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Dinner blogging — bacon wrapped steak

Posted by mesablue on November 30, 2007

So, I have some bacon left over from the bacon wrapped turkey that I made for T-Day and I got a box of Omaha Steaks the other day.

What to do?

Bacon wrapped New York strip steaks? Sounds good to me.

First, season with fresh ground pepper and salt — then wrap those suckers:

Toss them in the pan:

Cook until a perfect 139 degrees internal temperature:


Any questions?


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He’s baaaaack

Posted by mesablue on October 14, 2007

In Moonbat child abuse I posted about whacko vegan moonbat Dave Warwak who got fired for preaching veganism in his art class. He responded in the comment section with a copy of his appeal. Interesting read — if you can understand “crazy speak”.

Well, Davey boy couldn’t leave well enough alone. He decided to show up at a local parade — with predictable results.

Dave Warwak received a strong warning today from his hometown police, during the town’s annual homecoming parade.

Accompanied by his dog, Warwak allegedly entered the town’s parade and passed out small cards to children.

Police stopped Warwak, escorted him home and instructed him to “stay away from the town’s children”.

The warning came in response to parent and teacher complaints who were in attendance.

At particular issue with police was Warwak telling children, Santa Claus is not real.

The card’s front reads:
Remember the Santa Claus lie?
One lie is so bad, some people prefer to keep it hidden.
So hidden, some never find out!
Do you want to live a lie?

The back reads:
Go to your favorite search engine.
Look-up “Factory Farming” Look-up “Vegan”
“Naming a rock, a banana, does not make it food”

A teacher of ten years in Illinois, Warwak was recently fired for his vegan views. Warwak filed an appeal in response to his termination. No date has been set.

Where did I get this info? From the nutjob himself. Davey seems to think that he is the victim here and is looking for support for his “mission”.

Sorry, fuck face.

You are nuts. Go eat your vegetables and leave the kids alone or you will end up in jail. Or worse.

Update with even more crazy:

Found on a vegan message board:

On a trip to Wal-Mart, Dave found some treats called “Marshmallow Peeps” — yellow candy shaped like baby chicks. He bought peeps for many students and for the entire faculty and asked that each person personalize the peeps and keep the peeps safe and sound for three days before returning the peeps to Dave. Principal Mahaffy even drew a balloon in which his peep pointed to the Principal and said “he’s the greatest.” Many of the children became attached to the peeps and only reluctanly gave them back to Dave on the 4th day. Dave then took the personalized peeps and put them in a mural in the school’s hallway. On the first day, Dave took a few peeps and put their heads on plaques painted on the walls as if they were hunters’ trophies. The next day, he put a few peeps in cages as if they were in a zoo. On the third day, he put a few peeps between slices of bread. Now, the point of the Peeps became clear: Animals, like the Peeps, may taste good but humans should care for them, not eat, jail, and kill (and run lab tests on) them. To underscore his point, Dave painted pictures of Einstein, da Vinci, and other famous vegetarians on the mural with quotations from each of them lauding the practice of vegetarianism and condemning meat-eating. He invited his students to join him on painting the mural and replaced all
the signs with “school rules” in his classroom with signs saying “YES” all over the classroom.

Just your average everyday school art project.


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Moonbat child abuse

Posted by mesablue on September 22, 2007

Last week I posted about the wacky moonbat teacher who was suspended for preaching veganism and the horrors of meat in his classroom.

Those wacky moonbats

An art teacher removed from the classroom for encouraging pupils not to eat meat vowed Monday not to return to Fox River Grove Middle School until it eliminates milk and all other animal products from the lunch menu.

Well, wacky does not describe this guy well enough. Scary is more like it.

He sent me an email yesterday with the title, Vegan America — Revolt!

Seems we have revolution here in America erupting under our noses and there is not much we can do about it. This revolution pits compassionate children against their uncaring parents. The revolution even has a name, “Vegan America – Revolt!” The revolution was born from incidents surrounding Dave Warwak and his persistent attempts to teach Humane Education at Fox River Grove Middle School in Illinois.

