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Breitbart == Class act

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 31, 2010

I don’t think anybody looks particularly good in this thing.”

Yeahp, and you are the only one accepting your share of the blame, meanwhile everyone else is blaming everyone else, and suing you and attacking people who didn’t have anything to do with any of this, meanwhile the enablers are hurling accusations of racism at everyone proving EXACTLY the point you were making.

Found at Big Hollywood.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on July 31, 2010

Don’t link the home of morons cuz I figure most of you guys go there anyways, but DrewM Did done good.

I actually laughed out loud.

That man do done got some game.

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Home is where the inevitable and oppressive debt is.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 31, 2010

Even if I were so filthy rich, that I shit dollar coins I could never imagine buying a 30 million dollar house.

What is it with people with money that they think essentials need cost an extraordinary amount of money?

Bill Gates at least wanted his house to be an example of technology applied (minus the trampoline, that was kinda weird)  to every day function, but these rich people keep spending so much money on stuff that has next to no intrinsic value to justify it’s price.

Wanna know why you are bankrupt after making 50 million bucks? It’s because your retarded ass buys a half a million dollar house for 4 million bucks.

Unless the basement is filled with gold bricks, you got SCREWED!

JESUS CHRIST!  Not to mention, who’s gonna dust your shit, and vacuum the carpets?

The thing that really gets me, is most of these people (not phil) are single, and have no kids, but they have 30 bedroom and 15 bathroom estates.  Not that many people like you, and all of those people that “overnight” are called “BUMS” not friends, WTFing EFF?

I saw this nice little prefab modular, which totally turns me on.  It’s a 3 car garage, with a 2 bedroom apartment positioned on top of it.  40 grand.  I think that I will go with that when I decide to make money again.

If I were rich and famous, I think I would go with the 4 car garage, 3 bedroom setup on a larger piece of land in a gate community, because I’m not an EFFING RETARD!

Another difference between bill gates and all of these TV and Film celebrities pissing away money.


Chris tucker made a few entertaining movies, is supposedly functionally illiterate, and is now broke.  Bill gates is an EFFING BILLIONAIRE!  JESUS!

THIS is why normal people hate celebrities.  Just because you make pretty pictures with funny story lines doesn’t mean we love you.  It means you make pretty pictures with funny story lines.  Other than that we could give a damn!

Burn in hell idiots, and suffer the fall you set yourself up for.

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Great Moments in Parenting and Citizenship

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 31, 2010

At Weasel Zippers (about 800 updates a day, give or take 790, awesome place.) there is a video of French officers evicting squatters who think they have a right to housing.

D-Lo (the author of the post) likes how they manipulated the media narrative with women and children.  _I_ like how the women have no problem endangering their children while engaging in an illegal activity and assaulting police officers.  There is one clear image of a woman actively preventing the officers from removing the child from harm, and she actually kicks out at the kiddo to accentuate the imagery.


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Posted by Wickedpinto on July 31, 2010

Eddie Munster is all whupped out, and likely getting married.  She said “My first crush was Butch Patrick” and JWF (one of the best excerpt heavy blogs on the planet) said theirs was Marylin.

Mine was either Linda Carter, or Adrienne Barbeau.  I guess I’m a bit of a boob guy.

Loves me some boobies.

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Does this burkha make my nose look fat?

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 30, 2010

I think the common conundrum men must face of “does this make my butt look fat?” is humorous.  I never get caught into it, because before I end up with a woman, she is well trained in my use of dysphemismistic communication.

“Honey? You are beautiful and you will be beautiful in 40 years when your breasts are so pendulous they can be used as plum lines.”

I will get smacked, but I only date chicks smart enough to get the joke and laugh and embrace me, and then ask something like “do you really think I am beautiful?”

“I would slaughter villages filled with babies just to see a painting of you.”

(the whole dysphemism thing.)

Anyways, Neo-neocon, who is awesome, asked the “does this make me look fat” question, including the hilarious geico commercial, in her post.  And then InstyMcHottersten/Dr. Helen tries to break it down based on weight, and closing out with the superficiality of men in choosing easy hits over qualitative long term mates, (she’s part rite, part wrong).

I have two points, be patient, I’m getting wordy.

I’m a guy, I know, hard to believe, but I do have external genitalia, and as a sexy well built guy I would hit chicks even less attractive than snooki back in the day.  I often say “they aren’t always the best looking, though many of them were, but they were all cool.”

The hot chicks knew they were hot, they didn’t want me, or those I didn’t sleep with but slept with my friends, wanted my friends, not because we were tripple ninja awesome, but because we were deep gauges on their bedposts, so that when they find someone who they were whipped out on, could use us as examples.  “I could call (this guy) and he would show up without problem (that is completely wrong, but that is what they did.) because we were at the prime of our life, and so was she, and she knew it, and she would manipulate her man to serve her based on the fact that guys like me and my friends had been there first.

