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I think this should go viral

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 20, 2012

It’s awesome, and attributed to Bristol Palin. AWESOME!

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Governor Romney marched with civil rights…..

Posted by mesablue on July 12, 2012

What did Obama or his father do?



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Brett Kimberlin — amazing musical talent

Posted by mesablue on May 26, 2012

Not really.

All those years in prison made Brett Kimberlin an angsty boy with a horrible penchant for really bad rap.

It appears that sometime around 2006, several years after Kimberlin was released from prison, he joined a band named Op-Critical. The band’s music can best be described as liberal alternative rock and they claim some of it has been featured at ACLU and Amnesty International events. Their music mirrors that of other little known liberal bands who trashed bush in the later part of his presidency and would be unremarkable if it weren’t for the fact that one of the guys playing guitar and singing is a violent criminal.

Take, for instance, the Op-Critical song titled Fear. The song describes Americans being fearful and “thinking that the plastic bag maybe isn’t innocent” and how that undue fear is being used by Bush to control them. The lyrics mocking the fear of terrorist attacks would, again, be unremarkable for a late 2000s liberal band if they weren’t sung by a man convicted of setting off bombs in a small American town and the music video didn’t feature that bomber lurking around the Cleveland Park DC Metro station complete with shots of an unattended bag.

Horrible music videos — linky.

Thanks to MRC TV.

Now I can understand all of the money donated to Kimberlin’s “music” project — Barbara Streisand can spot talent from light years away.

Where do I sign up?

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I love the smell of *Kimberlin in the morning

Posted by mesablue on May 26, 2012

This is *sweet justice…for a few hours, at least.

Kimberlin tops memeorandom for the day.

Never mind a Google search — yikes.

When Brett Kimberlin first came to my attention, I had no idea that someone/sociopath could be stupid enough to use public venues to paint himself into such a corner of shit quite so quickly.

Then I read about the Patterico SWATting.


At 12:35 a.m. on July 1, 2011, sheriff’s deputies pounded on my front door and rang my doorbell. They shouted for me to open the door and come out with my hands up.

When I opened the door, deputies pointed guns at me and ordered me to put my hands in the air. I had a cell phone in my hand. Fortunately, they did not mistake it for a gun.

They ordered me to turn around and put my hands behind my back. They handcuffed me. They shouted questions at me: IS THERE ANYONE ELSE IN THE HOUSE? and WHERE ARE THEY? and ARE THEY ALIVE?

I told them: Yes, my wife and my children are in the house. They’re upstairs in their bedrooms, sleeping. Of course they’re alive.

Deputies led me down the street to a patrol car parked about 2-3 houses away. At least one neighbor was watching out of her window as I was placed, handcuffed, in the back of the patrol car. I saw numerous patrol cars on my quiet street. There was a police helicopter flying overhead, shining a spotlight down on us as I walked towards the patrol car. Several neighbors later told us the helicopter woke them up. I saw a fire engine and an ambulance. A neighbor later told me they had a HazMat vehicle out on the street as well.

Meanwhile, police rushed into my home. They woke up my wife, led her downstairs and to the front porch, frisked her, and asked her where the children were. Then police ordered her to stand on the front porch with her hands against the wall while they entered my children’s bedrooms to make sure they were alive.

The call that sent deputies to my home was a hoax. Someone had pretended to be me. They called the police to say I had shot my wife. The sheriff’s deputies who arrived at my front door believed they were about to confront an armed man who had just shot his wife. I don’t blame the police for any of their actions. But I blame the person who made the call.

Because I could have been killed.

The weirdest part of the whole thing was that I halfway expected this might happen. Because I was not the first one it had happened to.

Audio there of the fake call to 911 that got SWAT to show up at a deputy DA’s house in the middle of the night thinking that he might have killed someone.


Please read the entire post — it’s truly beyond what you can imagine.

Hmmm, convicted terrorist bomber/drug dealer turned liberal activist and recipient of millions in 501(c) money would never resort to tactics like this…

But, his stupid friends might.

One friend, maybe, who runs a fairly large leftie blog (not linking) and who is now backpedaling like a mutha to get out of Kimberlin’s shit shadow.

Interesting, at the very least.

Is this speculation? Reaching to make a point? Taking available information when someone who was clearly innocent and his family were pulled out of their house at gunpoint by a SWAT team in the middle night to point blame? Not the first time it’s happened, the SWATing thing. Turns out it’s a method of choice by the fake Anonymous/LulzSec wannabees.


