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Just a Link

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 19, 2008

I don’t agree, necessarily with the descriptions in the next to last paragraph, and the last paragraph is a little 60’s dream back to earth communal, but I thought it was a very entertaining article, and a lot of the details I can relate to somewhat.

My town used to be like that (to a much lesser degree) when I was a kid, hell, there is an insanely popular Christmas Story about something very much like what is being described in this article.

There’s a few raunchy phrases, but in general it’s just good old fashioned classic American melting pot.

The Old Neighborhood.

Found At Rand Simbergs place.

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He had a Lot to say

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 10, 2008

The right are the fascists according to the artists.

You told us how you weren’t afraid to die.
Well then, so long.
Don’t cry.
Or feel too down.
Not all martyrs see divinity.
But at least you tried.

Standing above the crowd,
He had a voice that was strong and loud.
We’ll miss him.

And they continue.

Standing above the crowd,
He had a voice that was strong and loud and I
Swallowed his facade cuz I’m so
Eager to identify with
Someone above the ground,
Someone who seemed to feel the same,
Someone prepared to lead the way, with
Someone who would die for me.

Will you? Will you now?
Would you die for me?
Don’t you fuckin lie.

I’m a big fan of Tool, and A Perfect Circle.

Do you think that they ever thought that their words of fascistic dominance would ever be used against their own favored party?

I don’t think so, but It IS Obama that they are describing, more than any right winger who they hated.

Delusion is a sad situation, I know.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on August 18, 2008

This is a somewhat topical blog, I got nothing at the moment.

Mesa can, and SHOULD, post the pic’s of silver urban, and Grey urban, that he took while we talked shit a week or so ago.

I can’t do poocies right now, I’m too fresh.

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Stupid moonbat tricks #14337

Posted by mesablue on July 25, 2008

It just doesn’t get much weirder than this…

A democrat candidate for Congress in Ohio let a body double play candidate for a day in a local parade.

OH-15: Crazy Mary Jo Kilroy Sends Look-Alike to Wave for Her at a Parade

With juicy video goodness:

So, what does the Kilroy campaign do when caught red handed with their dopplerganger out?

Of course, what any good little moonbat would do, blame a volunteer who “has an intellectual disability” and demand an apology for exposing their idiocy.

Also at Doubleplusundead, American Thinker and Ace of Spades HQ.

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Posted by mesablue on June 9, 2008


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Holy moly!

Posted by mesablue on April 12, 2008

The Biggest Hole in the world is in Russia.

The gaint hole is actually a diamond mine in Eastern Siberia near the town Mirna. It is 525 meters deep and 1.25 km in the diameter.

The suction above the hole resulted in several helicopter crashes, so all flight above the hole is prohibited now.


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Bacon bits

Posted by mesablue on April 3, 2008

This is amazing.

Probably NSFW.

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A tale of love…

Posted by mesablue on April 3, 2008

And a tiny bathing suit.

Somewhere Rosetta is crying…..or in his bunk.

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Hey, your hole is burning!

Posted by mesablue on March 25, 2008

Adventures in engineering disasters involving drilling holes in things, part 2.


Darvaza: The Burning Gates

In 1971 a search for gas went wrong when a whole drilling rig fell into an underground cavern. Natural gas started coming up from the hole. It was set alight so it wouldn’t kill everything around. For 35 years now the flames keep burning providing an spectacular seen for tourists. At night the burning gas makes the crater seen from miles away. The crater is located in Turkmenistan in the heart of the Karakum desert. The crater is called Darvaza or The Burning Gates.

Click the linky above for lots more cool pictures of the big burning hole.

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Is this legal?

Posted by mesablue on January 25, 2008

If you can’t tell, I’m suffering from a bit of early primary burnout.

Regular silliness to resume shortly.

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Posted by mesablue on January 22, 2008

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Hey Ya’all

Posted by Wickedpinto on January 22, 2008

Just stopping in for a quckie’esh sort of thing.

Okay first, politics.

Fred waited to flogging long

McCain will get the nom.

Hillary is a bully, as long as her fat drunk unfaithful husband can back her up with his crowd.

Edwards is a pussy “When can I talk? when can I talk?!”  but of course the “impartial” media doesn’t take sides, . . . . or do they?  Even dems have to wake up to last nights farce.

anyways, the thing that I actually wanted to talk about.

