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Posted by Wickedpinto on November 7, 2012

Federalism was not served, because the Libs are shameless. Gridlock in this case does not serve federalism. It serves an existing status quo that was shoved down the throats of the entire nation due to a narrow lead in the legislature and a complicit president that lasted less than two years.

Because the rules have already been applied, illegally I think, in Obamacare, gridlock is BAD! And because we will likely lose the Court, gridlock is an indirect validation of a one time tyrannical act by a willfully arrogant government that only existed for about 19 months.

So, Bullshit.

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A tragedy that should be an opportunity.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 25, 2012

I actually find this a tragedy.

There is a black market,with no recourse for compensation in case of failure.  Were this legal, and yes, I think it should be, I think that at least 10’s of thousands of lives can be saved.   There are many people who are hard put upon who can receive a significant payday while at the same time saving lives of 10’s if not hundreds of thousands, or maybe if it was globally applied millions of lives, on both sides.

On one side, you have those beneficiaries of the organs that are willing donated from a live donor, (kindeys, skin, and partial liver transplants) as well as those who are in such desperate measures that they will take such a risk.   If it were legal, which I believe it should, then there would be additional protections requiring that the process is as safe as possible, such as a guarantee to next of kin, or an assigned beneficiary through a will that must be filed in advance of the procedure.

Another thing it can do, is allow prisoners to “will” their organs, in exchange for compensation posthumously, including deathrow inmates.   THIS subject is the reason I support “Nitrogen Asphyxiation” as a humane and also beneficial method of execution, allowing scum, on a volunteer basis, to do something good with their death.

Other than The Soul, and the Mind, we are basically machines, and sometimes we can take advantage of the appropriate replacement part.  Also This will open up a market that will save lives through biological exchange, as well as lives through contractual exchange, that will ALSO lead to a reduction in price, and rarity.

Saving lives through risk.  I did that, Mesa did that, Most of my friends did that, and all we got was the pretty uniforms and a lot of pride.   That was enough for me, but for others, they need something else.  If whatever that something else saves lives, then I’m all for it.

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Brett Kimberlin loses — again

Posted by mesablue on July 6, 2012

And, a new song…

Brett’s latest crash and burn is all over the web, so I’ll just link to the original.

Keep up the good fight Aaron.

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Posted by mesablue on May 28, 2012

Not actual bombings.

Not the bombings carried out by Brett Kimberlin that blew people up. Blew their legs off. Not those bombs.

No, these are the perceived as a victim, horrible hurt feelings — compared to a Planned Parenthood Bombing.

The Speedway Bomber has reacted to his weekend in the sun by releasing a few interesting responses.

Brett Kimberlin had the nerve to compare his outing this weekend on his 501(c) sites to say that he “knows what the Planned Parenthood bombings feel like.”

Not going to link his sites. Over 1.8 million dollars have already found their way towards his insanity. His limbs and life are still fully intact — it’s only his bomb leaving feelings that we have to worry about.

The person that actually planted bombs — is the victim.

Brett, does call out in this not in any way creepy video of — leaving another bomb on a train platform while his horribly un-autotuned voice unfortunately doesn’t scare us into wondering why we can’t find a way to grasp his narrow focus. Do yourself a favor and don’t click on the link. Seriously.


We’re all victims.


We’re all victims.

Screechy whine. Whine some more….
We’re all vic……lunatics who fought off jail rape with a lunch tray while screaming the “n” word and then bragged about it.

Oh wait, that was just something that you mentioned in the bizarre book that was written about you that sold a few copies that you thought could finance your new future — until it couldn’t. When my life story is finally told, they will be hard pressed to match the title of yours — Citizen K: The Deeply Weird American Journey of Brett Kimberlin

Sucks about the civil judgement from the widow of your bombing victim — it might cramp your style.

So, what to do?

I know — it’s not that hard.

You’re going back to court my friend — on different terms than you are used to. See, we won’t file frivolous suits. We will face you head on, with an expertise that you could only wish you had on your side when you were facing the thirty three felonies that you were convicted of.

Every single part of the game that you are used to playing has already been exposed in the public venue — what you are used to using as a tool of intimidation and extortion — we wait for it.

There is not a court in this land that you can find any credibility in now that your true background is known — again.

And then, we’re going to take all of the money that you shammed people out of and make sure that it goes back to your victims — right before you go back to prison.

You gave us a blueprint — shame on us if we don’t follow it.

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I love the smell of *Kimberlin in the morning

Posted by mesablue on May 26, 2012

This is *sweet justice…for a few hours, at least.

