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Isaiah Mustafa Has a Girlfriend.

Posted by Wickedpinto on February 25, 2011

Also known as the Old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa and his new girlfriend are confirming that they are dating.

What a lucky guy?

Please let it be one more stupid publicity stunt.

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It’s Humpday, “That’s What She Said.”

Posted by Wickedpinto on November 17, 2010

Too Damn funny, from funny or die. Might be semi-NSFW, though everything is bleeped out.

Via a Family member who forwarded it.

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Interesting debate in New Mexico

Posted by mesablue on October 24, 2010

Might just get me to vote Dem.

And, what’s with all of these women running for stuff? Especially so many Republican women…

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My objections to Sarah Palin in 2012

Posted by Viv on October 18, 2010

First let me start off by saying that I think Sarah Palin has done a lot for the 2010 elections, while waking up some of the GOP. Plus, she is a good fundraiser.  She can fire up a crowd with her speeches like nobody’s business.  That said, I think it is a huge mistake to even consider her as a GOP candidate for 2012. Here is why.

1) Palin is a divider not a uniter.

The fiscal conservatives of the GOP cannot win a presidential election alone. The moderates of the GOP cannot win by themselves. The neo-cons cannot win by themselves. The social cons/Christian right-wing cannot win alone. The libertarians of the GOP cannot win. The independents can’t win. You get the picture. Each of these groups usually share some common ground, but their priorities are all placed differently and therefore party purity will never exist.

Purging the party of any of these groups is a big mistake. Pragmatism must prevail.

Palin has a problem helping and/or endorsing candidates with whom she is not ideologically equal.  There is a reason that Palin isn’t out stumping for Carly Fiorina (R-CA) to defeat Barbara Boxer (D-CA) in the Senate race. [Yes, I know she endorsed Carly.] She doesn’t want to have that bite her later with her pro-life base. Plus, Fiorina wouldn’t benefit substantially in a more moderate-voting California, by having a Palin endorsement.  Do you think Susan Collins (R-ME) would welcome the support of Palin? No, of course not. As a female Republican voter, I find this trend to be disturbing.

At a time when the majority of female voters leans toward the Democrats, it is imperative for the GOP to gain ground with women voters – YES, even the pro-life and/or pro-choice voters. [DISCLOSURE: I’m vehemently pro-life and have substantial creds on this subject. ] I am not a big fan of Republicans who are pro-choice, but I’m a realist and believe they have to have a place in the “big tent.”  Don’t you think that Collins, Snowe, Fiorina, etc… would vote for a Supreme Court nominee that may hold pro-life views among others? They have and they will.  Despite their occasional abhorrent votes on other issues, that does not make them unworthy of a united front by the GOP, including Sarah Palin’s support.

Naturally, I support a more conservative candidate (i.e., Rubio (R-FL) to claim victory over a less conservative Republican, but ONLY when that candidate is viable (and not down double-digits).  I frown on tossing away a possibility at a majority vote and the right to drive an agenda, just for the sake of party purity. Anyone who doubts this logic need only look at the historic numbers achieved by the best Republican uniter, Ronald Reagan. Palin is no Reagan.

2) Palin is not strong enough to lead the GOP in the ousting of Obama.

Why? Because like it or not, Obama is just better at the fluff speeches.  The reason we have Obama is because so many independents and moderates bought into the hope/change/dreams lines from Obama’s idiot boards.  Palin can give some entertaining speeches too, but not as well as Obama. And because she can’t seem to unite the factions of the GOP, she will struggle gaining the confidence of the independents and moderates, no matter how well she throws out the one-liners to bait them.

The incumbent has the advantage. [Also at play are Obama picking Hilary Clinton as his new VP running mate and an economy that may not recover while the Republicans have control of the Congress between 2010 and election day of 2012.] While Obama doesn’t do well in interviews and debates, neither does Palin. Again, she’s weaker when pressed in those ‘gotcha moments’ and the media isn’t going to start doing her any favors. Obama was their golden child and they will work hard to push him, especially if Palin is his 2012 opponent.

3) Palin will be slaughtered in the GOP primary.

You think that Obama and the media will be hard on Palin, just wait until she has to go head to head with the other GOP possibilities. Can you imagine her in a debate with Huckabee, Romney, Barbour and Daniels (just to name a few)? They are all governors who never QUIT their job. They will nail her on that.  Palin can hit the pulse of the talking points (reduced government, lower taxes, strong defense, secure borders, etc…), but when it comes to substance, she is going to struggle against the credentials of the aforementioned candidates. She will have to come prepared to not only defend her record but also bring appealing ideological solutions beyond the catch phrases.

4) Palin is sexy, but I think America is getting weary of sexy.

Maybe I’m jumping the gun on this one and giving voters more credit than they deserve. But I’m tired of the only candidates that seem electable are the ones who look good. I’d rather have a chunky Haley or a comb-over Daniels because they can bring real solutions to the table. They can bring more than just looking good in a suit (or pumps) and flashing a million dollar smile. Are we really this shallow? Haven’t we learned this lesson enough times? I think all the protests over the last few years suggest that we are tired of slogans and pretty faces and want substance. My concern is that Palin may not be able to offer the latter.