Warwak explains, “The adult meat-eaters in the world no longer have a choice in this matter. This revolution belongs to the children. The children of today are smart and want a better world. They are tired of the shape of things. The children of today deserve better and do not want war, starvation, pollution, death, and destruction. They want and deserve a healthy and loving world. Just ask a child, you will see.” He then instructs those against his ideas to, “Go off in the corner with your roast beef sandwich, while we build a better World. We want the future and we want it now.”

Warwak believes the adults in charge want to hide information from children and that it is the duty of every vegan and animal rights activist in the world to let the children around them know the truth. He proposes telling children wherever they may be and even goes on to give strategies. “It can be as simple as a business card with a message that you slip to children whenever and wherever you see them”. Warwak believes children are the transmission of society and for things to change, we have to be honest with our children.

Vegans, Animal Rights Activist, and Humane Educators have embarked on a major campaign to educate the youth of America. Warwak explains, “We have some of the world’s best minds conferring the connections to Humane Education, the environment, health, wellbeing, truth, school shootings and violence in general, including war and ultimately, our fate”. Warwak might be on to something as we talked with the author of the ‘World Peace Diet’, Dr. William Tuttle, who confirmed, “I think this new idea of giving kids cards with a secret on them is terrific. Let them discover for themselves. That is most empowering. And the ‘secret’ idea is brilliant. Kids love secrets. They know deep down that things are being hidden from them. So much is hidden – not just from the kids, but from the big boys & girls running around calling themselves adults.” Dr. Tuttle goes on to say, “This is the hidden secret root of it all – Warwak has his hand right on it”.

The campaign consists of passing out small business cards to children wherever they may be. “Thanks to compassionate people and their extensive connections all over the world, animal rights groups, vegetarians, vegans, and humane educators will be passing out business cards to children wherever they may be.” Warwak adds, “Groups are hitting the streets, during times when children are most likely to be out and about. Groups are already planning on a full force presence on Halloween. Even vegans who stay home will be passing out vegan candies accompanied by a message of love.” Then Warwak proudly proclaimed, “So far today, I passed out 34 cards!”

The business card’s front reads:

Remember the Santa Claus lie?
One lie is so bad, some people prefer to keep it hidden.
So hidden, some never find out!
Do you want to live a lie?

The back reads:

Go to your favorite search engine.

Look-up “Factory Farming” Look-up “Vegan”

“Naming a rock, a banana, does not make it food”

The Animal Liberation Front has joined in and devoted a full page on their site promoting the campaign. When asked, to explain why he is so passionate about telling children the truth and changing his school into a vegan school, Warwak responded, “I can’t understand why they are fighting so hard against something so good. The World is behind us and prepared to help. There is every reason in the world for the school to go vegan and not one single reason to do otherwise” PETA’s Vice President, Bruce Friedberg is offering to help Fox River Grove Middle School with its transition to a vegan diet “We’ll pay for food for a week, get vegan chefs in to help and consult, whatever”. The “Chicago Animal Rights Meetup Group”, “Mercy for Animals”, and other groups around the world are prepared to step in and help in hopes FRGMS becomes the first vegan public school in America. Could this revolution be inevitable, whether, we wanted change or not?

He’s passing out business cards to children with a “secret” on them?

Ok, this has gone beyond wacky and into dangerous nutjob territory. Not only does this lunatic feel that it is his responsibility to circumvent the rights of parents to raise their children correctly, he is going to use subterfuge and “secrets” to get his message directly to little kids.

It’s restraining order time. This nutjob should not be allowed anywhere near any school, playground or anyplace else children might congregate. If he handed one of these cards to my kids, his main worry would be what to put in the next vegan smoothie because he’d be eating everything through a straw for a couple of months.

Cross posted at Ace of Spades HQ

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