Kimberlin tops memeorandom for the day.

Never mind a Google search — yikes.

When Brett Kimberlin first came to my attention, I had no idea that someone/sociopath could be stupid enough to use public venues to paint himself into such a corner of shit quite so quickly.

Then I read about the Patterico SWATting.


At 12:35 a.m. on July 1, 2011, sheriff’s deputies pounded on my front door and rang my doorbell. They shouted for me to open the door and come out with my hands up.

When I opened the door, deputies pointed guns at me and ordered me to put my hands in the air. I had a cell phone in my hand. Fortunately, they did not mistake it for a gun.

They ordered me to turn around and put my hands behind my back. They handcuffed me. They shouted questions at me: IS THERE ANYONE ELSE IN THE HOUSE? and WHERE ARE THEY? and ARE THEY ALIVE?

I told them: Yes, my wife and my children are in the house. They’re upstairs in their bedrooms, sleeping. Of course they’re alive.

Deputies led me down the street to a patrol car parked about 2-3 houses away. At least one neighbor was watching out of her window as I was placed, handcuffed, in the back of the patrol car. I saw numerous patrol cars on my quiet street. There was a police helicopter flying overhead, shining a spotlight down on us as I walked towards the patrol car. Several neighbors later told us the helicopter woke them up. I saw a fire engine and an ambulance. A neighbor later told me they had a HazMat vehicle out on the street as well.

Meanwhile, police rushed into my home. They woke up my wife, led her downstairs and to the front porch, frisked her, and asked her where the children were. Then police ordered her to stand on the front porch with her hands against the wall while they entered my children’s bedrooms to make sure they were alive.

The call that sent deputies to my home was a hoax. Someone had pretended to be me. They called the police to say I had shot my wife. The sheriff’s deputies who arrived at my front door believed they were about to confront an armed man who had just shot his wife. I don’t blame the police for any of their actions. But I blame the person who made the call.

Because I could have been killed.

The weirdest part of the whole thing was that I halfway expected this might happen. Because I was not the first one it had happened to.

Audio there of the fake call to 911 that got SWAT to show up at a deputy DA’s house in the middle of the night thinking that he might have killed someone.


Please read the entire post — it’s truly beyond what you can imagine.

Hmmm, convicted terrorist bomber/drug dealer turned liberal activist and recipient of millions in 501(c) money would never resort to tactics like this…

But, his stupid friends might.

One friend, maybe, who runs a fairly large leftie blog (not linking) and who is now backpedaling like a mutha to get out of Kimberlin’s shit shadow.

Interesting, at the very least.

Is this speculation? Reaching to make a point? Taking available information when someone who was clearly innocent and his family were pulled out of their house at gunpoint by a SWAT team in the middle night to point blame? Not the first time it’s happened, the SWATing thing. Turns out it’s a method of choice by the fake Anonymous/LulzSec wannabees.


But, I don’t make the rules. For the lunatics, there are no rules. Ex parte lawsuits against individuals filed over and over — hundreds of times to intimidate and bully.

To the point where employers are afraid enough of the psychopaths to terminate innocent people and others fear enough for their safety to have to leave the state.

Friends, this is just an extreme example of the tactics that the passionate progressives have used over the last few years — because, in many cases — it works. Squelching Free Speech in the name of the Greater Good.

We are at a very important point in the history of our nation. One might say — a turning point.

This entire mess comes up at a time when we should be looking forward. To work as hard as possible to un-elect a promise the world everything, while burying us in debt president.

But, we don’t own these maniacs. The progressive/pretend 99%’rs do.

Bought and paid for.

They revel in the method of distraction.

They funded these lunatics and looked the other way while they ran rampant as long as the taint of their actions could not be connected to them through layers of PAC donations and fake charities.
Well, no more. This one is going to blow up. This one is going to cause people that would not normally take notice to re-evaluate whether they should just sit back.

The Tea Party started over extreme discontent over obscene government spending and waste directed in the worst way possible at the worst possible time. We’ve already seen the initial results of that — thank you Nancy Pelosi.

Thank you, Brett Kimberlin….what a fitting honor it would be for this action to be named after you.

The Kimberlin Party.

The Kimberlin Affair.

Kimberlin Nation.

Or…..Kimberlin’s Bombers…..Oh wait, can you sue me for bringing up your criminal record again?

Or, more fittingly, for your first (possibly second) victim — Mr. Carl DeLong.