5) The whole “I’m just like you” meme is part of Palin’s charm, but also a flaw.

I’m a female Republican, so naturally it is exciting for me to have a candidate with whom I can identify. I liked Palin on McCain’s ticket because of that very reason, and because she brought executive experience. Also, she complimented McCain’s weaknesses on energy and immigration policies.  However, I don’t want a president who is just like me. I want someone better than me. I want someone smarter than me. I want someone who can communicate better than me. I do not want a victim, because I’m not one. Palin does occasionally take the “I’m a victim of media slant and establishment criticism” road and I am not impressed by that. While it is probably true, she doesn’t need to remind us of this fact. Very few Republicans get a fair shake in the media. Suck it up, girlfriend. Our nominee doesn’t have to be a Yale or Harvard graduate, but I can say I went to fewer colleges than Palin to get my undergraduate degree. Remember, I expect more.  We don’t want a snob or an elitist, but I think she will struggle with her credentials against some of the others who can also pull off the “I’m like you” too — Mike Huckabee comes to mind here.

I believe the GOP will need a candidate that can appeal to all of the GOP groups, not just the Tea Partiers, in order to defeat Obama. I will certainly support Palin if she is the GOP nominee, but I am admitting now that I will be disappointed if that is the best we can do and will be more than skeptical of her chances to beat Obama.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on July 31, 2010

Eddie Munster is all whupped out, and likely getting married.  She said “My first crush was Butch Patrick” and JWF (one of the best excerpt heavy blogs on the planet) said theirs was Marylin.

Mine was either Linda Carter, or Adrienne Barbeau.  I guess I’m a bit of a boob guy.

Loves me some boobies.

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I’m a Comic Geek

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 27, 2010

Or at least, at one time I was.  I have about 10K comics, a few second printings, but the majority are firsts, and one of the portions of my collection that I’m most proud of is all of the “Tales of Suspense” that I collected.

There were 99 of them, and I think I have more than 50 of them.

Tales of Suspense was the home of Doctor Strange, and the recreation of Captain America, (and I have cappy from 101 to about 330 something or other.  I have that great purge, that occured between Cappy 311 and 319)

Doctor Strange was an interesting series, big on philosophy and mythology, but really, the guy spent almost all of his time in the full lotus and astrally projecting himself.

It makes me think of the Katherine Kurtz Series, titled “The Adept” It is very much like Doctor Strange.  Nothing that Actually happens is anything of value, other than the impressions of the “adepts.”  which is very much like “Knight of the Word.” Series, which I think is FANTASTIC!

I think that Doctor Strange was a fantastic philosophical character, but I don’t know how it can be turned into a movie.  Doc Strange, really didn’t do jack, he just sat down and dreamed.  Maybe with the success of Inception, producers think that broad concept dream movies have a broader attraction, which is exactly what doc strange was.  It was about internal conflict, and misunderstanding of power, and doc played psychiatrist.

But It looks like Doc Strange is gonna get a movie.

I don’t know how that’s gonna fly, seeing as how, most comic geeks 5 years younger than I am are like “Doc who?”  (totaly different series.)

I think doc strange is a very interesting character, but as a Movie?  No.  Sell him to syfy and make a mini-series and see if it can sell.

Hell, Doc’s background is so old, that you might be better off optioning Kurtz.  Or even “Support Your Local Wizard.” and other series.

Doc strange is the WORST comic book icon I followed, with the WORST background, and no real origin that is worth watching.

BTW, I’m a Comic Geek.  When I saved up enough back in ’89 to buy Not just the complete Dark Phoenix Saga (at a steel, less than 100 bucks) and The Punisher Miniseries (only 30 bucks, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!) but then had to pour out 95 bucks for X-men 104 and 105 (the death of jean grey) I was a proud comic book savant.

I even took part in an auction for hulk 181, started at 200 bucks, I stopped immediately.

So, as a comic book geek.

No, Doctor strange is NOT a movie, MAYBE something like “Kolchak: Nightstalker.” or something like that, cuz Doc was a poorly defined character.

[inclusion] I also purchased, What I THINK is the complete herby series.  A friend of the family was a fan, and at the convention I looked at them, and found it interesting, and was able to buy the first 16 for 200 bucks.  I thought it was expensive, but later, I learned that that too was a steal.

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I’ll be in my bunk.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 24, 2010

20 years of fantasizing has paid off.

Tiffany (nice juggs btw) squaring off against Debbi Gibson in the movie called “That Movie Where Tiffany and Debbi Gibson get into a Cat Fight, making me spend a lot of time in my bunk.”

Not sure if that is the actual title, or just the working title.

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This Is Actually Kinda Funny if You Know what NKOTB is.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 19, 2010

I never liked doing celebrity blogarazzi stuff here, cuz I prefer to keep AMA somewhat pure for politics, philosophy and inane humor with a little bit of current events and local news, with a touch of moronophilia.