But, I don’t make the rules. For the lunatics, there are no rules. Ex parte lawsuits against individuals filed over and over — hundreds of times to intimidate and bully.

To the point where employers are afraid enough of the psychopaths to terminate innocent people and others fear enough for their safety to have to leave the state.

Friends, this is just an extreme example of the tactics that the passionate progressives have used over the last few years — because, in many cases — it works. Squelching Free Speech in the name of the Greater Good.

We are at a very important point in the history of our nation. One might say — a turning point.

This entire mess comes up at a time when we should be looking forward. To work as hard as possible to un-elect a promise the world everything, while burying us in debt president.

But, we don’t own these maniacs. The progressive/pretend 99%’rs do.

Bought and paid for.

They revel in the method of distraction.

They funded these lunatics and looked the other way while they ran rampant as long as the taint of their actions could not be connected to them through layers of PAC donations and fake charities.
Well, no more. This one is going to blow up. This one is going to cause people that would not normally take notice to re-evaluate whether they should just sit back.

The Tea Party started over extreme discontent over obscene government spending and waste directed in the worst way possible at the worst possible time. We’ve already seen the initial results of that — thank you Nancy Pelosi.

Thank you, Brett Kimberlin….what a fitting honor it would be for this action to be named after you.

The Kimberlin Party.

The Kimberlin Affair.

Kimberlin Nation.

Or…..Kimberlin’s Bombers…..Oh wait, can you sue me for bringing up your criminal record again?

Or, more fittingly, for your first (possibly second) victim — Mr. Carl DeLong.

It was at Speedway High School where the freshman football team had just played a game and the players were still getting dressed. Hundreds of parents and students were either waiting in their cars or walking through the parking lot after the game.

A Speedway High School gym bag had been left by itself, as if forgotten by a player. One of the parents, Carl DeLong, 39, walked over to retrieve it when the bomb went off. His right leg was nearly blown off and his left leg and right hand were severely damaged. Doctors tried to save his leg but had to amputate.

Remember Carl DeLong.

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Brett Kimberlin — sue me, please.

Posted by mesablue on May 24, 2012

Mr. Kimberlin,

There will be an incredible amount of truth written about you today that you are not going to be happy about.

Sue me first.

Go for it.

I have not posted in a very long time. This blog used to pull some weight back in the early days of the blogosphere. Friends were made, new blogs were created — a couple got pretty big. I was honored to guest post on a couple of the really big blogs. No matter.

What I did do was create an online persona back in the days of blogging anonymously that garnered at the very least — a modicum of respect for my thoughts and methods.

I started to miss the days of hardcore “discussion” as blogging became more mainstream, so I bowed out. Still following but not involved. Until earlier this week I learned of your terror attacks on some of my fellow brethren.

Mr. Kimberlin (and noxious friends), I call you out to try to find me and do to me what you have done in recent months to others that I would call friends. I hate to make this about me, but I would truly enjoy personally embarassing you in this venue. Or, in court.

So, who are you, Brett Kimberlin?

The young perjuror, or the guy who got caught trying to fly a bunch of drugs into a hastily made Texas airstrip?

Or, are you the guy who once paroled tried to weasel his way out of paying anything towards the civil suit that you lost for blowing someone up and were then re-jailed?

Or, are you just the person that I saw on my local news stations as responsible for creating a weekend of terror by planting eight bombs that exploded in Speedway, Indiana?

Never mind a poor woman that was murdered — supposedly to cover up your relationship with a minor.

All of this from one citation — all based on your convictions of record. Doesn’t even begin to sum up your path of delusional destruction.

This is where it gets fun.

Federal tax forms filed by convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin’s tax-exempt non-profit Justice Through Music Project (JTMP) show that the 501(c)3 group collected $1.8 million in gifts, grants and other contributions during its first six years of operation. An analysis using database research indicates that more than $300,000 of that sum came in the form of grants from tax-exempt foundations, including the George Soros-connected Tides Foundation, the Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund, the Barbara Streisand Foundation, and the Heinz Family Foundation, connected to Democrat Sen. John Kerry’s wife.

Quite the new life — huh?

Kind of helps when you threaten Wikipedia into scrubbing all mention of your past.

What have you been up to lately?

Here’s the list of Brett Kimberlin’s current actions. Not all are conservatives; Seth Allen is a liberal. When he comes to covering up his misdeeds, Kimberlin’s ego trumps politics.