It was at Speedway High School where the freshman football team had just played a game and the players were still getting dressed. Hundreds of parents and students were either waiting in their cars or walking through the parking lot after the game.

A Speedway High School gym bag had been left by itself, as if forgotten by a player. One of the parents, Carl DeLong, 39, walked over to retrieve it when the bomb went off. His right leg was nearly blown off and his left leg and right hand were severely damaged. Doctors tried to save his leg but had to amputate.

Remember Carl DeLong.

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For all the Occupy Wall Street hangers on

Posted by mesablue on November 6, 2011

And yes, you are hanging on, to the tired and the old — nothing new to see here.

No new message, no coherent thoughts. Just repeated whining that we’ve all seen before. As have your mentors; it’s trademark Saul Alinsky and how they got you all wound up this time.

This is an old post, but it applies to the current situation.

It may be half a decade later, but the message still applies:

What follows is an important read for everyone at this time in the history of our country. While our soldiers risk their lives in Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world to fight terrorism where it lives, there are those who would call the US evil and colonialist and our soldiers pawns. They protest the war by holding up signs that read “War Criminals” at Walter Reed Hospital where our injured troops are recovering. They say they support our troops and call for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq in the same sentence. They exercise their freedom of speech by glorifying dictators like Chavez and Castro while comparing our president to Hitler.

The same sort of thing happened in the sixties and seventies because of our involvement in Vietnam. We eventually left that country and let it descend into chaos and murder.

Pat Conroy was a young man during the Vietnam war. He was a protestor. He dodged the draft. He thought our government was evil and that our country had no right to send troops overseas.

He has had nearly forty years to reflect on the reasons for his actions and has come to a conclusion — he was a coward.

This should be a must read for anyone under thirty who questions why we are in Iraq. Anyone older than that or who also protested Vietnam and still hates their country should have their meds re-evaluated and upped.

An Honest Confession by an American Coward
by Pat Conroy

This is from his book, My Losing Season as it was posted at Family Security Matters

Please read the entire essay.

The true things always ambush me on the road and take me by surprise when I am drifting down the light of placid days, careless about flanks and rearguard actions. I was not looking for a true thing to come upon me in the state of New Jersey. Nothing has ever happened to me in New Jersey. But came it did, and it came to stay.

In the past four years I have been interviewing my teammates on the 1966-67 basketball team at the Citadel for a book I’m writing. For the most part, this has been like buying back a part of my past that I had mislaid or shut out of my life. At first I thought I was writing about being young and frisky and able to run up and down a court all day long, but lately I realized I came to this book because I needed to come to grips with being middle-aged and having ripened into a
gray-haired man you could not trust to handle the ball on a fast break.

When I visited my old teammate Al Kroboth’s house in New Jersey, I spent the first hours quizzing him about his memories of games and practices and the screams of coaches that had echoed in field houses more than 30 years before. Al had been a splendid forward-center for the Citadel; at 6 feet 5 inches and carrying 220 pounds, he played with indefatigable energy and enthusiasm. For most of his senior year, he led the nation in field-goal percentage, with UCLA center Lew Alcindor hot on his trail. Al was a battler and a brawler and a scrapper from the day he first stepped in as a Green Weenie as a sophomore to the day he graduated. After we talked basketball, we came to a subject I dreaded to bring up with Al, but which lay between us and would not lie still.

“Al, you know I was a draft dodger and antiwar demonstrator.”

“That’s what I heard, Conroy,” Al said. “I have nothing against what you did, but I did what I thought was right.”

“Tell me about Vietnam, big Al. Tell me what happened to you,” I said.

On his seventh mission as a navigator in an A-6 for Major Leonard Robertson, Al was getting ready to deliver their payload when the fighter-bomber was hit by enemy fire. Though Al has no memory of it, he punched out somewhere in the middle of the ill-fated dive and lost consciousness. He doesn’t know if he was unconscious for six hours or six days, nor does he know what happened to Major Robertson (whose name
is engraved on the Wall in Washington and on the MIA bracelet Al wears).

When Al awoke, he couldn’t move. A Viet Cong soldier held an AK-47 to his head. His back and his neck were broken, and he had shattered his left scapula in the fall. When he was well enough to get to his feet (he still can’t recall how much time had passed), two armed Viet Cong led Al from the jungles of South Vietnam to a prison in Hanoi. The journey took three months. Al Kroboth walked barefooted through the most impassable terrain in Vietnam, and he did it sometimes in the dead of night. He bathed when it rained, and he slept in bomb craters with his two Viet Cong captors. As they moved farther north, infections
began to erupt on his body, and his legs were covered with leeches picked up while crossing the rice paddies.