I’m not a loser, though that is the lifestyle I live.  I’m poor though I shouldn’t be, and for some reason saturday, I started to think about some formative moments in my life, and it reminded me of something that I did a number of years ago.

My brother has a very nice house, very nice, and he has a number of neighbors who are very nice people who have very nice children.  a number of years ago, while I was working the line at a feeder plant for the local ford plant, I was off for two weeks, during their “retooling” (Actually it was a complete reconception of the ford 500, or at least a way to re-market it)  so I didn’t have anything to do for 2 weeks, and my brother, knowing that I like spending time with him, and the fact that my brother would like for the people that he knows to learn to know his brother (me) “invited” me over to his place.

I’m the kinda guy that I won’t take anything for free, I don’t know why, I’m poor, so actually I should be the one who takes free shit whenever it’s available, and when not available I should negotiate for even more free shit, but I don’t, ESPECIALLY when it comes to my brother.

Anyways, heres the story.

My brother allows me to store a lot of my shit at his place, and I have a pretty fair bit of shit, for storage, considering that I have never actually lived on my own.  (I crash here and there, and stuff like that, even when I have had money, I prefered the bumming style of residence, sorry, thats just something I have in me.  It might be an intimacy or some shit, but, I always prefer at least one roommate.)

Anyways, my bro let me store a bunch of my shit, mostly large cabinet type items, and collectibles at his place (my brother has a rather large baseball card collection, and I have rather significant comic book collection, so he was understanding, especially since I told him, that whoever has the first kid, gets the comics, and he kinda said the same thing, though he knows I won’t likely have a kid, back on point) I needed to get all this shit up into the garage attic.

My brothers neighbors have kids, and all of my brothers neighbors kids LOVED my brother.  My brother is the “cool old guy who doesn’t touch me” sorta shit, and since I am my brothers brother the neighbor kids liked me too, and while I was doing this work for my brother, I took a break, opened up his garage, and embarrassed myself trying to rollerblade (don’t ask, it consists of bruises, scraps, and a number of untimely demonstrations of inertia, largely occuring when I tried a “crossover.” lets leave it at that.)

Anyways, two of the neighbor girls rode their bicycles up to the garage, making fun of my attempts at rollerblading, and said “wickedpinto?  Is lameaswannabestallion(my brother) home?”

“no, he’s on vacation, won’t be back till saturday.”

the girls harumphed, but they knew that while I wasn’t as cool as lameaswannabestallion(mybrother) I was a cool guy, so the girls approached me, and started talking shit about the two boys who were riding their bikes next to the girls.

It was obvious that the boys like the girls, and that one of the neighborgirls kinda liked one of the boys, so I asked “you want me to get rid of them?”

“couldja?”  one girl asked.

“be nice?” the other said

(I’m totaly paraphrasing here.  and by “paraphrasing,” I mean, borderline making shit up, but the heart of the story is true)

“no problem, whats their names?” I asked the girls, they told me, and I went all “oldcorps” on their asses and called out their names, the boys came running to me like recuits who just got out of the stickers, with the “fuzzy’s” on their beans.  (“fuzzy’s” is one of many nicknames for pre-indoc recruits in the corps, because your head is shaved, and you MUST remove, and then wear, and then remove, and then wear your sweatshirt, so all the loose cotton gets caught in your little scrub brush bean.)

The boys came up, and I introduced myself, and I acted like a protective uncle or cousin to the boys, asked them their intentions and all that shit.

As soon as I thought one of them was gonna piss themselves I whispered something like “I don’t know if they like you, but girls like a manly man.  Just go with this, and don’t look at them okay?”

The boys went with it, they helped me carry all my shit up into my brothers attic, or rather they just made sure that if I dropped my shit, it wouldn’t break, and there ya go.

The boys got to be “men” by working with a grown man (me, though I didn’t tell them that they were helping me with my comic colection, that might have fucked up there game) the girls got to be in control of the boys, and develop an adult ally in the game of gender at a young age, and my brother got all of my shit out of his way.

Thats a four for all.

Unfortunately, the one boy that the one girl liked pissed and moaned and whined the entire time, and she decided she didn’t like pussys.  the other kid would harrass my brother for a while after that, if he needed any help, and it made my brother feal a little wierd because here is this strange kid, BEGGING to do physical labor around my brothers house, and my bro didn’t know why.

Later when I told bro the story, he was kinda pissed about me conscripting kids to do my work (even though I didn’t, and I DID pay them when they did “volunteer.”) but I figured it was a formative lesson for the girls. 

