, bite me — you couldn’t be more full of shit about what goes on here on the arab “street”. Going to lunch on Michigan Ave. once a year does not make you an expert on all things middle eastern in Detroit.

Linked at Stop the ACLU.

Update:Debbie Schlussel has an interesting post about the FBI’s Michigan Special Agent in Charge and his strange ways — Aleikum Salaam, Abu Roberts: Hoffa-Digging, Islamo-Pandering FBI Honcho Leaves Town; Dreams of Terror Suspect’s Return

Regular readers of this site know that I’ve tracked the doings of Dr. Smith (of “Lost in Space”) look-alike, Michigan FBI Special Agent in Charge Daniel Roberts, for some time.
His four biggest achievements are: 1) Wasting millions of dollars in a two-week dig for the body of Jimmy Hoffa at a Michigan farm (we had a daily count, “American Farm Held Hostage”); 2) Pandering ad absurdum to Islamofascists, terrorism supporters, and even a “former” Islamic terrorist; 3) allowing America’s largest Hezbollah financier to flee the country; and 4) working bankers hours for taxpayers, while spending the rest “chasing” terrorists on the treadmill at a local gym.

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Your beautiful music moment…

Posted by mesablue on September 22, 2010

Garbage cans full of golf balls?

Do I get that in Obama Care?

Dude. Stop trying to appear presidential by doing things you just can’t do.

Oh right.

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Guess what?

Posted by mesablue on September 17, 2010

Yeah, I’m back.

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John Ausonius

Posted by mesablue on August 6, 2010

Worst. Serial Killer. Ever.

* On August 3, 1991, the Laser Man shot his first person. The victim was a 21 year old immigrant to Sweden from Eritrea, whom Ausonius shot in the back. The victim, however, survived.[3] Two of the victim’s friends said they saw a circle of red light on his body before they heard the shot.

* On the evening of October 21, 1991, outside the Stockholm University, Shahram Khosravi, a 25-year-old student of Iranian origin, was shot in the face but survived.

* On the night of October 27, 1991, a homeless man of Greek origin was shot twice in the stomach. The victim saw a bright red light, heard the shots but managed to run away. Although wounded, he survived.

* In the middle of the day of November 1, 1991, Ausonius walked into a restaurant kitchen in Stockholm where he had seen an immigrant and shot him once in the head and several times in the stomach. The victim, Heberson Vieira Da Costa, a musician from Brazil, saw a red light before he was shot, and got a good look at his assailant. The victim survived, seriously wounded, but was able to give a description of the Laser Man to the police.

* Ausonius continued his shootings and, on November 8, 1991, he mortally wounded Jimmy Ranjbar, another Iranian student, who died the next day.

Ausonius then went to Las Vegas to gamble and visit the Grand Canyon. The Laser Man disappeared for a few months, but he would return.

* On January 22, 1992, Ausonius went to Uppsala, where he walked up to a couple, and shot the man in the head. The victim, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff, was a Ph.D. student in medical sciences. He survived and is now a scientist representing Sweden in several international scientific networks.

* January 23, 1992, back in Stockholm, Ausonius shot a black bus driver, originally from Zimbabwe, in the middle of the day. The victim was shot in the chest but survived.[3] That evening, Ausonius walked into a Somali club in central Stockholm and shot two men, both of whom also survived.

* On the night of January 28, 1992, Ausonius walked up to a kiosk where Isa Aybar, an immigrant of Turkish origin, was working. Ausonius shot him four times in the head and arm, and walked away. Aybar was seriously wounded but managed to call the police and survived.

* On January 30, 1992 Ausonius shot his last victim, from Lebanon, in the head, a store owner in Hägerstensåsen, paralyzing but not killing him.

I’m feeling more than a little sorry for Jimmy Ranjbar.

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This is a hole…

Posted by mesablue on July 28, 2010

Had to suck…

I don’t know — I wasn’t there.

Oh, well.

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Fanboy Parody

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 21, 2010

Fanboy parody of Metal Gear Solid, mixed with Modern Warfare.  Looks like they are planning on it being a webisode series.

Found at Deans World.

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Welcoming WickedPinto back to the Intertube

Posted by mesablue on July 11, 2010


One tube.

One love.