Seth Allen

Kimberlin reopened civil defamation and stalking case
Appealing contempt order against Seth Allen that was denied

Aaron Walker aka Aaron Worthing

Ex Parte Peace order issued on Tuesday
Appealing Peace Order that was denied on 4/11
Filed Bar complaint against Aaron 5/1

Pat Frey aka Patterico

Named as third party in Seth Allen suit
Subject of suit by Nadia Naffe that appears to have possible affiliation with Brett Kimberlin

Robert Stacy McCain

Harassment of wife’s employer by Brett Kimberlin that was considered enough of a potentional threat that McCain and his family were forced to move

James O’Keefe

Kimberlin trying to get copies of Jame’s emails supposedly in the possession of Nadia Naffe

Liberty Chick

Named as third party in Seth Allen lawsuit

Your suit against Seth Allen ended in a joke.

You accused Aaron Walker of physically attacking you outside of a court room after you filed a frivolous complaint against him after he provided free legal advice to Seth Allen.


Stacey McCain has temporarily moved his family out of state to avoid your harassment.

But, now it’s your day. I’m one day early but…

It’s only the beginning:

These are the folks that were on board yesterday afternoon, before the word truly got out.


i Own The World.

American Thinker.


Blazing Cat Fur.

American Power.

The American Catholic.

The Lonely Conservative.

Five Feet of Fury.

Nice Deb.

The Sundries Shack.

PJ Tatler.

Riehl World View.

Film Ladd.

The Coalition of the Swilling.


Belmont Club.

Legal Insurrection.


The Daley Gator.

The Camp of the Saints.

Wake Up America.

Darth Chipmunk.

Zilla of the Resistance.

Lady Liberty 1885.

Goldfish and Clowns.

Small Dead Animals (blast from the past).


The Lid.


Israel Matzav.

Catholic Bandita.

Bob Owens. Say no more.

And of course, a couple of the big boys:

Ed Morrisey @ Hotair, worth a read in it’s own right.

The Blogfather.

Thank you to Michelle Malkin for most of the list.

Thousands have already rallied to the cause. Friday is going to be an amazing day for free speech.

Mr. Kimberlin, I hope you truly appreciate the shit storm you just stirred up.

It only gets worse from here.

*A fairly long but good read on one part of this story.

UPDATE: WickedPinto Fully Supports this. I don’t hide who I am, but I don’t broadcast, and I argue, not litigate, must be nice to have tax free money to fund your fights you MIDGET PUSSY!

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To talented friends…

Posted by mesablue on November 5, 2011

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Posted by Wickedpinto on April 3, 2011

Romper Room, not a cartoon, but this time the “C” stands for “Childood.” so suck that.

I used to watch that show EVERY DAY, particularly the magic mirror part.  In the 80’s it ws Miss Jennifer who was guiding the Romper Room, and I would watch it (because it was on just before G-Force/Battle of the Planets)  and that bitch, not in my 4 years of gradeschool that I can recall ever said my name, I even wrote in.

EVIL EVIL WOMAN, but then again, she is using a magic mirror and maybe she is currently being tortured by dwarfs.

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I often ignore citizen video posts of corruption and waste

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 30, 2011

Until someone else who cares actually views it and offers analysis.

This is ridiculous.

The husband disagreed but wasn’t a jerk, and when threatened with he and his wife being restrained or jailed, (the woman clearly insinuates restraining the wife from climbing the pole (insert joke later) to protect her property) and then the blond chick, and the cop outright lied, while threatening legal action, and then intimidated private citizens on private property!  WTF!

I hope this is just a big fat whiner who is exaggerating the situation, excluding background, or maybe some ridiculous piece of performance art, but I doubt it, and the reason I’m hoping that the video is wrong, is because it’s bad imagery, bad precedent, bad citizenship on the part of the “civil servants” and just plain bad.  Seems like a small thing, but, think of the cost of the rig, the cost of digging it out, that guy ain’t no spring chicken, and thinking about the neighborhood games that will be ended because of it?

IN A CULDESAC!!  I can’t think of many culdesacs in my my area that don’t have basketball hoops installed by a nice neighbor with kids so their kids can play basketball in a rather safe environment.    That blonde, should have arrested the driver of the front loader for endanger the lives of minors in a FRIGGEN CUL DE SAC!

Thanks to QandO

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How to describe?

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 30, 2011

I’m going with AWESOME!