Not a very good place to be, if the guy actually likes the girl, but that is a black eye and a small scar under my right ear I don’t care to talk about.

The Love of My life, is a little thick, the woman that I was closest to marrying was outright SCRAWNY!, I joked that she HAD to marry me so that she would be allowed to eat an entire sammich.

Women are women, and beauty is beaty, and it takes all kinds and so, on that side, ladys?  Stop reading fashion mags.  A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, be she short and thick, or tall and scrawny, be she black or white or curly haired or straight, be you poutey or arrogant be you leggy or have big feet, or big nose or big eared or cleft chinned or whatever.

The guy for you, no matter what will find you beautiful.

Now, that said.

THIS, is a beautiful girl, and I will spend most of my life in a near murderous rage knowing that some motherfucker attacked her for her beauty, and indipendence, because he was a follower of a hate filled cult.

[update:] may EVERYONE who knows the criminals name be castrated, and hung in a gibbet as he bleeds to death.

I would die tomorrow to deliver justice for this young lady, and every other who was a victim of the vile slavery that is islam in these digusting nations that support it.

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Advice For Levi

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 29, 2010

You know?  You can always try Pulling Out.

You disgusting worthless prick!

and what is it with chicks?

I remember, right after I got out of The Corps I had a (I think) Very good job for a young kid, at least in terms of starting pay, and I ran into a chick I had a crush on when I was in middle school.  In Highschool, my path had already been chosen, so I didn’t bother with her anymore, though she’s pretty hot.

We would ride the train into the city together, and one day she recognized me, and started to make a habit of sitting next to me, cuz we could talk about old times and catch up.  I was just out of The Corps, so I was in max sexy, not to mention I had a pretty good job, and still had dreams before I allowed my soul to be shattered, but that’s besides the point.   She was clearly trying to get me to hit on her, and she asked about a few situations from when we were kids, and I responded honestly (I’m bad at lying.) saying something like “Cuz I had a crush on you, remember the fight I got into with jaime?” “He was a jerk, he treated me bad.” “You were 13, couldn’t have treated you that bad.” “well, you always could have asked me out.” “You were NEVER without a boyfriend, and all of your boyfriends were jerks, I didn’t want to join that club.”

Some chicks simply can’t handle being alone and finding a value in themselves.  Of course there are guys like that too, but it’s more common in women than in men, and then those chicks who always end up with jerks, treat the nice guys like they are jerks for calling a jerk a jerk.

Bristol, if this is the character she choses because she can’t be alone, or is affraid to be alone because she’s a young single mother and doesn’t think anyone would want her because she has a kid then I have some advice for bristol.

Don’t accept child support, and don’t agree to custody, and send this piece of shit to be the unreliable Designated Driver for John J. Haley while she learns how to associate with individuals who know how to not be a piece of fucking shit.

[update:] I don’t know how to put a poll on here.  but I would like one asking if I should refer to Johnson as I refer to John J. Haley?

I hate scumbags.  I’m a jerk, in a moment, but the level of piece of shittedness these guys generate almost make me ashamed of my genitals, even though they are GLORIOUS!  Just ask all the dirty whores that have seen them.

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Never Faced a Croc

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 29, 2010

But I had a mature Iguana, and though Smack, the name of my iguana for what should be obvious reasons, was anti-social.  Not big into hugs and kisses was smack, more like “I totally want you to move your face closer to my tail so I can hit you with it.”  was his philosophy.

My experience with my “pet” iguana pretty much makes it clear to me, to NEVER EFF WITH CROCODILES, or any lizard not known for their huggy kissy personalities (IE. ALL OF THEM!) otherwise they will see if they can eat you, and in the case of croc’s that’s a very real possibility.

She said it was a risky situation.”

Ya THINK!  I’ve never seen a croc, but I’ve seen Steve Irwin, and I’m an entitled American who thinks he can get away with murder in any nation on the planet that isn’t the US, but Croc’s aren’t members of the Geneva Accords.

They sorta do as they please, and part of what pleases them is eating people.

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This is a hole…

Posted by mesablue on July 28, 2010

Had to suck…

I don’t know — I wasn’t there.

Oh, well.

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Dogs Doing Jobs Americans Won’t Do.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 28, 2010

At least it’s not a friggen chihuahua.

I can’t find where I found it, otherwise I would credit it.

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And Gale Sayers was a Malingerer

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 27, 2010

Just stupid.

Lou Gherig was a whiny bitch, and Walter Peyton couldn’t stop drawing attention to himself.

Dorsett was self serving and Ted Williams only cared about money.

Lincoln Chafee, is Definitely retarded.

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Sorry Pedophiles

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 27, 2010

Your victim needs their fathers permission.

