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I don’t hate rich people

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 23, 2010

But, there is a particular genre of rich that just disgusts me.

I’m related to people that I would consider rich, I’m friends with people I would consider rich, I would say that I interact with a rather large number (for a normal low earning joe like me) of people I would call rich.

What I hate, and I mean HATE! are the “Priveledged.”

Everytime I visit anyone anywhere, one of the things that I do, quite quickly, is drink the tap water.  I drink a lot of water (more than a gallon a day) and I think that the myth of bottled water is a detriment to society.  Chlorination and Flouridation of tap water is one of the great medical accomplishments of the 20th century.

Most water in most places starts with pure H2O, and then has a different blend of minerals included into the mix to promote health and reduce dental decay as well as making the water more palatable.

I think that my local water is some of the best in the world, and I’ve been a fair few places, many have been to more, but I’ve been to quite a few myself, and because I drink so much water in a day, I can’t afford bottled water, so I always taste the tap water.  If you ask pretty much anyone that I have spent more than an hour or two with, and ask them if I am telling you the truth, they will likely say that I am, because it is a habit I got into about 15 years ago, and haven’t gotten out of it.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan, she of the no career but 3 mil of debt and no prospects, and endless sense of entitlement, is looking to get her favorite brand of bottled water.  I’ve spent some time in LA and Environs.  Southern California has perfectly fine tap water, and likely much more healthy than any bottled water the entitled, incompetent twat that is lyndsay is used to.

But I guess her tap water wasn’t designed for Ungaro.

I can’t stab this culture that allows these people to stay relvant enough (yes, I know I’m contributing, but effing STILL!) and their enablers are effing law enforcement officials!


One of my best childhood friends, is a gay furry BDSM bottom, (we haven’t talked cuz we have issues that have little to do with his sexual preferences) and THAT GUY! has sucked less ass than any single person in that effing vid.

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