That is just a neat vid.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on March 20, 2011

I try to spend as much time with my nephews as possible. When this comes on, they sorta dance. It wasn’t a one off I saw it at least twice. They do this long walk lunge thing, while laughing and falling down. Especially when daddy (my bro) is singing along.


I don’t know what I find more entertaining, the little guys doing their dance, or their dad singing along and doing a semi-dance.

Being their dad’s brother?  I still go with the boys, just cuz it’s their job to be cute, though having a guy who could snap me in two singing, “What’s gonna work!  TEAM WORK!” while making arm gestures, is pretty flogging funny in and of itself.

Here’s a longer cut, of a portion of one of the episodes.

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Matt Labash, being a Jackhole.

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 14, 2011

I don’t think it’s a big deal, you wanna get your blood boiling about Anti-Palin rhetoric, read the comments sections in the different places where this is being hashed out.

What Labash did, when he referenced “naughty librarian glasses,” was lazy writing, and likely proof that people don’t bother to understand how all of this stuff gets out into the mainstream.  He made the same mistake that the anchor of “The Tiffany Network,” made, when referencing the whole “I can see Russia from my house.” which wasn’t palin, but rather tina fey.  The Naught Librarian thing, is from a brief statement that Palin offered on the Late Late Show, with Craig Ferguson shortly after she became Governor of Alaska.  Palin sent a taped response to a late night comedian, knowing the nature of the situation, and decided to use it to promote her state, and deliver a little humor at the same time.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I didn’t know who the hell Palin was until the week before the announcement, and first thing I did was google her, that was before I started only using bing because google is fascist, and what was the most popular response before she became an evil evil evil fundamentalist, birther, young earth, neo-con, warmonger?

This is the vid of how everyone started using the naughty librarian thing.

So, maybe we should just fire all of the pundits, and hire craig ferguson and conan o’brien to offer us their political analysis.

Labash was lazy, and derogatory, but he was referencing a comedy show.  What Craig did was all in good fun, and made it clear he was just telling a joke to the audience.

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I’m REALLY getting to like this guy.

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 14, 2011

Via Mrs. Meade.

Guy is as old as my dad, but nuts of steel in all of the vids, and doesn’t seem to give one damn if he gets heckled for doing what is right, which is how we should all be.

But, I used to just think of him as Mr. Althouse in a way, but The Meader, is a Leader!  Maybe if his state senator is recalled, we can run The Meader in that district?  He has the exposure, a good communications base, a rather attractive wife (I say rather attractive, because she corrected me when I said, something like “I wish I were old so I could have met you in college!” when she first posted her law student picture.) a solid set of moral principles, and got nuts to do what is right and damn the judgment!

Meade! for Wisconsin state Senator, after recall.

He can even use my phrase, “The Meader Is a Leader!”

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Posted by Wickedpinto on March 13, 2011

Hong Kong phooey, which is actually, in my opinion now, kinda racist now that I look back on it, it was a fun show, I don’t think it was a full show, I think it was part of HB’s blends.

I chose to use this one this week, as opposed to every other week for the last year or so since I did this regularly, because, bro pointed me out to the channel on his satellite provider that only played old school cartoons.  I put it on, not because I wanted to watch it, I wanted to watch band of brothers, but with a focus group of 5 adults and 2 toddlers?  Yeah, the toddlers win, even though they speak something, but I’m quite confident it’s not english, no matter what the toddlers win.

In a way it was surreal, It’s been a LONG time since every member of my immediate family were in the same place, but hong kong phooey came on while my pops was playing with one boy, my mom with the other, and I performed for them as the music played (I even have a semi-dance) to hong kong phooey, as my brother was putting on his shoes (ironically to go out and buy a new pair of shoes)

I knew the words, I knew the rythmn, and, as I mentioned, I have a sorta dance to the theme.  My mom just thought I was just being me, which is a bit of an attention whore (which I’m not, but she has the same misinterpretation as a lot of people do.) and my brother just ignored it for the most part, and my dad, who, well is my dad asked, “How do you know those lyrics?”  actually, I think he said “You know this song kid? after all these years?”  (ignoring the dance.)

The nephews noticed the dance, not much, they didn’t mimic it but when it came on they looked at me wanting to repeat my performance, so of course I did.  I’m their uncle, I’m their punk until they do something dangerous.

Maybe I can find a way to build that up, I don’t mind being the stern uncle who can act goofy sometimes so that they can smile.

A longer version is from Saturday Morning Cartoons, the revisioned album as performed by sublime, I just hope the boys don’t know that Brad was a junkie punk until they are old enough to know that becoming a junkie makes you a punk.