At the very time of Al’s walk, I had a small role in organizing the only antiwar demonstration ever held in Beaufort, South Carolina, the home of Parris Island and the Marine Corps Air Station. In a Marine Corps town at that time, it was difficult to come up with a quorum of people who had even minor disagreements about the Vietnam War. But my small group managed to attract a crowd of about 150 to Beaufort’s waterfront. With my mother and my wife on either side of me, we listened to the featured speaker, Dr. Howard Levy, suggest to the very few young enlisted Marines present that if they get sent to Vietnam, here’s how they can help end this war: Roll a grenade under your officer’s bunk when he’s asleep in his tent. It’s called fragging and is becoming more and more popular with the ground troops who know this war is bullshit. I was enraged by the suggestion. At that very moment my father, a Marine officer, was asleep in Vietnam. But in 1972, at the age of 27, I thought I was serving America’s interests by pointing out what massive flaws and miscalculations and corruptions had led her to conduct a ground war in Southeast Asia.

In the meantime, Al and his captors had finally arrived in the North, and the Viet Cong traded him to North Vietnamese soldiers for the final leg of the trip to Hanoi. Many times when they stopped to rest for the night, the local villagers tried to kill him. His captors wired his hands behind his back at night, so he trained himself to sleep in the center of huts when the villagers began sticking knives and bayonets into the thin walls.

Following the U.S. air raids, old women would come into the huts to excrete on him and yank out hunks of his hair. After the nightmare journey of his walk north, Al was relieved when his guards finally delivered him to the POW camp in Hanoi and the cell door locked behind him.

It was at the camp that Al began to die. He threw up every meal he ate and before long was misidentified as the oldest American soldier in the prison because his appearance was so gaunt and skeletal. But the extraordinary camaraderie among fellow prisoners that sprang up in all the POW camps caught fire in Al, and did so in time to save his life.

When I was demonstrating in America against Nixon and the Christmas bombings in Hanoi, Al and his fellow prisoners were holding hands under the full fury of those bombings, singing “God Bless America.” It was those bombs that convinced Hanoi they would do well to release the American POWs, including my college teammate. When he told me about the C-141 landing in Hanoi to pick up the prisoners, Al said he felt no emotion, none at all, until he saw the giant American flag painted on the plane’s tail. I stopped writing as Al wept over the memory of that flag on that plane, on that morning, during that time in the life of America.

It was that same long night, after listening to Al’s story, that I began to make judgments about how I had conducted myself during the Vietnam War.

In the darkness of the sleeping Kroboth household, lying in the third-floor guest bedroom, I began to assess my role as a citizen in the ’60s, when my country called my name and I shot her the bird. Unlike the stupid boys who wrapped themselves in Viet Cong flags and burned the American one, I knew how to demonstrate against the war without flirting with treason or astonishingly bad taste. I had come directly from the warrior culture of this country and I knew how to act.

But in the 25 years that have passed since South Vietnam fell, I have immersed myself in the study of totalitarianism during the unspeakable century we just left behind. I have questioned survivors of Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, talked to Italians who told me tales of the Nazi occupation, French partisans who had counted German tanks in the forests of Normandy, and officers who survived the Bataan Death March. I quiz journalists returning from wars in Bosnia, the Sudan, the Congo, Angola, Indonesia, Guatemala, San Salvador, Chile, Northern Ireland, Algeria.

As I lay sleepless, I realized I’d done all this research to better understand my country. I now revere words like democracy, freedom, the right to vote, and the grandeur of the extraordinary vision of the founding fathers. Do I see America’s flaws? Of course. But I now can honor her basic, incorruptible virtues, the ones that let me walk the streets screaming my ass off that my country had no idea what it was doing in South Vietnam. My country let me scream to my heart’s content – the same country that produced both Al Kroboth and me.

Now, at this moment in New Jersey, I come to a conclusion about my actions as a young man when Vietnam was a dirty word to me. I wish I’d led a platoon of Marines in Vietnam. I would like to think I would have trained my troops well and that the Viet Cong would have had their hands full if they entered a firefight with us. From the day of my birth, I was programmed to enter the Marine Corps. I was the son of a Marine fighter pilot, and I had grown up on Marine bases where I had watched the men of the corps perform simulated war games in the forests of my childhood. That a novelist and poet bloomed darkly in the house of Santini strikes me as a remarkable irony. My mother and father had raised me to be an Al Kroboth, and during the Vietnam era they watched in horror as I metamorphosed into another breed of fanatic entirely. I understand now that I should have protested the war after my return from Vietnam, after I had done my duty for my country. I have come to a conclusion about my country that I knew then in my bones but lacked the courage to act on: America is good enough to die for even when she is wrong.