Oh! That’s not uncommon?  Or at least common enough that it can be publicly broadcast?


This is part of why I have serious issues with Islam, anyone who thinks I’m being judgmental can take a set of genitals that they posses, and shove those said same up their ass.

“But that is just a small group of extremists.”

Like your founder?

Go Fuck yourselves.  I wish I would go full bore eddiebear on this one.

But I can’t, that man is a poet.

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I’m a Comic Geek

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 27, 2010

Or at least, at one time I was.  I have about 10K comics, a few second printings, but the majority are firsts, and one of the portions of my collection that I’m most proud of is all of the “Tales of Suspense” that I collected.

There were 99 of them, and I think I have more than 50 of them.

Tales of Suspense was the home of Doctor Strange, and the recreation of Captain America, (and I have cappy from 101 to about 330 something or other.  I have that great purge, that occured between Cappy 311 and 319)

Doctor Strange was an interesting series, big on philosophy and mythology, but really, the guy spent almost all of his time in the full lotus and astrally projecting himself.

It makes me think of the Katherine Kurtz Series, titled “The Adept” It is very much like Doctor Strange.  Nothing that Actually happens is anything of value, other than the impressions of the “adepts.”  which is very much like “Knight of the Word.” Series, which I think is FANTASTIC!

I think that Doctor Strange was a fantastic philosophical character, but I don’t know how it can be turned into a movie.  Doc Strange, really didn’t do jack, he just sat down and dreamed.  Maybe with the success of Inception, producers think that broad concept dream movies have a broader attraction, which is exactly what doc strange was.  It was about internal conflict, and misunderstanding of power, and doc played psychiatrist.

But It looks like Doc Strange is gonna get a movie.

I don’t know how that’s gonna fly, seeing as how, most comic geeks 5 years younger than I am are like “Doc who?”  (totaly different series.)

I think doc strange is a very interesting character, but as a Movie?  No.  Sell him to syfy and make a mini-series and see if it can sell.

Hell, Doc’s background is so old, that you might be better off optioning Kurtz.  Or even “Support Your Local Wizard.” and other series.

Doc strange is the WORST comic book icon I followed, with the WORST background, and no real origin that is worth watching.

BTW, I’m a Comic Geek.  When I saved up enough back in ’89 to buy Not just the complete Dark Phoenix Saga (at a steel, less than 100 bucks) and The Punisher Miniseries (only 30 bucks, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!) but then had to pour out 95 bucks for X-men 104 and 105 (the death of jean grey) I was a proud comic book savant.

I even took part in an auction for hulk 181, started at 200 bucks, I stopped immediately.

So, as a comic book geek.

No, Doctor strange is NOT a movie, MAYBE something like “Kolchak: Nightstalker.” or something like that, cuz Doc was a poorly defined character.

[inclusion] I also purchased, What I THINK is the complete herby series.  A friend of the family was a fan, and at the convention I looked at them, and found it interesting, and was able to buy the first 16 for 200 bucks.  I thought it was expensive, but later, I learned that that too was a steal.

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I’ve Noticed Stuff Like This

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 26, 2010

At the American Spectator for some time, but instead of getting offended and bitching about it, I just ignored it, and hoped that everyone else would too.

They have some interesting Stuff, but a lot of it is breaking a subject down into minutia until it is less than fertilizer, but in this case it was more than a little over the top.  Calling someone a liar for saying someone was lynched, because the person being referenced wasn’t hung buy KKK, but rather beaten to death by cops with a grudge, is borderline despicable.

Bob Owens is only person I see responding to this 3 page piece of garbage in a sensible way, and it just took him two sentences and a headline.

[Edit] changed tag, I know it’s “libel” not “slander.”  But I pounded this out fast, and no, I don’t think it’s actually libel, but it’s effing ugly anyways, even if the target of the accusation is pretty effing ugly herself.

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Mike TeeVee Gests Mars Rover

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 26, 2010

Found at Universe Today

It’s a vid of the team testing the rover on earth, before it gets piled onto a giant directional explosive, to eventually land on Mars.

Curiosity, I think, is supposed to be somewhat autonomous and has more capabilities than Spirit and Opportunity, so whenever she reaches touchdown, and bounce, a lot of people are gonna be downloading a bunch of stuff sent back from her.

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Harry Potter Fan Stabs Another Guy In the Face.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 25, 2010

Must be a reader of the Hostages.

My guess on the actual confrontation.  “I’m sorry, but it was effing WEAK! that Harry didn’t kill Voldemort, and that he just died, btw what is the obsession with the scar?  Especially considering 1/2 of the order of the phoenix got killed by the deatheaters, and now Harry is standing on platform 9 and 3/4’s nodding at Malfois?  WTF is that stuff.”