But this post I just saw at “Seriously OMG WTF” cracked me up, because EVERY EFFING GIRL I dated in highschool trained me well in the nature of the New Kids On The Block.

They were a Phenomenon!  A MAJOR Phenomenon, like a Billion effing Dollars, built on the backs of 5 brooklyn Boston (I knew that)kids.

For those of you not in the know, The New Kids on the Block was a FRIGGEN PHENOMENON!

They had The Right stuff.

They had the Love of every young girl who was just growing their boobies, and all us guys had to find some niche to fill in accordance with the lay out of their boy band paradigmn.

I was a Joey, though I really rated a Donny,  I got so screwed.

I got into more fights than joey ever watched on television, I was A FUCKING DONNY!  But I didn’t get into my height until I was almost 16, went from about 5’2 to about 6′ in about 18 months.


I’m a FUCKING DONNY!  and the Jordan and Johnies used to get my lunch for me and pay for it.

NOT COOL!  Sometimes I hate being the smart sexy tough guy kid.

UPDATE:  I hate to admit it, but that’s actually a pretty good song.

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“Mass, Displacement Acceleration”

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 18, 2010

That is how Simon at Classical Values describes this brilliant work of art.

I have nothing to add.  Read his comments and other links.

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Not gonna suck

Posted by mesablue on March 12, 2008

I think this is going to be pretty good in about five hours.


Last night’s non-Warrior Diet effort after the jump.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Dude, where’s the blondes?

Posted by mesablue on December 4, 2007

Ok, I’m pushing the meme a little bit. But, I thought this was a cool map.

Blondes in Europe:


From Strange Maps

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The Ikea commercial that you’ll never see…

Posted by mesablue on October 6, 2007

Until now.

Brought to you by the fine folks of Ikea Germany, making fun of the Swedish midsummer tradition, the day when everybody in Sweden gets drunk and dances around a Maypole. Ikea headquarters put the kibosh on it.

Like Germans don’t get drunk and run around in silly little pants.

Damn Scandis

h/t Innocent Bystanders, follow the link for a very funny song about gerbils — Wickedpinto’s favorite snack food.

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This is why the internet is great

Posted by Wickedpinto on August 20, 2007

Not because my retarded ass can make these silly semi-sane, and scarcely coherent posts on a blog that celebrates milestones with crackheads, but because other sites are able to make money by having a countdown to the moment when Hayden is available for legal vaginal abuse. Or maybe, for a change in focus of her craft towards HARDCORE PORN!

Update:  It is now Okay to fantacize about hayden while masturbating without feeling guilt.

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Who says Islamic chicks don’t put out?

Posted by mesablue on August 13, 2007

Your military dollars at work. Heh.

Thanks to Mike Z.

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A day in the life..

Posted by mesablue on July 28, 2007

Of Wickedpinto

No shame, no gain.

Or as WP would say, “I don’t care if she’s fat, I’d hit that ass like a Mack truck driven by Lindsay Lohan.”

Video found over at Madfish Willie’s.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on June 27, 2007

I was THIS CLOSE! to sinking myself into almost unredeemable debt, to attend university and become a lawyer, maybe a politician based on Allah’s headline.

Then I find out that MKH isn’t in favor of barely legal, but rather understand the legality’s of how “barely legal” is still “legal.”

Now, all I can hope for is for us to share views on 110% naturals.

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A celebrity link.

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 24, 2007

She has great knockers but she’s still a moron.

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Inside the mind of Wickedpinto

Posted by mesablue on June 12, 2007

More at xkcd.

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I don’t know who invented it…

Posted by Wickedpinto on May 22, 2007

but it had to be a man. 

 Apparently Lybrel is a new oral contraceptive, you know other than the old oral contraceptive that men have been trying to sell women on for years, and still doesn’t top the market unfortunately.

 In addition to being a new oral contraceptive it also reduces the instance of menstruation, sometimes completely.  Now I know lady’s you are thinking “this is a miracle drug,”  some guys might disagree.

 While it appears that we can no longer use the excuse of “she’s on the rag” which is to the benefit of women all over the world (except most islamic nations where, really it doesn’t matter, you will just be beaten with 11 guage wire anyways) it still doesn’t teach you how to cook, or not scream at the sight of mice, or wake up your hubby or boyfriend when you see a spider.

 Other than that, it’s one of the best inventions ever.

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Kama Sutra positions for internet writers losers

Posted by mesablue on May 13, 2007

Disappointing Bear:

When all normal methods of meeting women prove fruitless, the man crafts a bear suit and attends a furry convention. He hopes to find a decent looking frog to make out with, but is willing to settle for anything that’s female at this point. As the others point and laugh at his poorly constructed costume, the man hangs his head and weeps.

Many more here.

Not to be confused with this.

Update: Heh, RG points out the obvious, which I completely missed — obviously.

What you can’t see is the clarinet in the bear’s right hand.

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