I looked for some conclusion, a summation of this trip to my teammate’s house. I wanted to come to the single right thing, a true thing that I may not like but that I could live with. After hearing Al Kroboth’s story of his walk across Vietnam and his brutal imprisonment in the North, I found myself passing harrowing, remorseless judgment on myself. I had not turned out to be the man I had once envisioned myself to be. I thought I would be the kind of man that America could point to and say, “There. That’s the guy. That’s the one who got it right. The whole package. The one I can depend on.”

It had never once occurred to me that I would find myself in the position I did on that night in Al Kroboth’s house in Roselle, New Jersey: an American coward spending the night with an American hero.

Pat Conroy’s book: My Losing Season is available at Amazon.

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I Laughed Out Loud

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 17, 2011

Professor and blogger Jacobsen made a comment that was celebrating the WI Supreme courts smack down of judge sumi legislating from the bench. Someone apparently thought it was not professional for what should be a stuffy law professor to be so, somewhat gleeful at a court taking another court to task. this was his more measured response, in full bore stuffy professor mode.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on June 16, 2011

Not the sarcastic kinda about “A study shows that men are attracted to big boobs, and a great butt, particularly on women” kind of SCIENCE!!!! but Science science.

Norman Borlaug has been dead for more than 2 years, and He’s STILL feeding hungry people, and the enviro’s are STILL (it’s not in the article, but I know it’s happening in the background) trying to starve them.

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Is there really anyone surprised by this?

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 10, 2011

The first fully 3 dimensional creation (a piece of cloathing) ever made using 3 dimensional printing. was a bra, that was prepared using a visual scan of the “model” (I think Hot chick some nerd wanted to so get his first kiss from?) I mean, isn’t this what computers are made for? More boobies, more butts, more bra’s? Remember it’s a 3d printer so how far away are the . . . well you get the idea.

I forget who told the joke, but there is a comedian, “YES! Ladies, Deal with it, men invent almost everything, and you know what we are gonna do with it? Find a way to Eff it.”

“The same process can be used to make shirts, dresses and suits that are custom fitted using body scanning.”

Or. . . More Bra’s, that should be photographed when worn, because it’s SCIENCE!

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I Can’t Believe I Agree with Bill Maher.

Posted by Wickedpinto on February 20, 2011

found at

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Posted by Wickedpinto on February 2, 2011

Since the so much of Nation is covered in a whole hell of a lot of snow, I should share these pic’s, taken just within about a mile of where I live, none of them are very major, and some might seem completely meaningless, but eh. so e it.

Not easy to see this, this is a sidestreet (about 6 hours after the snow stopped.)  The cleared area is the area in front of a local church, beyond that, you can see all the untouched, or barely touched rest of the street.  There are a lot of houses on that street, and a lot of people who won’t just have to dig out their car, but their entire block.

That is a snowblower path on the sidewalk.  The snow is about 2′ high, I forgot to include something to compare how deep it was.   I took that one, cuz the walk was cleared for about 4 blocks, stretching the entire length of the walk from the church till the sidewalk goes away, and the guy just finished when I got there.  I didn’t talk to him, but I got the impression that it was the same guy who cleared out the church area.  A little good samaritanishness.

Yeahp they were open, walked in to ask if I could take the picture and put it up, offered me a brew, no thanks, walking was hazardous enough.  Next pic is their parking lot.

So basically until they get it cleared, they don’t have a parking lot, but there were I would say 5 customers there when I walked in.  Apparently a number of people need a muscle relaxer to ease their aching backs.

I talked to this guy for a minute because he gave me a strange looked when I walked by smiling, and I asked him if he was responsible for all of that.  As you can see that snow mountain right next to him, that he was still adding to.  He said yes, and then I asked.

If he was responsible for those.  Yeahp, he was.  His neighbor is kinda elderly, so he did his car, his wifes car and his neighbors car.  I don’t know if the perspective shows how tall those are, but they are almost as tall as me, which is a little taller than that guy.  He must have been out there when the first plow came by and not stopped until about the time I walked past him.  Another good samaritan.

those are railroad tracks.  I was thinking “Man!  I sure wish we had some highspeed trains to take me to detroit!”  And that’s a mild example, there are images of some CTA traintracks that had more than 4 feet of snow stacked on them.