Other guy, “You dissing harry potter? stab yourself in the face!”

“umm, no.”

“Then I will.”

Enter stage right, police, with cuffs.

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I’ll be in my bunk.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 24, 2010

20 years of fantasizing has paid off.

Tiffany (nice juggs btw) squaring off against Debbi Gibson in the movie called “That Movie Where Tiffany and Debbi Gibson get into a Cat Fight, making me spend a lot of time in my bunk.”

Not sure if that is the actual title, or just the working title.

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Just posting WZ’s headline, with one comment.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 24, 2010

Cuz I agree completely.

“Oh Shit: Two American Soldiers Missing in Afghanistan, One Reportedly Captured by the Taliban.”

Yeahp, Oh shit, get some precision balistic projectiles (bullets) into the neighborhood and get the guy or guys free.  Best of luck gentlemen.

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I don’t hate rich people

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 23, 2010

But, there is a particular genre of rich that just disgusts me.

I’m related to people that I would consider rich, I’m friends with people I would consider rich, I would say that I interact with a rather large number (for a normal low earning joe like me) of people I would call rich.

What I hate, and I mean HATE! are the “Priveledged.”

Everytime I visit anyone anywhere, one of the things that I do, quite quickly, is drink the tap water.  I drink a lot of water (more than a gallon a day) and I think that the myth of bottled water is a detriment to society.  Chlorination and Flouridation of tap water is one of the great medical accomplishments of the 20th century.

Most water in most places starts with pure H2O, and then has a different blend of minerals included into the mix to promote health and reduce dental decay as well as making the water more palatable.

I think that my local water is some of the best in the world, and I’ve been a fair few places, many have been to more, but I’ve been to quite a few myself, and because I drink so much water in a day, I can’t afford bottled water, so I always taste the tap water.  If you ask pretty much anyone that I have spent more than an hour or two with, and ask them if I am telling you the truth, they will likely say that I am, because it is a habit I got into about 15 years ago, and haven’t gotten out of it.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan, she of the no career but 3 mil of debt and no prospects, and endless sense of entitlement, is looking to get her favorite brand of bottled water.  I’ve spent some time in LA and Environs.  Southern California has perfectly fine tap water, and likely much more healthy than any bottled water the entitled, incompetent twat that is lyndsay is used to.

But I guess her tap water wasn’t designed for Ungaro.

I can’t stab this culture that allows these people to stay relvant enough (yes, I know I’m contributing, but effing STILL!) and their enablers are effing law enforcement officials!


One of my best childhood friends, is a gay furry BDSM bottom, (we haven’t talked cuz we have issues that have little to do with his sexual preferences) and THAT GUY! has sucked less ass than any single person in that effing vid.

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Political Media Mash

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 23, 2010

These are newsbusters links (some good stuff moving today.)

First, is another mashup involving the Daily Caller link I already put into the last post, referencing an older story by TV NEWSER about Olbermann’s producers and other staff likely abandoning him, and in fact abandoning him.

Apparently Olbermann is so insufferable a jackass, that his employee’s needed a more mundane environment where they can concentrate on a more focused and journalist friendly environment.   Who better to represent the denial of vitriol, hatred, arrogance and partisanship than to rebuild your reputation by going to work with He of the Throbbing Neck Vein Lawrence O’Donnel. (sorry can’t find a link to him acting VERY physically intimidating towards Cathy Seipp during a Dennis Miller “roundtable.” )

I used to have a joke about people who would go off the rails (like I have been known to do on occasion, but I don’t have a 6 figure salary) on national television.  “It appears they are graduates of the Lawrence O’Donnel School of Debate.”

The man is grotesque.

The other NB link is to the DC Bureau Chief for MSNBC describing Sharon Angle as,

MSNBC’s DC bureau chief sniffed that people like her “are running to be part of a government they don’t believe in.”

My question, If It’s WRONG for Angle and “people like her,” of course “people like her” is only bigotry when you are talking about the good ones, the bad ones, are “those people.” see?  It makes a difference or something.

But if it’s wrong for Sharon Angle to want to be part of ,”a government they don’t believe in,” then isn’t it only reasonable that she and people like her are working towards joining the government in the HOPE of CHANGING the way in which we are currently governed?

I know, it’s a stretch, but under a democratic agenda, The Government is monolithic and unchangeable, under a ‘Pub, it’s corrupt and due for “progress” and “Change,”  see the genius logic of this guy who makes too much money just cuz he has connections to other idealogues?

Nor do I.

I hope I got Sharon Angles campaign site right, since reid and his state party conspirators have been dirty pooling the snot out of her for the last few weeks.


That’s all.  (really wish I could find video of Larry, he who is more temperate than Keith Olbermann showing his calm attitude towards sharing facts, but here is a good place to start.)

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