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Jay R. Grodner achieves Internet immortality

Posted by mesablue on January 4, 2008

His name is now an Internet verb.

As in, to grodner oneself.

Grodner [’ghræd n3r] (v):
1) To aggressively self-destruct through felony vandalism crossed with a sense of invulnerability and entitlement.
2) To be-prick oneself in public while flashing the victim card.

Thanks to Neptunus Lex.

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Scumbag of the Year makes the Chicago Tribune

Posted by mesablue on January 3, 2008

It took a few days, but the story of shitbird extraoardinaire, Jay R. Grodner, caught the attention of the press.

John Kass covered the story today in the Chicago Tribune.

I’m going way beyond fair use, I can’t find any part that I could leave out. Kass talked to more of the people involved than we’ve heard from before — except for the bad actor himself, who remains hidden.

As of this evening, this was the most viewed story on the Chicago Tribune web site.

Jay R. Grodner is officially — infamous.

Marine Sgt. Michael McNulty — now on his way to Iraq for his second tour of duty in the war — took meticulous care of his car.

It is a black two-door BMW, an expensive ride for a young Marine from Chicago, but then, McNulty didn’t exactly join up for the big paycheck and luxury vacations.

The 26-year-old McNulty was a trader at the exchange and enlisted in the Reserves after 9/11. He babied his car so much that he had military vanity plates along with a sticker in his window that let people know that a Marine or a Marine supporter drove that car.

But someone didn’t like the Marine sticker, or the pro-military plates, and decided to stage an anti-war protest, with a key or hard piece of metal, on the shiny black finish of Sgt. McNulty’s car that caused $2,400 in damage.

“It’s a really nice car. It’s in perfect condition. He keeps it meticulous. And he was going to sell it,” said Sgt. McNulty’s friend, Tom Sullivan, a college buddy from Loyola University.

The last time Sgt. McNulty was in Iraq, he worked a .50-caliber machine gun from a Humvee. Now that he’s going back, he really doesn’t need a shiny black BMW that shows dust.

“There wasn’t a scratch on his car,” Sullivan said.

But there is one now.

It is a big scratch, a particularly long scratch in that black paint, a scratch stretching from the rear driver’s side around the back, across the trunk, then up to the passenger’s side.

If you have a car, and parked it on the street, surely you’ve thought about what an angry key could do to it.

According to the Cook County state’s attorney’s office, it wasn’t an accident, but a deliberate key job, not done by some kid or street thug, but by a Chicago lawyer who apparently can’t stand the military.

Private attorney Jay R. Grodner, 55, of Chicago has been charged with a class A misdemeanor — criminal damage to property — punishable by up to one year in jail and up to a $2,500 fine, said Andy Conklin, spokesman for the state’s attorney’s office.

Late Wednesday, I reached Sgt. McNulty, who declined to comment for the paper but confirmed the facts in the police report.

And I wanted to get Grodner’s side of it because he’s been accused but not convicted of anything. So we called all the Grodner numbers we could find — home and business — including those on the police report and others in the suburbs and Chicago. Many were disconnected, and his cell phone voice mail was full.

I’d like to ask him two questions:


And, are you proud?

“McNulty was just coming to pick me up for breakfast, because he was going to training just before deployment,” Sullivan said of that morning on Dec. 1 in Rogers Park.

There are several one-way streets near Sullivan’s home, but McNulty missed the turn, and rather than drive two or three blocks around, he put the car in reverse and backed up a hundred or so feet. He pulled up in front of his friend’s house, rang the bell and Sullivan came downstairs. McNulty then turned around and saw Grodner’s hands on his black car.

“Mike says, ‘Hey, what are you doing to my car? Open up your hand!'” Sullivan told us. “And [Grodner] goes, ‘[Blank] you! Just because you’re in the military you don’t run the roost!'”

There were allegedly many more epithets and cuss words, some allegedly applied to the United States Marine Corps, to the U.S. armed forces and to Sgt. McNulty himself.

“Quite frankly, you don’t even look like a soldier. You’re a small little [blank],” Grodner said according to Sullivan.

This last bit really bothers William McNulty, who is Sgt. McNulty’s brother, and he called me.

“My brother should be commended for not just smashing that guy’s windpipe right there for all the stuff he said about our military, and the insults,” William McNulty said. “Instead, my brother called the police, as he should have.”

According to the police report I read, other investigative accounts and interviews, Grodner was upset to have been accused of purposely scratching the car. So upset, that he accused his accusers of being anti-Semitic.

The Chicago police officer responding to the call didn’t take the accusation seriously, according to the report, because he couldn’t justify it. And Sgt. McNulty’s brother and Sullivan say it is outrageous and nonsensical.

“The officer wasn’t going to hear this kind of talk. He put the kibosh on the whole thing,” Sullivan said. “So [Grodner] became apologetic.”

According to the police report, “The offender denied scratching the victim’s vehicle, but did admit to rubbing past it.”

Rubbing past it? I guess it all depends on what the definition of “rubbing” is.

That’s where it is now, awaiting another court date, set for Jan. 18, after Sgt. McNulty refused to back off and drop the charges in earlier court appearances.

Lawyers know how to drag things out, with continuance after continuance, stalling until complaining witnesses get tired and move on.