I just thought this one was kinda funny.  the might be overstocked, so you can call crazy langs to for all your Ice Needs, Call NOW NOW NOW!

Summary:  It was a lot, but my area, comparatively, got off a little lighter than others, but it still deserves to be called snowpacolypse.   There is also the reality that it isn’t expected to get above freezing for more than 12 days, and I only say 12 days, because I couldn’t find any weather predictions that go beyond 12 days, so all that stuff is basically gonna stay where it is, until moved, for a while.

Tomorrow I will update the post with some of the happy joy joy stuff, cuz all of the kids in the neighborhood are gonna be attacking the snow for fun after they get done shoveling it out of the parents way.  One neighbor already started on a snow fort, but I think he’s gonna expand on it so we will see where he and the other kiddoes are at.

[update] Okay shot a few pic’s today, didn’t walk very far, it was friggn cold (4 degree’s including windchill, though I think it was colder than that.)

The city was nice enough to come through and plow the alley.  To which, I think, this particularneighbor said “Thank you?”

That’s the rest of the alley going in one direction.  A car can maneuver down it well enough, not bad, thank you city for clearing out the alley.  The city was also nice enough to plow the streets running perpendicular to the ally.  Leading again to the observation of those who prefer to use that ally. . . “Thank you?

Kinda heard to see it, but apparently after they plowed the alley, another plow plowed the crossing streeting stacking up a few feet of snow giving the alley only one passage for ingress and egress.

Apparently it was too cold for the kiddos for the most part, so I only got one happy happy joy joy pick, and it cute, so I will put it in big.

the big brother started it yesterday so that his little brother and sister could play fort, but the little sister, isn’t allowed to play without one of her brothers or mother or father watching out, you know, the justincase situation.  the mom said that the big brother, if he had a snow day might expand on it for his sister.  Good family, cute fort.  I might ask for a tour.

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If you get paid to write something.

Posted by Wickedpinto on January 31, 2011

You might want to confirm your quotes. At least you might want to if it’s part of your opening salvo.

Instead, we Americans recognize “The Eagle has landed.” Those are the words of Astronaut Neil Armstrong as his lunar lander touched down on Tranquility Base on the Moon’s surface, July 19, 1969. With that landing, Americans put an end to the Sputnik Moment.

“The Eagle has landed,” wasn’t said by Neil Armstrong, It was said by Buzz Aldrin.

It’s really not a big deal overall, but it is a rather iconic moment in American history, that has likely been covered to a great deal, and unless you are a space nerd, you might want to confirm your quote, especially if you are being paid for your analytical, literary, and rhetorical skills.

The rest of the article just doesn’t read right to me, and I think Rand Simberg might have bashed this, assuming he cared about someone completely out of touch with space who wrote an article about partisanship rather than actual space.

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Nitrogen Asphyxiation.

Posted by Wickedpinto on January 23, 2011

Gabe has this at aces.

I think that a lot of the reason that we use ever more complex methods of execution is because we want it to seem complex to execute a rotten piece of human scum.  If we had a balistic catapult, I would rather put them in a contained vessel and send them out of the solar system to burn up in someone elses sun so we don’t have a monuent to the said piece of bipedal detritus, that should satisfy the complexity part of execution.

But as gabe points out there is a shortage of a particular drug that is used in lethal injection that is basically being forced off the market, purely for political “ethical” pomposity.  Gabe pointed out an alternative, but I stand by my go to.  It’s cheap, thought I can’t find references, It’s Plentiful   and it’s “humane”.  It also allows for an executed criminal to do one good thing at the end of their life, which is donate organs.   I don’t know if both hanging and firing squad are still allowable options, but those are the only two methods that allow for organ donation.

Building a gas chamber is easy, in fact we don’t even need to, just a restraint mechanism and a well attached breathing mask.  I would like to see some foreign country interfere with trade when our method of execution consists of the most plentiful component of our atmosphere.   Embargo that you piece of crap nation that is routinely face internal strife because you are made up of a bunch of wussbags.

These death penalty arguments are so irritating.  I to have a lot of problems with the application of the death penalty, but it doesn’t have to do with the death penalty, it has to do with how effed up portions of the legal system are.  My problem isn’t the application of punishment upon a just verdict, even if I disagree with whether or not the crime the individual is guilt of rates death, that is a debate for society, I do have a problem with the level of gamesmenship the judicial/political industry of “trial lawyers,” have twisted the nature of evidence, casting doubt on numerous verdicts, especially the “not guilty” ones.