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Judgement Day

Posted by mesablue on March 24, 2008

Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick charged with perjury, obstruction, misconduct

DETROIT –Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has filed felony charges against Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former Chief of Staff Christine Beatty, accusing both of perjury, conspiracy to obstruct justice, obstruction of justice and misconduct in office, charges that could send both to prison in connection with the text-message scandal.

“Our investigation has clearly shown that public dollars were used, people’s lives were ruined, the justice system was severely mocked and the public trust trampled on,” Worthy said. “This is as far from being a private matter as one can get.”

She expects the mayor and Beatty to turn themselves in by 7 a.m. Tuesday for arraignment in 36th District Court.

I wish they could also charge Kwame with felony hubris. The level of sheer contempt for the people of Detroit and the law it takes to get to a point like this is just mind boggling.

As I type this, I’m waiting for the mayor to give his press conference. His arrogance and failure to act like a decent human being are still in evidence as he is having his staff exclude reporters that have been active in reporting this case from the press room.

Ah, it’s starting. Kwame is having his lawyer do the talking. What a bunch of shit. No apologies, no responsibility. Blame throwing and denial. They will not discuss the case with the press.

No resignation. It is beyond ridiculous that they are playing the victim card at this point.

Here comes the mayor.

Kwame is “deeply disappointed in the prosecutor.” This is a “flawed process.” “I will be exonerated.” Blah, blah blah. “Full and complete vindication.”

Kwame is going to drag the City of Detroit down with him.

Scumbag to the end.

Heh. Let’s have another round of Name That Party!. And, again.

I wonder how long it will be before we hear from Kwame’s mother, US Congresswoman Caroline Cheeks-Kilpatrick, defending her son — again.

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Leave Kwame alone!

Posted by mesablue on March 14, 2008

Bumped: I posted this on January 30th, but Kwame is now getting well earned national attention for his “indiscretions” — this deserves another look.

Heh, for those outside of Michigan, the “Gangsta Mayor” is in trouble again. This time for lying in court about an affair with his chief of staff during a lawsuit brought by former police officers who were fired for having the gall to try to investigate wrong doing by the Mayor and his staff. The City of Detroit had to settle for several million dollars. Kwame didn’t think anyone would ever find out about the text messages that he sent on his city issued cell phone to his paramour about getting rid of the officers and how she has a sweet, sweet booty.

Guess he doesn’t watch The Wire.

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No words

Posted by mesablue on March 12, 2008

And it just keeps getting weirder:

Kevorkian plans to run for Congress

PONTIAC — Assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian is planning a run for Congress.

Kevorkian was released from prison last year and remains on parole. But the 79-year-old told The Oakland Press for an article published Wednesday that he plans to run for office as a candidate with no party affiliation.

“We need some honesty and sincerity instead of corrupt government in Washington,” Kevorkian said.

He said he would say more about his candidacy next week.

Kevorkian lives in Oakland County and the 9th District. That’s a seat now held by Republican Joe Knollenberg. Democrat Gary Peters also is among those planning to run for the seat.

Unfortunately, I no longer live in the 9th, having moved into Sander Levin’s district a couple of years ago. I’m not a huge Knollenberg fan, but I would gladly pull the lever for him to offset the goofballs and Ron Paul supporters that will go ga ga for Dr. Death.

Exit question, can convicted felons run for congress? I know, it’s probably a prerequisite these days, but seriously?

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It’s about time

Posted by mesablue on November 6, 2007

I went to the polls today — and had to show a valid ID before I could vote. Excellent.

Voter fraud in Michigan, more exactly, in Detroit, has been rampant in past elections.

The law requiring that voters be required to present a picture ID or sign an affidavit before voting was passed in 1996. Because of interference by the ACLU and NAACP, it wasn’t until July of this year that Michigan Supreme Court decided that the law was constitutional.

Predictably, against all outward appearances of no problems whatsoever, the NAACP had this to say:

NAACP: Detroit voting ‘messy’ due to ID requirement

DETROIT — Officials from the Detroit Branch NAACP monitoring voting this morning say the process is “messy” because of the new photo identification requirement.

Melvin “Butch” Hollowell, general counsel to the Detroit NAACP, said there was one report of a voter being turned away in the city for not having an ID. He didn’t have any more specifics and was investigating.