But Marines on their way to war don’t seek continuances.

And all Sgt. McNulty wanted was a little respect, and the chance to sell that car of his, without a scratch.

Wow, Grodner turns out to be an even bigger scumbag than it seemed originally. Pompous, arrogant, obnoxious and now obviously — pretty fucking stupid.

Grodner, if you haven’t figured it out yet, you are completely fucked. You screwed the pooch this time. The best part is — you did it to yourself.

Bluster and hubris are not your friend. This time, you get to bend over and grab your ankles. What is the correct term for a self-inflicted ass pounding?

BOHICA, baby!

I look forward to reporting your sentencing.

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Absolute scumbag (Updated w/ court coverage)

Posted by mesablue on December 31, 2007

Another liberal nutjob becomes unhinged.

Anti-Military Lawyer Damages Marine’s Car on Eve of Deployment

Marine Sgt Mike McNulty is on activation orders to Iraq (second tour). On December 1st, 2007, Mike went to visit a friend in Chicago before deploying to say goodbye.

While saying goodbye, at about 11am, he noticed a man leaning up against his car. Mike left his friend’s apartment and caught the man keying his car on multiple sides.

After caught in the process, the man told Mike, “you think you can do whatever you want with Department of Defense license plates and tags”. (In Illinois you can purchase veteran, Marine, or medal plates. Mike has Illinois Marine Corps license plates.) During the exchange, he made additional anti-military comments.

The guy who did this — a local lawyer.

As it turns out, the man is Chicago lawyer Jay R. Grodner, who owns a law firm in the city and has offices in the suburbs.

The State’s Attorney is reluctant to prosecute this asshat because he is a lawyer. Grodner is refusing to pay the $2400.00 in damage that he did to Sgt McNulty’s car.

Grodner takes things a step further into scumbag land:

the State asked Mike if he would accept probation for Grodner. Mike accepted, probation was offered to Grodner, and Grodner declined the offer, saying within ear shot of Mike, “I’m not going to make it easy on this kid”. Mike’s next court date is tomorrow, Monday, December 31st, to pursue misdemeanor charges against Grodner.

However, Sgt McNulty has to leave January 2nd to return to Iraq. So, if this isn’t resolved on Monday — Grodner probably gets off scot-free.

Please go read the entire story at Blackfive.

Word of this moron’s actions needs to be spread. If he won’t be prosecuted, at least knowledge of his behavior can get out there. If you have a blog — please post this story.

h/t Ace of Spades HQ

: Turns out that Grodner is no stranger to deviant behavior.

In addition to being disciplined for being involved in a scheme to forging documents, it has been reported to CLR that attorney Jay Grodner has engaged in a conflict of interest with his clients, has abandoned his clients, has engaged in false billing, has engaged in a fraud upon his clients, provided ineffective assistance of counsel, and has engaged in a “fraud upon the court”.

Why is this guy still allowed to practice law?

Karma. Even more karma. Heh, a VERY creepy picture of the guy.

***A live report from the court house***

From Free Republic:

The hearing was scheduled for 12/31/07 @ 13:30. It was held at Circuit Court of Cook County – outlying court branch 29 -Belmont & Western, Chicago IL. This is 6 miles NW of downtown Chicago and approx 65 miles round trip from where I live.

Sgt. McNulty was in civvies. He was there with family & friends and his attorney.

There also appeared to be a couple of supporters sitting in the gallery.

I sat in the last row. With my eyesight & hearing shot, the following is the best I can make out.

The court is secured by the Cook County Sheriff’s office The judge ( I didn’t hear his name or see his nameplate) convened the court early – at 13:24. (Courtroom 29 – I believe it was Felony court)

Sgt. McNulty was called at 13:33. Jay R. Grodner was a no show. The judge issued a bench warrant for Mr. Grodner @ 13:36.

Sgt. McNulty filed the complaint and raised his hand and swore that it was true.

I thought that was the end of it, so I got up to leave and waited in the waiting area for the Sgt. to come out.

A Marine PFC, in dress blues, cut & razor sharp, walked in to lend his support.

Sgt. McNulty and his entourage came out, then was called back into the courtroom for about 10 minutes.

He came back out to leave. I met them outside. I gave Sgt. McNulty FRegards and a Semper Fi and told him we have his back and that thousands have his back.

He thanked us for the support.

Jay Grodner (or a representative) must have showed up, as, when I talked with the Sgt.’s attorney, he said Grodner wanted a continuance to get an attorney.

The case was continued and will go to fruition and Sgt. McNulty wont have to re-appear.

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Last Update: As Sgt McNulty heads back to Iraq tomorrow, I want to wish him God speed and best of luck. Keep your head down Marine. You now have thousands of former/current Marines and other service members that want to see you come back safely — because we support you, but also because of how you handled yourself in this situation. Jay Grodner can only hope to be half the man that you have already proven yourself to be.

Over two thousand people hit this page in less than two days — and I am just one small blog among very many. I hope that you’ve been able to feel some of that support.

At the same time, I hope the Jay Grodners of the world know that there is no longer a place for scumbag sheisters like them to hide. As an officer of the court, you are held to a higher standard. It is not a license for bad behavior.

“So be it, until victory is America’s and there is no enemy, but peace!”

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