Nitrogen Asphyxiation.

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Remember when?

Posted by Wickedpinto on January 21, 2011

The United States was proud of itself?  Could travel to other nations and be proud of who they were?  Remember when We were an icon upon which other nations, even those that were already free built their hopes of emulation?  Remember when we would be present, and people of other nations would wave OUR flag?

Well Ben does, and he reminded me.

A great man, clearly delusional, must have had retard strength or something. (little ronny needs some new small clothes. His father at 76 was more of a man than he was at 20.)

Note, those people waving American flags are almost all peole who are not American.

Also, name a song that resonates so thoroughly with a REAL event as this one does?

MAYBE Ohio, but do you know the lyrics?

(random I still love the freaky dancing keyboardest in the freddy cougar sweater, cracks me up everytime.)

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Random Thing

Posted by Wickedpinto on January 3, 2011

Anyone seen the movie “Edge of Darkness?”

I just did shortly before christmas, but I didn’t want to toss out a pop culture and politics thing.  Mel Gibson plays a Boston cop out for justice, for his daughters murder.

The story turns conspiratorial, and includes a dupe/corrupt senator.

During an interview, on television, the chyron (did I spell that right) on a tv interview show depicted the dupe/corrupt senator who was complicit in his daughters murder was a republican.

The Movie was released on January 29th of 2010 Which mean actual filming probably went back to 2008.

Which Republican Senator, from Massachusetts was there prior to that? Scott Brown was elected only about a week before the movie came out.  Prior to Scott Brown, there hadn’t been a Republican representing Massachusetts in the Senate since 1972.

It’s a seemingly small thing, but it proves the argument that Hollywood will go to any lengths to paint republicans as the bad guys.  Toss in the fact, that the guy who played the senator was doing a PERFECT John Kerry impersonation.

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DADT Repealed

Posted by Wickedpinto on December 19, 2010

The net effect? Not a damn thing. It was a stupid piece of legislation now that accomplished nothing other than creating a lightning rod. With it’s repeal not a damn thing changed, It’s just that congress is out of the way, and IN FACT allows the military to be MORE discriminatory if they chose.

People forget, DADT was actually a legislative stop gap AGAINST anti-gay policy practice in the military. Personally I don’t think DADT was constitutional Don’t see how it’s at all appropriate in the first place, but with it’s repeal people can feel good, until they realize that DADT’s repeal actually opens the door to REAL witch hunts.

But la la lalalalala live for today idiots.

Most insignificant legislative “victory” for the left ever. I think the ‘pub’s who supported the repeal are of my thinking knowing good and goddamn well that the repeal actually gives MORE authority to the military hierarchy, and not less.

Update: I always try avoid legal statements, cuz I’m not a lawyer, I let that one slip out, but being an idiot is something I do sometimes, just adjusted the statement with a del

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I have decided to help the Democrats in 2010!

Posted by Viv on October 13, 2010

They are on sale now. Buy 3, get 1 free!

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Why did Obama drop 23 points in popularity over Bush in one year?

Posted by Viv on October 9, 2010

According to a CNN poll conducted recently, Barack Obama only rates two points higher than George W. Bush when it comes to job performance.

By 47 to 45 percent, Americans say Obama is a better president than George W. Bush. But that two point margin is down from a 23 point advantage one year ago.

What does this poll mean? I think the most noticeable point is the 23 point drop over such a short period of time – only one year. How can a president who convinced 52% of Americans to vote for him because he was NOT Bush, lose such ground so quickly? Obama bamboozled so many voters into believing that Bush had destroyed our nation and only he could make this travesty right. With the help of the Democrat-controlled Congress, he would fix it and make it better. Change. Hope.

So let’s see what changes did happen in the last year.

  1. Removal of combat troops in Iraq
  2. Troop surge in Afghanistan
  3. Tuition tax rebates and better student loan access for students
  4. Financial regulation
  5. Health care reform legislation
  6. Stimulus/Recovery Act
  7. Moratorium on deep water drilling
  8. Two supreme court justice appointments
  9. Lawsuit against the State of Arizona for law enforcement legislation
  10. Cash for clunkers
  11. Federal appliance rebates

That’s quite a lot accomplished, if you think of it from a Democrat perspective.  Okay, so he hasn’t closed the Guantanamo base, or passed immigration reform, or legislation that forces employers to provide pensions for employees, or single-payer health reform, or, or… Cut him a break. He and the Democrats can’t do it ALL in one year, right?