I don’t know where that is going, but I will likely be told not to type so loud in the next few minutes, if I don’t stop, after all, I’m still using the library.

Love, Ya’alls, thanks for the thoughts.

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Check em

Posted by mesablue on January 5, 2008

A PSA for men. Slightly NSFW.

Rosetta can skate?

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The first Grodner award of 2008 goes to… No one

Posted by mesablue on January 4, 2008

DJDrummond of Wizbang!

***Please see updates below***

I used to like Wizbang!

A lot.

It was one of the first blogs I hung out at and I was one of the first members of the Wizbang! Bomb Squad — a blogging forum created by Kevin Aylward for frequent commenters on his site.

The place became overrun by trolls over the years and trying to follow a comment thread became nearly impossible so I moved on to greener pastures — mainly Ace of Spades HQ where I’ve been a very happy little moron. That was a couple of years ago.

A friend stopped by Wizbang! today and decided to comment on a post that DJDrummond had written. DJDrummond didn’t like what he said and started deleting and editing his comments. It wasn’t as if our friend was trolling, he just happened to not completely agree with statements made by the post’s author.

Doubleplusundead, our “friend”, who we also know at AoS as Sinistar has the details — here.

A couple of us from The Hostages decided to go over and see what was going on. Nice Deb left a “nice” comment asking why the treatment was so harsh for discussing the merits of one conservative presidential candidate over another.

I tried to reply to her comment, agreeing with what she said…oops, too late. Her comment was gone and that was just the beginning.


What the hell?

Instant editing of our comments.

I don’t know what DJDrummond’s problem is on a daily basis, but we were just trying to comment as conservatives on a conservative blog. I hadn’t had a chance to agree or disagree with the post’s author before he started taking my comments apart. That’s chickenshit. And, something that I would not have expected from Wizbang!.

DJDrummond closed down comments to the thread after editing my last comment.

So, they just happened to have a post right next door, The Knucklehead of the Day award.

Perfect. We had our knucklehead and decided to nominate him. Oops….not allowed at that great bastion of free speech thin skinned losers.


Yes, we did move into a new thread so I can understand his point. But, he edited my post as well. And, the previous thread had been shut down after it’s author basically shit all over the commenters.


It’s a shame if that’s what things have come to at Wizbang!

It used to be one of the best blogs going. Jay Tea still writes up a storm and I have the utmost respect for Lorie Byrd and Kevin Aylward, but this is childish crap usually reserved for extremist echo chambers.

I’m pulling Wizbang! from my blogroll and won’t ever go back there. I’m sure they won’t miss me, but I’m hearing more and more from dissatisfied visitors to their blog. It’s kind of sad to see a quality blog lower itself to this level.

Cuffy at Perfunction weighs in.

Update: A big thank you to Jay Tea for his comment — I appreciate it.

Update to the Update: Wow. Thanks Lorie and I feel a bit remiss for not mentioning Kim. When she joined the Wizbang! community, it was a little piece of home. Common ground geographically and her direct and straight forward take on things. One of the reasons I decided to blog.

Good things come from the strangest places.

At this point, I’m glad this happened.

It’s all good as far as I am concerned and I’m very happy to hear from past friends.

Take care, everyone. The title of this post is now changed.

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Love those holiday sweaters…

Posted by mesablue on December 17, 2007

Design your own and you too could have a lovely sweater like the one I just made…


From We Hate Sheep.

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Scary Hillary cackle — it’s baaaaack.

Posted by mesablue on December 14, 2007

From the Iowa debate this week. Weird, her sense of humor is just odd.

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When good goofballs go bad –UPDATE: EAT FOR PEACE!!!

Posted by mesablue on December 12, 2007

Luke Johnson, a twenty something goofball, created a little stir a while back by posting his phone number on Youtube:

He got a lot of calls, he got on local and national news — he lost his mind and went full blown hippie:


Wtf? You’re not going to eat for an entire weekend and that’s supposed to stop a war — let alone get anyone to care one bit about what one smelly hippie thinks about anything?

Have fun.

I’ll eat a double cheeseburger in your honor. If I’m in the area, I’ll come down and eat the cheeseburger in front of you so that you can smell it’s cheeseburgery goodness. In fact, I’m calling on all non-smelly anti-hiptards who have a few minutes on the weekend of January 4-6 2008 to come down to the Lincoln Memorial in Wash. DC to counter protest the goofball protest.