He also said there has been confusion in the Detroit City Clerk’s Office over which affidavits to give to voters when they don’t have a photo ID. He said that one of the NAACP monitors witnessed a voter instead being given an affidavit for a provisional ballot that is set aside for six days until a voter can prove his or her identity.

One report is “messy?” Give me a break.

But clerk officials said that there have been no problems with election workers giving out the wrong affidavits.

“There has been no confusion,” said Daniel Baxter, director of the Department of Elections.

In July, the Michigan Supreme Court decided that a 1996 law requiring voters to either show a picture ID or sign an affidavit is constitutional and enforceable.

Voters need a Michigan driver’s license, state-issued personal ID card or other acceptable form of ID. Those without photo ID at the polls must sign an affidavit attesting to that fact before they can receive a ballot that will be counted with all others.

Elsewhere, elections officials reported few problems with the launch of the ID requirement.

Secretary of State spokeswoman Kelly Chesney said Michigan election workers reported that “the process has been smooth and orderly.”

Chesterfield Township Clerk Kelly Jo Smolarek has experienced no problems today with the new voter identification law.

“Everyone has been very receptive,” Smolarek said. “We have not had one negative comment. In fact, some people are saying it is about time.”


WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance

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Fred! in Michigan

Posted by mesablue on October 8, 2007

I’m still trying to line up my invite to actually get inside for tomorrow’s presidential debate in Dearborn. Being a past McCain and current Fred! supporter does not ingrain you with the party here in the land of Mitt. I like Mitt a lot — I just like Fred! better, for now.

However, if you live in SE Michigan and want to meet some other Fred! supporters, I received this by email today:

I’d like to invite you to join me and other Fred Thompson supporters in Southeast Michigan for a Pre-Debate Rally in Dearborn next Tuesday, October 9th to show our support for Senator Thompson!

Cheer on Fred Thompson at the Dearborn Debate!!

Tuesday, October 9th

1:00 PM

Outside the Dearborn Police Department

16099 Michigan Avenue

Dearborn, MI

With the recent strong poll numbers in the state, it is obvious that Michigan voters are looking for a strong, consistent conservative leader like Senator Thompson. This is an excellent opportunity to bring your friends and show the country that Michigan is Fred Thompson Country!

Romney’s folks sent an invite to a debate watching function and post party with Mitt. It would be interesting, but I think I’d feel a bit guilty scarfing down their food and drink while cheering for Fred!.

Though, if Fred! doesn’t knock it out of the park in the debate — Mitt might be the guy. Fred!’s gotta add some substance to all of the rhetoric. Expectations are pretty high, it’s time to meet a few of them.

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The Great Flood of 2007

Posted by mesablue on July 13, 2007

I survived the Chicago Flood of 1992.

Little did I know that just fifteen years later, I would be faced with another inundation of the deadly dihydrogen monoxide.

Disaster on I-96

LIVONIA — A freakishly massive water main break stranded motorists atop cars Thursday, closed I-96 for hours and prompted water shortage worries in the western suburbs.

‘It came like a geyser’

It started when a crack appeared in the main along the eastbound I-96 service drive, Schoolcraft Road. The pipe is reinforced with steel and concrete, but burst just 1½ miles away in 2003, said Terrence King, assistant director of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

Pumping at 120 pounds per square inch, the water blew a 15-by-15-foot hole in the service drive, sending a fast-moving waterfall onto eastbound Interstate 96. Within 90 minutes, both directions of the interstate were closed.

“It started to bleed up from the ground,” said Tim Richards, a water and sewer supervisor for Livonia.

“The concrete buckled, and it came up like a geyser — 3 feet tall and 10 to 12 feet in diameter. The water came cascading down onto the freeway within minutes. It was deep enough that cars couldn’t drive and the freeway was completely inundated within a half hour.”

Passer-by Jordan Gray, 18, of Livonia witnessed the chaos from Schoolcraft and Middle Belt.

“I saw water seeping through the cracks in the barrier and there was a Jeep, Pontiac and a Saturn stuck in the water,” he said. “All you could see of that Saturn was the roof of the car.”

King maintained that crews erected cones and other barriers that stranded motorists ignored.

“These people were determined to go around the barricades and went into the water,” he said

The horror.

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Bring out your (nearly) dead…

Posted by mesablue on June 1, 2007

Kevorkian was released today.