Why WOULDN’T an arrogant eff like me love Hong Kong Phooey?

He’s got style.

A groovy smile.

And a bod that just won’t stop.

And be fore he get’s super tough,

With a hong kong phooey chop!



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Problem with Assumptions.

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 11, 2011

I thought this was about this and not about this.

so I read the whole thing, and felt like a bigger and bigger nerd than ever.

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Space Nerd Stuff.

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 10, 2011

Masten did another tethered test and they have video.

I know that a lot of the vtvl focus is for lunar work, but I can’t help but think this, if it’s as reliable as masten seems to be, that it will also be used to deliver large laboratory payloads to mars(like the mars rovers, only larger, and maybe with larger lifespans.)

I think all of these VTVL tests are impressive as all hell.  They are balancing an item of varying mass, in a single space on a needle of force, while also compensating for environmental stuff, wind humidity rain, blah.  Meanwhile, I can open a beerbottle with my teeth.

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In general I can’t stand her policy positions.

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 7, 2011

But there is just something that is so likeable about her, that I can’t help but love Cindy Lauper. Maybe it is her work with Cpt. Lou Albano/Mario (from the mario tv series on fox, based on the video games.) Hell, I even liked VIBES.

The entire movie is available on youtube, but for some reason AMA gets a lot of scruitiny and immediately after I post pretty much any video it’s pulled down, so click now.

That is part one.

and here is part one of episode one of the super mario brothers show. (no cindy in this one, though I think she appeared in later episodes.)

though it does include nicole eggert who was one of my childhood crushes, this is just before she was in charles in charge, and before she got nude in that bad Feldman Haim movie because she trusted haim, since they were dating at the time.

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New Tone Taints an Old Meme.

Posted by Wickedpinto on March 2, 2011

NSFW subtitles.

What made the other ones funny, was that they were written in Hitlers voice, but this representative of the “new tone,” puts Walker in a bunker, rather than the dems, and is using a caricature of walker, apparently based on signs at the “protests,” expressing the “new tone.”

Shark Jumped, and Godwin violated.   Godwins law was violated, in a video satire about HITLER!  Hows the Irony in that?

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SMC (not really, but it has a “clown.”)

Posted by Wickedpinto on February 27, 2011

Red Skelton is one of the most famous comedians and clowns of all time, he’s from the middle Indiana area, so I think most kids around here, even now know who he is, even though they are almost 2 generations removed from anyone who actually saw one of his performances in person or on television live.

He started out as a clown, became a quite famous vaudevillian (like most clowns and vaudevillians of the time. Vaudeville and Clowning was high comedy back then.) and then with his fame he also started clowning a little more to reach a childrens audience. clem Freddy the Freeloader was a little bit adult, in that it depicts a drunk speaking “logic” when it was just round about excusing, like WC Fields used to do.

Here is one vid of Red, working with movie greats, people so great that you might call them “Thespians.”  Freddy The Freeloader makes friends with Raymond Burr.

If you want another one, Here he is with Vincent Price, as Clem Kaddidlehopper (one of his most famous characters.)

On top of being an endearing vaudevillian, and clown and personality.

He was also a patriot who didn’t just play a clown who could cry, but could make you cry with him.

[update:]meant to say freddy, but I said clem. derr.

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Good Politicing while saying what is true.

Posted by Wickedpinto on February 22, 2011

Cost plus, helps promote research (without concern of actually accomplishing anything) but she’s clearly focusing on a more responsible fiscal attempt at pushing the COTS and CCTS and the other aspects, while clearly being muzzled by the expectations of her positions.

I find loving “SpaceShipOne” as a love affair as kinda week. Ruttan was chasing a goal, as were his funders, and it seems that the promise isn’t living up to the goals.  As Rand said (I won’t link cuz I don’t think most of you care) Burt got caught in the commercial action and was locked into creating a hybrid, rather than being able to negotiate for a pure liquid engine that is considered “The most efficient rocket” ever produced (It’s relatively small, but stack two of them on SS2, and you reach suborbital, but you can’t do that, because their is a contract.

Meanwhile Xcor is expecting their first suborbital flights in 2013 (I might have that wrong) and able to reach out to commercial within 18 months after, but Burt eager to be the first, and with a level of funding that is ridiculous just raced to be first, and might prove to have damaged VG in terms of competition.

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I Can’t Believe I Agree with Bill Maher.

Posted by Wickedpinto on February 20, 2011

found at

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