Burgers, steaks, bbq ribs, meatball subs — bring anything that you would enjoy for a nice lunch at our nation’s capital on a weekend afternoon. If Luke not eating for AN ENTIRE WEEKEND can change the world — just think what could happen if hundreds, nay thousands billions of us descend on Washington to EAT FOR PEACE.

Eat a pizza, eat an entire fried chicken, eat a deep fried bacon cheese and beer dog — it doesn’t matter what it is IT’S FOR PEACE!!!


JANUARY 4-6 2008




Thanks to D=S for reminding me about Luke and his cause.

WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance

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Eat your veggies and you’ll get smarter..

Posted by mesablue on December 11, 2007


Or at least your food will…

Fractal broccoli — it’s real.

Question. What do you get when you take a bunch of hippies that have nothing else to do (heh) and give them a bunch of vegetables and power tools and tell them to put together an orchestra?

Answer. Pretty much the same thing you’d get from a bunch of smelly hippies sitting around banging out of rhythm on empty buckets like they normally do. Except WAY more obnoxious.

Coming to a Ron Paul event near you.

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Dude, where’s my jet?

Posted by mesablue on December 4, 2007

Heh, The UN decides to hold a global warming conference in Bali, of all places, and has to worry about whether or not there will be enough room to park all of their private jets.

At NewsBusters:

Not Enough Parking for Private Jets Going to UN Climate Conference

The United Nations Climate Change Conference is being held at what NewsBusters reported as “a truly beautiful tropical island paradise,” the management of the nearby airport has issued a warning to attendees that they are going to have to park their private jets somewhere else.

I kid you not.

Tempo Interaktif reports that Angkasa Pura – the management of Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport are concerned that the large number of additional private charter flights expected in Bali during the UN Conference on Climate Change (UNFCCC) December 3-15, 2007, will exceed the carrying capacity of apron areas. To meet the added demand for aircraft storage officials are allocating “parking space” at other airports in Indonesia.

Someone is going to have to plant a lot of trees or hit up their buddy Al Gore for a few million carbon credits to offset the pollution and wasted fuel that these jets will cause.

I mean, Bali is right on the way to most places, right?

Here’s an idea, why not have the UN global warming conference at — the UN?

Nah, it’s too cold in New York right now.

Update: Found through a commenter at Ace of Spades HQ

A blast of hot air at Bali’s climate conference

It’s not the waste that rankles so much as the hypocrisy. Some 15,000 politicians, officials, quangocrats and assorted busybodies are descending on Bali for a jamboree that will produce more than 100,000 tons of CO2 emissions. The purpose of their trip? To discuss how to reduce CO2 emissions.

We wonder whether there would be so many observers and hangers-on if the venue were, say, Düsseldorf. For many of those attending have no direct involvement in the talks.

For example, 19 MEPs, accompanied by advisers and staff, are in Bali, staying at a luxurious spa hotel. Not only will their fares, meals and accommodation be paid for by the rest of us, but they will also claim a further £95 per day.

Our purpose is not just to mock the attendees. No, we have a deeper objection.

The Bali summit represents much of what is wrong with the green movement, in that it elevates intentions over results. The supposedly ethical aims of the conference are presumed to render irrelevant the pollution engendered by its delegates.

Euro-MPs, and politicians generally, often behave this way. When Indonesia was devastated by the 2004 tsunami, MEPs cheerfully voted millions of their constituents’ euros in aid.

But when it was suggested that they might contribute a single day’s attendance allowance – around £190 – to the relief effort, they were horrified.

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Clothes? I don’t need no stinking clothes!

Posted by mesablue on November 21, 2007

At least that’s how it played out tonight in the state that is trying to give Florida a run for the money for weirdest news on a daily basis.

Naked man walking: saga on I-94

Motorists call about freeway wanderer; police use stun gun

The Michigan State Police said a trooper used a stun gun to restrain a man who was walking naked in traffic on I-94 in Ann Arbor on Monday evening.

Troopers responded to the area of eastbound I-94 near Stone School Road at about 7:20 p.m. after receiving calls from motorists about a naked man walking in the center lane of the freeway, said Sgt. Chris Pascoe of the Ypsilanti Post.

The troopers saw the man wandering in the freeway but he would not respond to verbal commands and resisted their attempts to get him out of danger, Pascoe said.

Did I mention that it’s pretty cold in Michigan in late November?

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