Welcome home, buddy.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian released from prison

COLDWATER – Nearly nine years after Jack Kevorkian last challenged medical convention, taunted legal authorities and sought to rewrite the rules on assisted suicide, he walked out of prison quietly this morning.

Looking more gaunt than in the 1990s when he gained international fame as “Dr. Death,” Kevorkian climbed into a car with his lawyer, Mayer Morganroth, and quickly left the Lakeland Correctional Facility to begin two years of supervised release. It was a low-key start for a man whose theatrics and sharp rhetoric once commanded attention to the nation’s death-rights movement.

Well, almost home.

The Doc lives only a mile or two from me. I used to live a couple of blocks from the hospital parking lot where Dr. Demento used to dump his bodies. After that he started leaving them in random hotel rooms around town for unsuspecting cleaning staff to find.

I’ve since moved the next small suburb over. But, if Death Boy decides to start scattering corpses again — I’m sure I’ll be within smelling distance.

Kevorkian also spawned local idiot extraordinaire, lawyer Geoff Fieger, who has since entertained us by losing by the widest margin ever in a Michigan gubernatorial race. He’s a sleazy clown — no surprise that the Michigan dem’s would look to him as their messiah.

I don’t have a problem with the terminally ill finding a dignified and painless way to die peacefully. I’ve watched people that I love die the long way. There’s nothing dignified about it and no one deserves to go through that much pain.

Kevorkian, however, seemed to revel in the ghoulish way he exploited the deaths of his “victims” in order to push his cause.

I, for one, hope that he has the decency to remain “retired”.

A much better doctor — Doctor Wu:

Katy tried

I was halfway crucified

I was on the other side

Of no tomorrow…

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Stupid criminal…

Posted by mesablue on May 22, 2007

Dead criminal.

More news from close to home.

A punk and his buddies tried to carjack a 53 year old man in Detroit. They pulled an unloaded gun on the wrong guy.

Man with unloaded gun killed by victim

A robbery and crime spree aided by an unloaded gun came to a halt late Thursday when the gunman met more than his match: a gun with bullets.

Charles Parker Jr., 18, of Detroit was killed when a 53-year-old man pulled out a 9mm handgun and shot the teen, who was armed with an unloaded .22-caliber handgun.

Detroit police are calling it self-defense.

The botched carjacking on Grand River and Prevost came after a string of robberies in Detroit on Thursday, which police said were committed by Parker and four others, ranging in age from 16 to 20.

The robberies began about 8:40 p.m. Thursday at Kentucky and Curtis when a 16-year-old was robbed of his cell phone, a silver chain and his wallet, by at least two of the suspects, police said.

At 9:30 p.m., the robbers attempted to carjack a couple in the driveway of their home in the 19600 block of Appoline, police said. One pointed the unloaded gun at the couple and pulled the trigger.

The teens fled without the car.

Later, police said, the robbers saw a man at a Detroit car wash and tried to carjack him. The one approached with the unloaded gun and the other wielded a baseball bat, police said.

That’s when the man washing his car fired, striking Parker.

Parker’s alleged accomplices took him to Sinai-Grace Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

After the shooting, police questioned the 53-year-old man and released him, noting that he had a valid concealed weapons permit.

Then they gave him back his gun.

It’s worth noting that this was reported in the Free Press which is Detroit’s ultra-liberal counterpart to the more conservative Detroit News. Nary a gun grabbing gibe or blame for the gun toting victim in sight.

Good deal.

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Nothing to see here

Posted by mesablue on April 13, 2007

Elections official: State rep’s failure to file finance reports created problem

LANSING — A state elections official testified today that the failure by Detroit Representative George Cushingberry to file his campaign finance reports on time in 2004 prevented his office from doing its job.

Analyst Peter Allegrina said delays in required campaign finance reports prevent the bureau from informing voters about a candidate’s sources of campaign funding.

Allegrina said if the reports are not filed the bureau also is not able to determine whether a candidate received campaign contributions exceeding limits under state law.

Cushingberry, a Democrat, is on trial in Ingham County Circuit Court. He’s charged with failing to file campaign finance reports in 2004, when he was elected to the legislature, and signing two affidavits that falsely stated he had filed the reports.