I went back and looked over some campaign speeches that Obama made to see what kinds of promises he made to voters and it looks as if he has accomplished quite a lot of things he pledged – with the help of the Democrats in Congress, of course. Again, this has all been in the last year, since the last poll was taken by CNN.

So if Obama and the Democrats have accomplished so much that they promised over the last year, why is there such a large disparity in this poll? And why are so many Democrats running from their accomplishments in an off-year election cycle? Because these policies only appealed to a small portion of their voters.

The second point to not overlook in this poll is that Bush gained 23 points in popularity over the last year. Did you get that? Twenty-three percent more of the people polled now think Bush’s job performance exceeds that of Obama’s. Why? Bush hasn’t been in the public discussing policy. He hasn’t criticized the President. He really hasn’t been seen at all, except when he was working with former President Clinton for relief in Haiti. Or when he was greeting in the airport, the troops who were returning home from battle.

So what has Obama done that is bad enough for Bush to gain that much ground? What has Bush done that makes people rethink their support of the Democrat agenda?

There is a third point in this poll.

Most Republicans say they are extremely or very enthusiastic about voting this year. But only a third of Democrats feel the same way.

Again, I’m left scratching my head. If the Democrats accomplished so much, wouldn’t their supporters want to make sure to keep those people in office to keep up the momentum? Wouldn’t they want to give Obama an opportunity to complete the other items he promised to do? Wouldn’t they have enough faith that a Congress and a President who accomplished so much over a year, would have the tenacity to create those jobs and get the economy back on track?

Finally, I’m convinced this polling change is partly due to regret by the Republicans who voted for Obama because they didn’t like McCain (in addition to those who stubbornly stayed home and didn’t vote at all). I’ll never be convinced that Democrats had an epiphany and now believe that Bush may have actually been a better president than Obama. There were just too many of them with BDS to have that kind of significant change in attitude in one year. So it has to be due to the genuine regret by the independent voters that holds the most underlying significance.

Fifty-nine percent of independents disapprove of how the Obama’s handling his duties, with 37 percent giving him a thumbs up.

It sounds clear to me. They got sold a bill of goods and now they have exponential buyer’s remorse. Hopefully they will give the bill of goods back on November 2nd.

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John Kerry is right

Posted by Viv on September 28, 2010

The American electorate is often clueless and ignorant. We know that at least 52% of voters fall for slogans.

“Hope and Change”, “Yes, we can”, “Stand for Change”, “Change we can believe in”, “Vote for Change”, “Stand for Change”, etc…

Enough said.

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No Elitism Here.

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 27, 2010

Found at Newsbusters:

On Today, from Monday the 27th, The President took some questions.   When asked if he would send his daughters to a DC public school he had this point of genius.

“Given my position, if I wanted to find a great public school for Malia and Sasha to be in, we could probably maneuver to do it.”

Translation, “As one of the princes of political power and privilege, I will be able to pick exactly what school my children can attend unlike you.”

Also, the use of the term “If I wanted.”  So, since he has the privilege of political connections and money, he doesn’t even feel like putting in the effort, unlike the parents who are working so hard to get their kids into the lottery, to prepare to test in, and then cross their fingers who are busting their rears to give their children the greatest chance.  He doesn’t even have to bother.

Yeahp, 100% Man of The People right there.  No sense of entitlement at all.  No casual dismissal of the concerns of parents at all.  No indifference to the plight of the poor and middle-class who feel trapped in the near monopolistic authority of teachers unions in there, AT ALL!

It’s like I can sit down and have a beer with this guy and just shoot the crap on a Friday night.

Lot more of context and info at the link, especially Lauers obvious tapdance to keep the focus on what a, “disgrace,” it is for the kids to be put into a lottery, while ignoring the disgrace of the DCPS.

If you are unaware, there is a documentary called “Waiting for Superman” about charter schools, public schools and teachers union as it follows a few kids hoping to get into one of the charter schools.   The site has a link to a bunch of trailers that will familiarize you with the story being told.  It opened this weekend, in 4 theaters, but the turnout is apparently promising for wider release according to the WSJ.

There is another documentary along the same lines about kids in harlem and queens trying to get into a charter school, called “The Lottery.” Videos and trailers and forums at the  site.

There are two more, but they are smaller efforts that I can’t recall at the moment, sorry, though I think NiceDeb has links to them, that’s where I found the smaller ones anyways.

(Was reminded that it was this weekend, I thought it was next weekend, thanks to BigHollywood’s link to the WSJ article.)

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