The most serious charges are felonies carrying penalties up to five years in prison and/or $1,000 fine.

If Cushingberry is found guilty it also could affect his ability to serve in the state legislature.

House members can expel a lawmaker who has been found guilty of a felony that constitutes a breach of public trust.

This version of the story leaves out some of the more interesting facts.

Cushingberry is the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.

He didn’t file ANY of the required disclosure statements in the year of his first election. He ignored over two dozen Election Bureau notices. He has failed to pay the fines resulting from not filing or filing late.

Democrat House members knew about the impending trial. So,what did they do about it? They made him chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. A man who neglected to file financial disclosure statements to a criminal level — let’s put him in charge of the committee that controls the state’s purse strings. It makes so much sense now that I think of it.


The Michigan constitution states that anyone convicted of a felony that amounts to a breach of public trust is disqualified from serving in the legislature. How much do you want to bet that House Democrats will fight tooth and nail to keep Cushingberry if he is convicted?

But, that’s business as usual in the Michigan Democrat Party. Cronyism and payoffs are just a normal part of a days work for the party of Granholm and the UAW.

The party of iPods and tax increases. What will they think of next?

Cushingberry for Attorney General wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

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Honk if you’re an idiot

Posted by mesablue on April 4, 2007

This is interesting. The ACLU is suing the town that I live in. They say that anti-war protestors rights have been violated because a few if them have been ticketed by the local police for causing a disturbance when they picket.

ACLU sues Ferndale over ‘no honking’ policy

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a federal lawsuit today against the city of Ferndale and its “no honking” policy for demonstrators.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Detroit, alleges the city has arrested protesters who hold signs encouraging motorists to honk their horns as a sign of support. The city also has ticketed motorists who respond to the sign by honking, the lawsuit alleges.

“Holding up ‘honk’ signs and honking in support of sidewalk protests is a time-honored tradition that should be respected by Ferndale,” said Kary Moss, executive director of the ACLU of Michigan, in a news release.

“To censor the political speech of these protesters is to violate a fundamental right that has defined our society.”

A time honored tradition, huh? Where, Berkeley?

I drive by these losers every Monday and give them the old one finger salute. What the article is leaving out is the behavior of these “peace” protestors. Woodward Avenue is eight lanes wide at Nine Mile and has a large median running down the middle of it. For a couple of years, the protestors would cross Woodward and then block traffic for thirty seconds or so after the light had changed as they wobbled their way across the street, taking their time to make sure that they blocked as many people as possible on their way home during rush hour.

The cops told them to stop. They wouldn’t, so they got ticketed. After that, they would cross and then stop in the median waving signs at traffic from both sides of the road causing a mess as people tried to make sure that they didn’t get hippie juice on their cars by accidentally hitting one of the stragglers.

Again, it caused traffic backups during rush hour. One, where I was rear ended by some little old lady who was honking her support for the scum bags. Her loss, as I drive a big Dodge SUV. She didn’t seem to have any remorse or care that she ran into someone while honking for hippies. I let her go, but called the police to complain about the situation. They came out and chased the patchouli odored group back to the side of the street. Several hippies created a big fuss and their signs were taken and they were ticketed.

I really hope that I played some small part in bringing this to a head.

The ACLU has no chance in this one. Ferndale is the most tolerant suburb in the Detroit area. There is a large gay and lesbian community — their new community center downtown was just completed. It is an area of many art galleries and small shops and restaurants. Coffee houses and an actual tea shop for flower children to get their daily potion. In other words, not an area that shuts down freedom of expression or is foreign to tolerating the views of a wide range of different groups that run a little outside of the social norm.

Ferndale’s side was not told in the article. Big surprise.

The protestors were ticketed for repeatedly causing a disturbance and then when warned, to blatently ignore police requests to stop blocking traffic.

This has been going on for a while. For the past several months the hippie crowd has stayed on one corner, I’m guessing until this lawsuit came out.

They are a sad little group. Aging hipsters, young malcontents, a few fake veterans (guy had USMC and Army logos and didn’t know his rank) and a couple of angry, militant lesbians.

They’re gonna lose the lawsuit if Ferndale doesn’t buckle under.

I hope these folks keep up their little protest. They do a great job of showing the people driving by what kind of weirdos are behind the anti-troops movement.

at the Bullwinkle Blog

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